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The BEST way to choose which essences would be most helpful for you at this time, is to use some sort of muscle testing. This is because flower essences and gem elixirs work to balance the body's electrical system. When you use muscle testing to decide which essences are best for you, you are testing the very system that will be balanced. In muscle testing, you are asking the body's electrical system to choose the essences or elixirs best suited to help it. If you are not comfortable with muscle testing, you may use a pendulum, which is also geared to the body's electrical system. Muscle testing may be mastered in a few hours of focused practice. Pendulums can be used almost immediately, although, again, a bit of practice will give you more confidence in your results.

Dowsing with a pendulum or muscle testing is most accurate when you are not emotionally involved in the answer. It is an excellent method for choosing which essences to use; you do not have any preconceived notion of what's "best". If you DO have emotional involvement in an answer, muscle testing is not the best method to use.


(1) Hold your little finger against the thumb of your left hand. This creates the connection for the "current" of your body's electrical system. Hold the index finger and thumb of your right hand together, like tweezers. (2) You will use these fingers to try to press apart the little finger and thumb on the left hand.

If you ARE able to fairly easily press these fingers apart, the answer to your question is "no". If you are NOT able to press these fingers apart easily, the answer to your question is "yes". Use a steady pressure. It takes some practice to get the pressures right and to feel comfortable with this method, but after a few days of continual use, you should begin to trust it. Once learned, it's the easiest method, since you always have your hands with you!

An easy way to make a pendulum is by tying a metal washer (or other object of similar weight) to a string. Practice with your pendulum, finding out what is "yes" and "no" for you. Usually "yes" will be clockwise, or up-and-down, and "no" will be counterclockwise or sideways. You can instruct your pendulum as to which way you prefer. Just be consistent.

When you understand your method and are comfortable with it, hold the pendulum (or your hands) over the essences, one at a time, and ask, "Do I need this now?" You may also use your preferred method to dowse the LIST of essences in this catalog (or elsewhere) to find out which ones to order. Simply state your intention: "Which of these essences would be most useful to me at this time?" Or "Which essences would be most helpful to those in my family over the next year?" Then read off each name, and check the results.

Other ways of muscle testing involve using a partner.  Hold the essence in one hand, against your heart or abdomen usually, while holding out your other arm to the side.  If your partner is able to easily push your arm down, there is no connection and that essence will not strengthen you at this time.  If your partner has trouble pushing your arm down, then that essence will strengthen your system and is a good choice at this time.
Or you can use your own body as your pendulum.  Stand up straight holding the essence.  Stand for a few seconds, seeing if you feel your body being pulled forwards, backwards, or not at all.  Forwards would indicate a "yes", backwards or no movement at all a "no".  You can do this with combinations of essences as well.

Each of these methods involves practicing first, to become comfortable with the method and build confidence in the answers as they come through you.  A few days of practice should be enough.  Use questions to which you already know the answers, such as "my name is___".  Remember to breathe and center yourself before you begin.  Don't ask questions that have an emotional content for you, as this can throw off the answers.  These methods work very well for dowsing essences and elixirs, because you have no emotional stake in the outcome of whether or not a particular essence would be good for you at this time.

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From his researches, Dr. Bach concluded that disease is a physical manifestation of a block or imbalance in the person's psyche.  Hilarion (channeled through Ryerson as reported by Gurudas) describes this block as being in the etheric bodies surrounding the physical body.  As a last resort the imbalance manifests as a disease in the physical body, in order to bring it to your attention so you can deal with it. Therefore,  most physical problems are manifestations of an imbalance in the ethereal realms: psychological (mental), spiritual, or emotional. This includes inherited weaknesses and karma carried over from "past" lives.  (Nowadays we are dealing with extensive pollution to our environment which is also a factor).

Vibrational remedies such as flower essences can treat these imbalances and blockages in the ethereal bodies before they become physical pain or disease.  When physical symptoms are present, flower essences still work mostly in the ethereal realms, treating the causes of the disease rather than the symptoms. Sometimes they take longer to show effects on physical symptoms.  They work more quickly on emotional, psychological, and spiritual dis-eases.  They are treating the CAUSES or POTENTIAL CAUSES of disease.  This is especially true of essences at 10MM potency, which are treating causes all the way into the spiritual bodies [see below].

Gem elixirs and homeopathic remedies are also vibrational remedies.  Gem elixirs work on both the physical and etheric bodies.  Homeopathic remedies work mainly on the physical body and its symptoms. The difference lies in how they do this. Homeopathic preparations imitate the vibration of the blockage or dis-ease in order to amplify these vibrations (like treats like), thus helping the body's own immune system to "kick in" to eventually eliminate them. Gem elixirs and flower essences, however, amplify healthy vibrations, in order to bring the body back into balance through entrainment.  Disease vibrations are unstable, being invasive. They do not belong where they are.  Broadcasting a healthy vibration throughout the affected area, a vibration which imitates the normal healthy vibration of that part of the body, can cause the disease vibration to disintegrate and be expelled through the ethereal bodies.

Vibrational remedies depend on the crystalline and electromagnetic systems of the body to achieve this therapeutic amplification of their healthy vibrations. As the remedy is ingested (or put on the skin or sprayed into the auric bodies that surround the physical body) the frequencies enter the circulatory system. These vibrations then move to midway between the circulatory and nervous systems, creating an electromagnetic current due to the polarity of the two systems. From here they travel to the meridians (the meridians use the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to feed life force into the body).  From the meridians the remedy's life force enters the subtle bodies, chakras, or returns to the physical body (depending on the remedy).

Auric Fields

If the remedy reenters the physical body, it does so through the etheric body and ethereal fluidium, the chakras, or the skin. It then travels again via the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to reach the cellular level of the imbalanced areas of the physical body. The entire process happens instantaneously, but it may take awhile for the results to be experienced. 

Toxins are then pushed out of the body by the vibrations of the essence (amplified by the body's crystalline systems) for purification in the ethers.  Some toxins may be pulled back into the body by the mind. This will continue until the person experiences a cleansing of consciousness and release of emotional attachments and mental misconceptions (essences can help bring this about, also). People are often resistant to any change, being more afraid of the unknown than of the familiar pain.  When they feel the energy of the dis-ease leaving, they sometimes panic and pull it back in; this can create temporary nausea. If the essence/s are continued, and the person truly wills to release the old energies, this will happen. The ethers are able to purify toxins because the toxins are unstable in relation to the perfect state of harmony of the ethers. (To understand this, try to sing an "A-flat" when a roomful of people or instruments are playing an "A".)

The effectiveness of flower essences and gem elixirs depends in part on the will of the patient.  They heal gradually, according to the person's willingness to make changes in perceptions and habits.  As mentioned above, VERY occasionally someone will take an essence that helps them to release energies that they are not emotionally ready yet to release.  They will then reach out and pull back the energies that had been released.  This creates a vortex which can make the person feel a bit nauseous.  The solution is to consciously work on the emotional component of the problem; perhaps to choose another essence as well that will help to work on this emotional component.  Also to ask your spiritual guidance to send some help.  You can stop taking the essences, but this just postpones the problem.  Your guidance has brought you to the place of taking the essences in the first place, so you are "ready" for this release. 

As I say, this is VERY seldom. It has only happened with 2 of my clients in over 25 years, and one was a relative (I have learned to not give essences to people unless they ASK for them!).  

Most of the above description of how essences work is a summary of information in Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. II, Cassandra Press, 1986, pp. 57-8.  This book is out of print, but may be found on used-book sites on the internet (such as www.bookfinder.com). 

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If you really feel inspired, and wish to make your own essences, try my booklet What Are Flower Essences? or introductory essence tape which outlines the whole procedure for you. I have found that it is often the little wild flower that springs up under my front steps that is the one I really need right now!   Once you start working with the Nature Kingdom, they will constantly find ways to get your attention and work with you.  This is one of the most rewarding parts of working with essences: communicating with Nature.  If you do start making essences and have questions, please contact me.

Very briefly, flower essences "capture" the vibrations of a flower or gemstone in pure water.  The vibrations are then "set" into the water using sunlight, and preserved by adding brandy (or sometimes vinegar or other substances). 

It is important to create a relationship with the Nature Kingdom before doing this.  Normally when a flower  is picked, the life force of that flower goes directly back into the plant.  When making essences you want that life force to be infused in the water; so you let the Nature Kingdom know what you are doing.  Also, if you wish to find out directly what that essence will do for you and for humans in general, it is good to ground and center yourself, and ask to speak with the Deva of that flower.  Devas hold the pattern of each particular plant.  A Deva of Iris will be the Deva of ALL Irises around the world. 

Nature Spirits are also useful to commune with; they are more local.  The Nature Spirits of Irises on your land will be different from those of Irises elsewhere.  Nature Spirits, or Sprites as they tell me they like to be called, are responsible for the care of the plant; they can tell you what a plant needs in order to thrive, and what your particular plant needs if it is not thriving.

For more extensive information on making and using flower essences & gem elixirs, I recommend the Gurudas books. They are out of print but you should be able to find them on line.

Also read anything by Edward Bach. There is a Collected Writings of Edward Bach, edited by Julian Barnard, Ashgrove Publishing, London & Bath.  It is good to read Bach's own writings to get a flavor of the man and his vision.  This is invaluable for the reasoning and spirit behind WHY you will want to make and use essences.  The first chapters are the most recent of Bach's writings, containing his final conclusions about the various flowers he was using; but the other chapters show the progression of his thought, from that of a homeopathic physician to that of the first flower essence practitioner since Atlantean times (as far as we know).


Store your essences in a clean, not brightly-lit place.  Clean and charge some quartz crystals to keep your essences clean and protect them from outside vibrations, and put these around the space in which the essences are stored.  Clean these crystals regularly.

If the dropper of the essence bottle touches anything other than the sterile bottle that you are making up or using, then wash the dropper in soap and water and pour boiling water over it to return it to a sterile condition before putting it back into the original bottle.


Essences preserved with brandy will last indefinitely, when stored in a vibrationally clean place; it is good to wipe them down with salt water once in awhile and to regularly clear the crystals you have guarding them.  Essences preserved in vinegar can last up to two years; the vinegar will dissolve the dropper cap eventually.


Some plants are not safe for human consumption.  Some gemstones partially dissolve in water, or leave poisonous residues when soaked in water.

When dealing with plants, you may make the essence in the usual way, seal it in a clear glass jar, and put that jar into a bowl of pure water in the sun for 3 hours.  Ask the deva of the plant and your local Nature Sprites to transfer the vibrations of that flower that are useful (and not harmful to humans) into the bowl of water surrounding the container of possibly poisonous essence. Then bottle the water in the surrounding bowl, add brandy and store. Discard the water in the original jar.

After you have formed a working relationship with the Nature Kingdom, you may just place the bowl of pure water near the plant and ask that the deva of the plant transfer the healthy vibrations of that flower to the water.  Leave the bowl for 3 hours; add brandy and store. 

With poisonous or water soluble gemstones, you may place the bowl of water on top of the gemstone (if possible) or next to it and touching it.  Vibrations easily pass through glass or quartz.  Ask the deva of the gemstone to infuse your water with the healthy vibrations of that gemstone.  Leave the bowl to set in full sun for 3 hours as usual.  Add preservative (brandy or vinegar) and store.


 1.   To make a combination essence that is at stock bottle potency, you start with essences at mother essence potency (essences you have made yourself, most likely, are the only ones you will have at mother essence potency).  The amounts I recommend are as follows.  (You may get different guidance. Amounts are not so crucial in making and using essences; more important is how often they are taken.) 
      Fill sterile bottle 1/3 to 1/2 brandy, the rest with a pure water [or ¾ water to ¼  vinegar]
        ½ oz. Bottle (stock):  for one essence only, add 4 drops mother essence. If adding more than one essence (for a combination), use 3 drops of each.
         1oz. Bottle (stock):  for one essence only, add 7 drops mother essence.  If adding more than one essence (for a combination), use 4 drops of each. 
Shake the bottle well after adding each new essence. (I like to charge the bottle after all the essences are added, to help blend the essences into the combination.  You can do this in a pyramid or genesa crystal, or by holding it to your heart or 3rd eye and calling on energies of the Nature Kingdom, New Paradigm MDT, Shamballa, whatever energies you normally use, to purify it of any contamination). 

2.  Another way of making a stock bottle combination from stock bottle potency essences is to combine the same amount from each stock bottle that you wish to include. Thus you may want a combination of  Lotus, Pipsissewa, and Smoky Quartz (for example).  You would fill the new bottle 1/3 with stock bottle strength Lotus, 1/3 with SB Pipsissewa, and 1/3 with SB Smoky Quartz.  Or an easier way is to put 2 or 3 dropperfuls of each into a new bottle.  Use the same amount of each essence, unless otherwise guided.  Again, shake well after adding each new essence. 

3.  Adding drops of essences at stock bottle potency to a new bottle of brandy/water will make a combination that is at dosage bottle potency.  As stated above, this can be less effective than making a combination at stock bottle potency (up to 65% less effective, according to Gurudas).  Some people find it sufficient, however.


1.  The best way to make combinations from essences which are already at 10MM potency, such as the Taliloquay Evolutionary Gem Elixirs (and most of my essences nowadays), is to use method #2 above; that is, take an equal amount of each and combine them in a clean new bottle.  i.e. one dropperful of each essence (or 2 dropperfuls, or whatever) would go into the new bottle;  just be sure to use the same amount of each essence (unless you feel guided to do otherwise). 
2.  I'm told it's OK to make combinations with the 10MM essences using method #1.

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MOTHER ESSENCE  (ME) is the essence directly as it is made from the flower in the sun, with the addition of a preservative [usually brandy or vinegar].

A STOCK BOTTLE (SB) is made by putting a few drops of the Mother Essence into a bottle of brandy & water (or vinegar & water) and shaking it.  This is what you usually find for sale.  I use 4 drops of ME for a 1/2 oz. bottle; or 7 drops ME for a 1 oz. bottle. When making combinations for animals it is best to use pure water, which will keep in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks (and probably longer) as long as it does not become contaminated (by touching the dropper to the animal's mouth or your hand, etc., and not washing it before putting it back into the bottle).

A DOSAGE BOTTLE is made by adding a few drops from a Stock Bottle to a bottle of brandy/water (or vinegar/water).  Gurudas information (channeled from the entity Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of higher science & knowledge) is that dilution down to stock bottle level can be up to 65% less potent than the original stock bottle and mother essence; whereas the difference between using essences at Stock Bottle potency and Mother Essence potency is insignificant.  Taliloquay never sells Dosage Bottle potency.



Essences  may be used in neutral homeopathic potencies.  These include mother tincture to 6x, 6c, 12x, 12c, 200x, 200c, and 10MM.  Flower essences, in these neutral potencies, are almost always prescribed at only 10MM.  This is because they work on realms of consciousness, and 10MM takes the remedy to the vibration of the cause of the problem. 

The 10MM neutral potency is used to alter the consciousness that may, for instance, be causing stress in the physical body.  Lower neutral potencies are prescribed when a person needs to assimilate the physical properties of the remedy, and when blocks in consciousness are not causing the problems;  i.e., when stress results in the body being stripped of Calcium, a low neutral potency would help restore Calcium to the body, but not necessarily deal with the cause of the stress.  The high neutral potency would help restore Calcium to the body by working upon the cause of the stress.  As previously stated, flower essences work on realms of consciousness, so are almost always taken all the way to 10MM.

The energy released by a vibrational remedy flows in waves that affect the physical and subtle bodies.  The height of a wave is its amplitude.  The 10MM neutral potency is at the top of the wave, and all other neutral potencies occur at or near the bottom of the wave.



Bottom—mother tincture to 6x, 6c, 12x, 12c, 200x, and 200c

This principle is one reason why low homeopathic potencies can often be prescribed for several weeks without any problems developing.  The generally recommended dosage for neutral potencies, according to Gurudas, is as follows:  mother tincture to 3x or 3c for up to 30 days, once or twice a day; 6x and 6c for 2 weeks once or twice daily; 12x, 12c, 200x, 200c for about one week once or twice a day; and 10MM for one or two months once or twice a day.  These potencies, except for 10MM, are already commonly used in homeopathy.

Gurudas says: Most homeopaths would question prescribing a remedy at 10MM more than once, if at all.  However, I and several associates [including John Armitage. See below] have done this well over 100 times, with no disruptions in health or sharp aggravations, and often great improvement in health.

Traditionally homeopaths often expect a client to go through a "healing crisis" or seemingly elevated symptoms, before the healing becomes evident.  This healing crisis is taken as evidence that the remedy's life force is releasing toxins from the body by activating the person's life force. 

However, a healing crisis is not always necessary, and seldom occurs when these vibrational remedies are prescribed correctly in neutral potencies.  A well-chosen remedy given at the exactly correct potency can often greatly improve health with little or no healing crisis occurring.  At these neutral potencies it is easier for the system to assimilate the life force of a vibrational remedy.

This information on potencies comes from Gurudas, Flower Essences & Vibrational Healingrevised edition; Cassandra Press, 1989. No longer in print. Gurudas transitioned in the late 1990's.   

John Armitage, homeopathic physician, channeler and metaphysician, and former colleague of Gurudas, recommends that neutral potencies of essences may be used as follows: 6c--up to 4x day for up to 6 weeks; 12c for 4x day for up to 2 months;  200 for 4x day up to 3 months.   10MM so far, up to 6 months with no signs of proving, no harm to the energy body or the physical body.

He adds that meditating for even only 5 minutes a day will increase the effects of any remedy a person is taking. 

I have been making all of my combination essences at 10MM potency for many years now.  This is in order to treat the causes of people's problems.  This is where flower essences work best, and many gem elixirs as well.  Lately most personal essences have tested to be at 10MM as well.   This means that most of the essences are going to treat the deepest causes of the person's problems, dis-ease, anxiety, etc.  These causes are not in the physical body, although if not treated they may eventually manifest as some physical problem, in order to get the person's attention. 

In my most recentlly made Evolutionary Gem Elixirs almost all the elixirs are at 10MM potency. Only with a few of these is one advised to test for oneself before ordering, for stock bottle or 10MM potency. Sphaerocobaltite is one. The lotuses all have almost the same qualities in ME as in 10MM. There may be a few others in the future. Other essences and elixirs may also be ordered at 10MM potency.  Please indicate when ordering if you DO NOT want your essences at 10MM.  Otherwise you will receive 10MM, unless my Essence Guides advise otherwise.

Our Combinations are made using 10MM essences; for Personal Combinations I check with your highest Self and my Essence Guides. Most people nowadays are getting 10MM. Most animals still get stock bottle potency, but for some this is also changing.

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