Portal Essence Sprays


The Portal Essences are a special gift from Nature. They contain energies of various other-dimensional worlds accessed through portals, or multidimensional openings, in the natural world. The Nature Beings have directed me to make these essences and have helped me to find the portals. These essences have a whole new energy. They will change the energy around and within. Just having them sit on a shelf nearby will change you in a positive, life-giving way.

These essences are meant to be sprayed, usually on the 3rd Eye/Brow and/or around one's aura or in a room or other space; sometimes under the tongue. They contain NO essential oils so are perfectly safe to ingest. Nature tells us that these sprays can help those who doubt their abilities, by helping them to open their psychic senses to "see" more clearly. I am told that as people recognize the potent qualities found within these essences and utilize them, their vibrational levels will change and help to harmonize our world's vibration. These essences are powerful. A little goes a long way!

The Portals












This spray helps one to talk to bees and things that buzz and sting. It will help people to see and hear, to develop clairaudience. It can help prevent war and fighting among people. It's a direct thrusting energy, like that of bees and hornets. Be deliberate in its use. It works well within a family or group, to dispel disharmony. Spray the rooms of the home or workspace. If one wants specifically to connect with bees and hornets, breathe in the spray and take a shamanic journey.



Release Old Trauma: The energy of this essence leads you within, to unlock traumatic events, to see yourself as you were; but viewing the trauma with a guide, in order to UNLOCK it for release. Set aside at least 2 hours for a session with this essence. Spray your 3rd Eye/Brow and relax. An etheric guide will meet you on your way within. You may or may not experience all of this consciously. Most will only relax and start to feel more calm, finding that the issues they were facing, or the fears that were rising within, have settled and dissipated. Old traumas and fears are held within in layers, and this process of release is like peeling an onion. It is good to take this essence with intention, but you may also leave the bottle on your bedside table and it may work during the night as well (especially if you use the spray and set your intent to release before going to sleep). You do not have to know exactly what you are releasing, just ask to release whatever is causing you fear, anxiety, etc. at the moment.




Let Your Thoughts Soar: This essence helps one to connect with birds. The birds can help you to lighten your load, to feel happier, to fly. It's a very synchronistic energy, and a marriage between two worlds. These energies will open up a portal to connect more fully to the spirit world of the Divine Light as it extends to the musical capabilities of birds. These lilting notes are there to teach you that it's OK to let your thoughts fly like birds on the wing. Spray your 3rd Eye and around your room in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. Leave the window open, if possible!



This is a very light, happy, carefree energy. If you want to be one with the Nature Kingdom within the scope of the elemental wisdom of the Fairy Kingdom, this is the way to go. Spray your 3rd Eye and a few spritzes around your body.



Expanded Awareness. We are your friends and helpers; we can help you to be aware of other dimensions. We help awaken your physical senses to be able to discern beyond what they are used to discerning. It helps to open the mind to the new. This expansion of your physical awareness-through-senses can help to open the mind to accept and embrace the coming changes and challenges. This essence can help with "channeling" beings and energies from other dimensions. It would be useful to take this essence and then practice crossing the senses, that is, working on seeing sounds, smelling colors, etc. The birds help you to soar, to let your thoughts fly and go beyond the mundane. We are more grounded and grounding. We help you to anchor other dimensions into your conscious reality. The tree where you found this portal represents humanity striding confidently forward into the "new" world of expanded awareness. We welcome working with you and with those who will take this essence in order to work with us. Spray the 3rd Eye, and also around your aura, if you like.



Connection with underground civilizations. This is a portal to visit the civilizations that live inside the earth. This will help whoever takes it to get in touch with the other-dimensional beings in the Earth that they have a tie with, those who have to do with their personal pathway, to further both civilizations. For those who can feel it, the experience is that of walking through a membrane, from one dimension to another. I have ethereally visited the beings who live beneath Mt. Shasta, and they are wonderful, loving and eager to work with like-minded surface people. They have created technologies of Light and Sound and other modalities that can be very healing and awaken your creativity, help you to expand your ways of thinking and being. To use: Spray in the mouth and on the 3rd Eye and throat chakras.



Find the Joy and the Possibilities in Challenging Situations. This spray comes from Earth Guardians in Native American etheric form, who "live" behind our house. When they were in body they had a village there. They are of a very high vibration, and their beingness is to help people to see joy, to speak joy in all situations.

Their energy can raise tremendously the JOY quotient in and around you. This energy helps people to figure out how to express the highest joy in all they are doing. If you're going through a situation that looks challenging, here is energy to size up the situation, find the lovingness in it, and see it, speak it, BE it. They say this is a etheric "support drug".

Perceive, speak and act JOY, specific joy related to what's going on around you. Learn how being joyous about what is going on ties into and changes past, present and future, creating new possibilities.



Venus/Oneness. Greetings, we come to you from the planet Venus. We bear a heightened Love vibration that includes a deeper understanding of the Oneness of all beings. We can help you to begin to understand this Oneness at a cellular level. Now most who are coming to accept their Oneness have only an intellectual concept of what this means. We can help you to KNOW this intuitively and intimately, with your whole being. We salute you on your path and are happy to be a part of this portal Project! Which is in and of itself a demonstration of our Oneness across dimensional so-called barriers.

You can use this spray on your 3rd Eye and internally and in your aura. Try it before you go to sleep, and we may come to you in your dreams. Or you may find yourself problem-solving in your dreams, finding how true knowledge of Oneness can melt away many seeming insoluble problems and disputes among people. You may also "send" our vibration to people and places on your earth, or elsewhere in the universe, to help in a similar manner to dissolve the reasoning that causes wars of fighting. As your Gandhi demonstrated, when you truly understand another, you can no longer fear or hate them. This is the Oneness of which we bring you understanding. Namaste.

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