Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs

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Everything in Creation is made up of energy. We are energy. We are vibrations. Scientists are now discovering what many indigenous people and mystics have long known--that we are directly and intimately connected to the vibrations of our planet Earth.

The frequency of the Earth is getting faster. We have to keep pace with her or get left behind. We are in the process of releasing all of the old low-vibrational energies that we have been holding on to, those based on fear and it's cousins, anger, despair, hatred, envy, greed, anxiety, etc. We need to release all this energetic debris from unresolved traumas in this and other lifetimes. Traumatic emotions stored in our bodies are coming up to be cleared, so that our vibrational level can rise along with that of the Earth.

We need to release the old stagnant energy in order to make room for the new Light that is now available to us. We have left 3rd dimension and are beginning to move through 4th dimension. Have you noticed how crazy time and memory are acting lately? Also higher frequency energies or Rays are available to us, rays never before available on this planet.

Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs can help us move through these times and make these changes with more grace and less pain. Essences are powerful, gentle and safe, and just what many of us need right now. They are made from the healthy vibrations of flowers and gemstones. My focus in making and distributing these essences has always been to help humanity through this exciting transition. Deep Release, Diamond Light Integration, and Alchemical Transformation combinations are especially useful for this, as well as many of the new Evolutionary Gem Elixirs from gemstones that are just now making themselves available to us.

How can flower essences help us through this? These essences carry the healthy vibrations that can remind our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of their original healthy vibrational pattern. Essences work on balancing our electrical systems. They can help us to release whatever no longer serves us, at least that which we are ready and willing to release. We must do the internal work of being willing to let go, of being willing to change, of being willing to focus on Love instead of on fear.

We must be willing to take responsibility for our own lives and our responses to all that happens in them. We must accept our own power over ourselves, forgive the past (especially forgive ourselves) and move on. We need to decide to renounce victimhood and take on Mastery of our Self. Essences can help us with all of this. The Nature Kingdom is willing, eager, excited about working with humans who are ready to do this work with a loving heart and a willing spirit.

So enjoy the website, and if you have any questions, contact me.

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These essences are VIBRATIONAL REMEDIES. They have no scent except that of the solution used to preserve them (brandy or vinegar). Only the massage oils and a few of the sprays on this website have essential oils--and thus scent--in them.