Taliloquay Flower Essences

Flower Essences are the vibrational frequencies of flowers captured and "set" into water and preserved in a brandy/water or vinegar/water solution. They are NOT essential oils and they have no scent (except that of the chosen preservative).

The best way to choose which essences are best for you at this time is to use some kind of muscle test or dowsing technique. Your body knows what you need better than your brain does. Some definitions refer to either ME (Mother Essence) or SB (Stock Bottle) or 10MM (a homeopathic potency)

NOTE ABOUT PROVING (from my "tester"): I take massive doses within a short time; this gives a picture of what's going on, speeds up the process. I am saturating my body with change, a certain kind of change. People who are taking these at a more normal rate may not notice such dramatic or drastic results right away. It may be more gentle and take a bit more time.


TO ORDER FLOWER ESSENCES, fill in the name of the essence and then click on the button. Do this FOR EACH ESSENCE you wish to order. Please order gem elixirs from the gem page.
Name of Flower Essence


ALMOND: Helps bring fears or other problems into consciousness so they can be resolved. Helps one to mature. Fear of aging. Petrochemical miasm. Second Ray enhanced.

ALOE VERA: Opens you to hearing insights from your heart; makes you more sensitive to other people. Heals holes in the etheric bodies. Stimulates the astral body, leading in some cases to clairaudience or hearing spirit guides.

AMARANTH: Enhances life force; calms disruptive dreams.

AMARYLLIS: This helps me to grow interdimensionally, while remaining grounded in the physical, while still being who I am now. I can go interdimensional without leaving my body behind. Helps to project oneself into higher dimensions, gives a sense of what growing dimensionally is all about.

AMBROSIA: Self-awareness; relaxes one in order to balance the emotions or the intellect as is needed.

ANGELICA: Integrates one closer to his/her higher self or to communicate with angelic forces. For disorientation, lack of confidence. Provides clearer insight into the cause and nature of problems, by helping to draw in information from Higher Self. Good to use with meditation; enhances biofeedback techniques, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Creates a sense of balance in the body. Affects 7th (crown), 8th (soul), and 13th (manifestation, vibratory communication) chakras.

APPLE: For poor self-esteem or self-acceptance, especially regarding one's sexuality. Stimulates dream state and astral projection.

APRICOT: Helps prevents mental agitation from affecting physical body; alleviates mood swings caused by sugar imbalance. Effects similar to laetrile.

ARROWROOT (Sagittaria latifolia): Centering. Helps you to be centered in yourself so that you can be loving outside yourself. Clears the emotional body by relaxing the physical body. Focus and clarity of direction & purpose; brings discipline to the mind that wanders and jumps about.

ARUGULA (Rocket): It allows you to see and feel with your old brain absolutely open and unencumbered; it lets you look at the world that way. It works with all of your complete lives, within the old brain, to look at reality through all those lifetimes but with no emotions attached. You are separated from the fears stored in the old brain. What tends to be stored in the old brain are the ways in which you've been hurt, died, fearful things. This essence can be used for recurring nightmares, for feeling inadequate for seemingly no reason. Looking at these things allows you to make a decision about whether you want these energies or not, and then allows the energies to float away. Any emotion, fear, even love, binds us to the experience. So the way to release something is to make up your will and mind whether it's useful, and if so to keep it. If it isn't useful, thank it for its existence, and allow it to float away to its next higher incarnation.

ASPARAGUS: Eliminates hidden fears and negative thoughts, especially those picked up from the lower astral plane.

ASTER, PURPLE: Crown Chakra. "We grow all around you to support you with love as you walk your spiritual path in your earth body. We help you to open the connection from your physical awareness to your spiritual reality of being. We represent the sun of enlightenment surrounded by the violet flame of transmutation. By transmuting your lower vibrations to higher ones, you access the golden light of Christ Consciousness and full knowledge of your true Self. We are happy to serve in this way."

AZALEA, WILD: Confidence and self-assurance when called upon to share one's talents and abilities. Enhances perception of time; knowing when to act and when to be still.

BANANA: Deals with insecurities associated with male sexuality. Helps men move beyond machismo attitude.

BARBERRY: Emotional cleansing of the illusion of separation. Enhances awareness of being part of something greater than one's self. Activates chakras 3 (emotional/abdominal) and 12 (Christ-consciousness).

BASIL: Helps you get to the emotional heart of the matter; facilitates negotiations; good for couples who fight constantly. For anxiety, depression, hysteria, indecision, insomnia, mental fatigue.

BEAN, GREEN: For perseverance in the face of obstacles, frustrations; tenacity, stamina. For seeing the beauty of the struggle, the worth of the way. Helps one to cease running and face one's fears; helps to dispel fears we have about hearing the truth about who we are and why we are here.

BEECH: Non-judgment. Helps one see the beauty and good in their surroundings, in spite of what appears to be wrong. Inclines one towards tolerance, lenience and understanding of individual paths, especially those that differ from one’s own.

BELLADONNA: Powerful opening of crown, heart, and 8th chakra just above crown. For soul projection and easing karma by increasing understanding.

BELLS OF IRELAND: Eases intense anxiety. This produces a warm, loving feeling about yourself—you care about yourself. A balanced energizer for the pituitary and pineal & thyroid. As an offshoot, this would help you to see (with the 3rd Eye) and be comfortable with what you see. You may see colors, nature spirits. Stimulates psychic abilities, especially communication with nature spirits. Makes one more sensitive to receive light therapies. (Activates the 5th and 8th Rays—Gurudas]

BERGAMOT (BEE BALM): This relaxes the whole center of my body, bringing it to a center of stillness. This is like silver moonlight or starlight, washing through each cell, calming. It helps each cell to vibrate according to its genetic blueprint. The effect is like liquid light washing through the cells. This helps a person's body with the destination called youth. The directions to get to that destination have to be figured out. By putting your body in that state for a while, this energy allows one to see where they have to go, as a goal. The destination is different for each person. It shows you YOUR genetic definition of "youth". It puts you in touch with your cellular memory of when you were born. What we are now is altered by how we've lived to such a point that it is often difficult to know where each of us came from.
Allows for a clearer expression of one's problems. For lecturers, introverts, primal scream type therapies; helps one develop a sense of humor.

BIRCH, WHITE: Brings the experience of the Divine Mother into one's life. Aids healers and others in tapping into the healing energies of the Divine Mother: compassion and enveloping unconditional love. Enhances awareness of the creative source of being and how one is a part of it.

BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL (Lotus corniculatus): Understanding; communication. Takes you out of yourself, helps you to communicate with your environment, with the energy facing you (and it with you), including other people. Helps you to understand what's going on, and the reasons people do things; perceive what's really going on, behind the motions people go through. On a higher level may help people to read the energy others are giving out, and vice versa. Allows you to become tuned to the light of the universe as it is happening. The composite energy facing you also understands you.

BLACKBERRY: For fears, especially around death; grief over death of a loved one. Helps one envision solutions to problems when used with meditation or dreaming (take at bedtime for this); talents from past lives may be released.

BLACK COHOSH: Emotional cleansing for women's reproductive system. The eggs will tend to hold old blocked emotions, when the egg is released, so too is the emotional baggage released, and not too easily sometimes. For overcoming old thought forms and psychological scars, including from past lives. Releases tensions locked in subconscious.

BLACK-EYED SUSAN: For low self-esteem and emotional unrest. Calming. It generates a sunny disposition, self-sufficiency, emotional stability and strengthens the meridians.

BLADDER CAMPION "Maiden's Tears" (Silene cucubalis): To help get rid of things you no longer need in your life: outmoded attitudes, patterns of action that no longer serve your best interests. Eliminate the dross, lighten your pack so that you can face the trail ahead with a light heart and a quick step. For cleaning out, from the top of the lungs all the way up as high as you can be, with kundalini light.

BLAZING STAR (Liatris): This essence infuses the body with a soft, feminine, very sweet energy, gentle, like starlight or moonlight, but very complete. It does this through the emotional body. Opens the Third Eye in a very gentle way, so that you can see and feel interactions of energy in the universe (not really sight). Good balance for very masculine people, for their ability to see the other (feminine) side of creation.

BLEEDING HEART: Harmonizes distress due to relationship problems, including extreme attachment to individuals. Stimulates 4th chakra.

BLOODROOT: Enhances concentration, meditation, and creative visualization. Activates 4th chakra. Spiritualizes intellect.

BLUE CURLS: Communication; Extrasensory Perception. Gives a sense of who you are in your body physical so you can use that knowledge of yourself to test energy coming at you; to sense where it comes from and the intent behind it. Good for channeling. Can help people sense their way in the world & communicate about it. Good when searching for the physical or psychic signature of someone, or something. Helps one to vocalize subtle energy; allows you to see 4th –6th dimensional energy and describe it in 3-D language. "I usually channel in the back of my mind, but this uses the frontal part of the 3rd eye, feeling the stimulus from the electrical emanations of things. This is a very subtle and specific essence, important in what it can do."

BORAGE: Increases courage, drives away sorrow, and makes a person happier. Opens 4th chakra, and eases emotional tensions.

BOTTLEBRUSH, PINK: Self acceptance, self love. Cleansing out of psychic channel so one can hear/feel/know one's higher self. Helps to cleanse the emotions of old emotional backlog; accesses 4th chakra and, when ready, the 15th chakra (monadic connection).

BOUGAINVILLEA: Protection from frightening memories of the past; knowing that you are safe and able to take care of yourself. Knowing that you are not alone. Free expression of individuality.

BROCCOLI: For maintaining one's sense of personal power when feeling attacked from without; maintaining calm connection to self and environment.

BURDOCK: Tenacity, stick-to-itiveness; opens second chakra; for finding creative solutions when one feels stuck, at a loss. This one sent silver light up through my head in a geometrical pattern, then down to form a red-orange ball in the 2nd chakra. Then a liquid silvery energy moved back up again. This pushes my being to be more present, in the moment, to accomplish what I want to. It gives me alertness with energy to back it up.

BUTTERCUP: Stimulates higher mental consciousness. Helps one focus in the present. Enhanced ability to attune to the fairy kingdom. Gathers and focuses sun energy; joy in existence; connection to Nature.

CACTUS, CHRISTMAS: Helps with the balancing of water in the body. Helps the water that comes into your body to be absorbed to the cellular level. Softens the body. In the same way that aloe vera softens the skin, this essence softens the inner organs; can have anti-aging properties. Stock bottle potency is complete, slow, gentle; 10MM is quicker and more powerful—more like a fire hose than a gentle stream! We were advised to put some 10MM of this essence into our well, as the water in it had been "shocked" by years of others using this land for target practice before we got it. Ask creative questions to see how it can help you!

CALAMUS (Sweet Flag): Integrates the mind, body, and spirit by merging the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. An enhancer for other essences. For extreme anxiety or fear such as when confronted by death. Frequency boost. Interdimensional communication. It increases the frequency of my head, through all the dimensional bodies. The frequencies are also gentler and yet more potent. The fairy people may find it easier to deal with you, as your energy will not appear so harsh to them. Use this essence with leaders having peace talks; send it around the world to all the people.

CALENDULA: For realizing how connection with one's inner Light affords protection. Helps release fear. For dealing with negative thoughts and negative thought forms.

CALLA LILY: Forgiveness. Know the golden light at the central core of your being. Wrap yourself in knowledge of your perfection in the sight of Creator. Suspend judgment of self and others. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and others on all levels. The ultimate forgiveness is, of course, to forgive yourself. This opens the heart to an in-flood of unconditional love and joy, which is your true heritage.

CANNA, RED: For balancing the male and female parts of the self; accesses the 10th chakra.

CANTERBURY BELLS: Stability and strength during times of great change, such as overturning or expanding of belief systems, spiritual awakening and growth; for hearing your spiritual guides, for being willing to expand your perceptions and beliefs.

CASTOR BEAN: This sent a red-orange light through my body, burning out residues. It allowed me to reach up into the higher chakras (above 7) with a purple/violet/blue/white light. It moved my whole being upwards into a quicker vibrational level. This essence is very effective at balancing the yin/yang (male/female) attributes within people. It's for personality balance, not for tantra. Helpful to those imbalanced in their sexual identity—too aggressive or too unassertive, for instance. It balances the more masculine mental body and the more female emotional body with the more neutral etheric body. Potent with acupuncture.

CATALPA: Just as the heady fragrance of catalpa flowers wipes away mental clutter to bring you into the joyful present, so does the flower essence help one penetrate to the essential joy of existence. This essence accesses and helps to open the 9th chakra, connecting one to their Body of Light and to joy, so one can see life and situations from a more cosmic perspective.

CATNIP: Releases irrational fears; releases energy in the 3rd chakra. Helps city people attune to Nature.

CAULIFLOWER: Stabilizes body/soul fusion.

CELANDINE: Improves ability to transfer information (affects throat, thyroid, metabolism); good for singers, lecturers, students. Aids in receiving information also; stimulates tantric experience (exchange of male/female energies during sex).

CELERY: Helps restore strength and balance when under pressure of illness.

CENTAURY: For those who are always trying to please others, are easily exploited; helps you say"no".

CHAMOMILE: Helps to create a sense of harmony and organization.

CHICORY: Helps in assimilating lessons during plateaus before moving on to greater growth. Also helps those who need to focus on their own internal growth process, instead of trying to run the lives of those around them.

CHINESE CABBAGE: Strength and courage in the face of obstacles; persistence; full grounding in the Light; opens 12th chakra.

CHIVES: For coming from a place of balanced, aware yin/yang (female/male) power.

CINQUEFOIL (Potentilla simplex): Rose family. Balances emotional body, balances 5th chakra area (throat).

CISSUS QUADRANGULARIS: Skeletal Structure Seed Blueprint. 10MM

CLEMATIS: For withdrawing into a fantasy world because of unhappiness with one's present situation.

CLIVIA MINIATA: Affects (etheric) nervous system opening to possibility of access to other dimensions. Allows you to "rewire" your electric system to encompass more and different kinds of energy & electricity.

CLOVER, RED: Engenders calmness and an understanding of what is behind a disaster, thus helping one deal better.

COLEUS: Powerful stimulant for clearer and full colored dreams. Creates clarity in, but does not stimulate, astral projection. For a more peaceful sleep. Activates 6th chakra (third eye) and 14th chakra (surrender to the Divine Plan; third eye chakra of the fourth dimension) in those ready.

COLUMBINE: Opens crown chakra and first two chakras just above it (8th--seat of the soul; 9th--Body of Light, joy). Helps one in understanding divine purpose. For inspired people who need more balance.

COMFREY: Repairs higher vibrational soul damage from present or past lifetime.

CORIANDER: Transforms baser personality traits into a more conscious state. For instance, hatred is transformed into perhaps passion or arguing into analysis.

CORN: For stabilization during spiritual expansion experience. Helps one to understand a growth experience and apply it to life. Also for people living in large cities or high density housing or other cramped quarters; helps them establish a spiritual relationship with the Earth/Nature. For daydreamers; long-range planning; biofeedback and creative visualization.

COSMOS: Combines 4th and 5th chakras. Enhances linguistic abilities; good to use before speaking before an audience. Especially good for introverted or shy people.

CUCUMBER: Helps restore interest in living when feeling down.

CUPHEA 'bat face' (Cigar Plant): (South America) Usually we use adrenaline to jack up our bodies into action. It's a hammer, a dense motivator—like using a 2-D stone club to whack a body to move in 3-D, which wears out our bodies, and keeps us stuck in the fear/survival mode. This essence connects the old brain with the new brain with golden light and stimulates the thyroid to put out a quicker energy, a 4th–5th dimensional energy. Allows us to be in the present.

CURRANT, RED: Connects pathways to upper chakras through the body physical. Helps us be more interdimensional. A bright red-orange cone of light formed around my head and extended up to at least the 14th chakra. Then Red-Gold light, tying us through the golden "egg" of love energy. Helps connect the body physical with the 4th—6th dimensions and upper chakras. Opens interdimensional pathways.

CYPRESS SPURGE (Euphorbia cyparissias): Energetically connects reptilian brain to heart; helps you to be in touch with all of your self, in compassion and open heartedness. Can help you to access other lifetimes so that you can apply those experiences in terms of what you are living now, instead of letting past life experiences unconsciously run you. Accesses the emotional, heart, and 3rd Eye chakras, connecting them; activates body's immune system, the will to take responsibility for one's life and health, the will to live. Self esteem.

DAFFODIL: Helps one to better hear one's guides or higher self. Opens 7th chakra (gate to higher dimensions).

DAISY: Helps one to intuitively understand spiritual topics. May help hiccups.

DANDELION: Relaxation, helps to confront emotional problems, especially with meditation.

DILL: Attaining perspective and objectivity; giving up victimization patterns and reclaiming personal power.

DOGWOOD BUSH, JAPANESE: Opens 5th and 7th chakras; activates spiritual interests. "I honor the Creator and open to the beauty of existence." Aids in reconnection of 12-strand DNA (disconnected by extraterrestrials long ago to better control humans). Aids in raising one's vibrations towards fifth dimensional frequencies.

DUTCHMAN'S PIPE: (Aristolochia Durior) Awakening etheric light filaments of the crown chakra and third eye; greater awareness of realities beyond the third dimension. Connection with I AM Presence.

ECHINACEA: Helps one welcome change instead of fearing it. Releasing of old patterns and development of new more useful ones. Connects 3rd chakra with 11th (which is the 3rd chakra in the fourth dimension); this allows emotions to move through your body and out in again in a wave, instead of getting stuck to some misperception and possibly causing illness. Helps also to lessen trauma stored in the 3rd chakra from this and other lifetimes.

ELDER, AMERICAN: This undoes the snarls in the emotional and physical bodies. Relaxes, allows you to feel plugged-in to the Whole. Helps people feel what pure love is. Blue-white and purple-white energy of starlight! Opens 7th chakra, connection to spirit and to the soul. Can connect one to the ascension chakra (16th) which enhances one's sense of multidimensionality and of being a universal being.

ELECAMPANE: 10MM—Removes all barriers to right-left brain communication. This balance in the head is also rooted, so you can bring energy up through the body connecting it with the open mind. This helps with discernment; you stay grounded as you figure out what is going on around you. It helps you to be aware of how to match your frequency with whatever frequency is confronting you from the world. The quickness of energy that comes up into your body from the earth is the flow of yourself as a part of Nature, and by perceiving what your individual frequency is, you can see the difference in the energy facing you; this (coupled with your will) gives you the ability to match the energy that comes up through you with the energy that is facing you. Mother Essence—Helps balance both sides of the brain. Other Sources—Eases extreme stress, hypochondria, and mood fluctuations such as in hypoglycemia. Eases cravings (such as those experienced when pregnant).

ELODEA: Helps one be totally present and focused in the moment. Activates at a cellular level, more efficient use of oxygen so the body is ready, focused, prepared for action.

EPAZOTE: This is for cataloguing the Old Brain—it helps bring the subconscious closer to consciousness for the purpose of analyzing what's useful and what is not, of the things you have stored in there. Makes more conscious the stuff that runs us, behind the scenes.

EUPHORBIA platyclada: Clears pathways connecting the ductless glands in the head (pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus) and then connecting them to the thymus. Then connects all of these to the higher chakras (8 through 16 plus a little) if you are ready. It is necessary to be grounded before taking this essence; then it will stretch you, rather than lifting you off planet and making you spacey! So use grounding essences and/or some grounding techniques first.

FALSE SOLOMON'S SEAL: Opens 3rd and 7th chakras; enhances psychic senses; draws in light through the 7th chakra, draws in life force; enhanced sense of well-being, more alive in the present moment, more alive to the physical world in all its dimensions and vibrations; enhanced access to 3rd chakra, for charging and cleansing. Healing early trauma, seeing the world as safe and welcoming place.

FENNEL: For people who are indecisive, lacking enthusiasm for life, and subject to grief. Helps people work in tight groups.

FEVERFEW: Releases emotional blockages in area of 6th and 7th chakras; helps dissolve blockages (such as old belief systems) which prevent one from receiving and integrating new concepts received psychically from one's Higher Self or spiritual guides.

FIG: Releases blockages/hidden fears stored in the subconscious. Insight into fears, so one can release and move beyond them. By helping to clear the psyche of these fears, fig can aid in the development of one's psychic abilities. Generates the wisdom of understanding to help resolve conflicts.

FILAIZEL: Helps strengthen ligaments, the tie of tendons to bones, of ligaments to themselves, the tie of cartilage to the bone. This went through the body, to all the weakened connections; it felt as if it was adding "stickiness" to the joints, tendons, softening them, helping them to adhere back to the bones. This is a gradual process. 10MM is way stronger and quicker—pushes you farther faster.

FLEABANE: Fills holes in the aura, although temporarily. Stops things from hitching on to the aura. Not the same as white pine, which pushes things up from the inside and out, but this is like a coating from the outside in; it rolls over my body and fills in the holes. Would work for people who have a job where everyone is trying to get something from them. It would help them not feel so drained at the end of the day. Eventually it will wear off; not permanent. Insects are attracted to holes in the aura, so it would work to repel some insects—fleas, not ticks or mosquitoes. Whereas Pine is in tune with the vibrations of each individual it works with, which helps it to last longer, Fleabane's auric patch is more "one color fits all." But this works more specifically with insects and for people who are trying to hook you. It covers the outside, so there's no hole for people's hooks and insects—helps things to bounce off. Pine exerts a pressure from the inside; but it doesn't deal with insects at all.

FORGET ME NOT: Clarity; negative thought patterns released. Stimulates dreams, which helps release subconscious tensions.

FOXGLOVE: Puts your attention into your body, from the neck down (not the head). This went directly to my heart & lungs, and then further down through my legs.

GAYWINGS (Fringed polygata): Joyful purpose. Moving through doubts and fears to pursue one's dreams. Putting oneself "out there" with a sense of freedom and direction. "Going for it."

GARLIC: Alleviates fear or paranoia, eases anger, cultivates objectivity. Use for stage fright. Can help create an electromagnetic field in the aura which repels insects.

GINGER, WILD: Listening to the Earth, hearing her heartbeat; opens 1st chakra. Giving birth to one's potential; alignment with the Earth and one's life purpose. To increase life-force energy and focus it spiritually.

GINSENG, AMERICAN: A master healer. Mental vitality & clarity; self-esteem; stress eased; spiritual awareness develops. Psychic abilities open. Helpful in cases of sexual anxiety.

GLADIOLUS, RAINBOW: Opens 4th chakra. Awareness of Rainbow Body. Opens all meridians, increases general awareness.

GOLDENHORN: Kundalini/Vibrational Enhancement. Shoots the kundalini up beyond the crown chakra; grabs the kundalini energy at the back of the throat and pushes it up, all the way to the monad. Helps to bring the physical aspects of your body up to monad level (which is the goal of ascension, as we know it today). Helps in the ascension process, making the kundalini energy one with all the upper levels.

GOLDENROD: Opens the conscious mind to broad spiritual inspiration. Brings emotional balance to the too philosophical and to the overly dogmatic spiritual person holding rigid religious beliefs. Attunes city dwellers to the environment. Helps people who cling to beliefs which no longer serve them, to let go by putting them in touch with their intuition and higher self.

GOLDENSEAL: An etheric body-wash; it removes scars from old traumas, old thought forms, etc. It is a Golden Seal—raising the etheric body vibrations above the level where negative vibrations can exist, which "seals" them out. Best for when the trauma is mostly healed, but a few issues remain. Also good for nervous behavioral patterns.

GRAPE HYACINTH: Connects third eye and Godbrain (so-called reptilian brain) so that blockages in energy can be connected with the ancient traumas that provoked their formation, thus facilitating their release. When I took this I found all of my facial muscles relaxed, and my sinuses clearing; I felt that this essences was helping to move the causes of my sinus allergies. Affects 6th and 14th chakras.

GROUND IVY: Grounding in times of intense emotional distress; for feeling supported when the ground has been yanked from under you, when your world suddenly changes drastically. For grieving, getting up, and going on.

GUMPLANT: For stagnation of the will. When you feel stuck, this can help you to move your will, to move beyond the stuck place, to find your path and walk it. This flower starts as a prickly looking green ball covered with sticky white sap. It looks glued together. But the prickles are soft, and the joyful bright yellow daisy-like flower bursts through the sticky sap to bloom exuberantly. Has some properties of the herbal preparation (anti-inflammatory & expectorant; relaxes spasms, sedative; externally for poison ivy & other skin eruptions).

HAWKWEED: Eases tension in the 3rd chakra; helps to free emotional blockages there so visualization is possible.

HEMLOCK: Fine tunes third eye energy. Helps cleanse aura of psychic debris from others. Deep resilience, resistance, and inner strength made available.

HIBISCUS: Supports repair of etheric memory body in cases of abuse, physical or mental; healing release of abuse memories, both from this and past lifetimes. Female sexual identity problems eased.

HOBBLEBUSH: Reminds one of healthy priorities, helps in releasing the need to always be doing/accomplishing. Helps one give oneself permission to relax, enjoy, let go.

HOLLY: Alleviates negative feelings which stem from a need for more love. For internal suffering, often with no real cause.

HOLLYHOCK: This makes everything more alive, makes you aware of every cell. Even though you have blocks, toxins, this energy goes right through your body, awakening and enlivening every cell to a new level of being alive. It circumvents the blocks, which are more physical (of a lower vibration) than this energy is. The energy goes around your body and lets you know that one place is denser than another; the parts that are subtly less alive are where the blocks are. By alerting your conscious mind to where the blockages are, it allows you to use your conscious/subconscious minds together to help rid the body of the blockages, while awake or asleep. As you take this over a period of time, the more subtle differences will show up; you will learn to sense them. It is a learning experience. This essence expands one's consciousness to feel the joyfulness and potential of multidimensional existence. A joyful heart is open to powerful energies of love and spirit. Connection to 5th and 10th chakras. Insight into the realms of devas and angels.

HONEYSUCKLE: For dwelling too much on the past, lost loved ones or ambitions. Helps one appreciate the sweetness of existence, both physical and spiritual. Stimulates heartfelt sharing from the sweet center of the self; shelter, haven; feeling cared for. Connects 3rd and 6th chakras (connects emotions with the conscious mind and spiritual vision).

HOPS: Stimulates growth, both spiritual and physical. Activates etheric body & ethereal fluidium; opens 6th Chakra. Meridians strengthened.

HORSERADISH: Mental clarity, alertness. For shock, boredom, lethargy, depression, or hysteria—wakens from the doldrums.

HYSSOP: Helps one face and acknowledge the results of one's thoughts and actions, thus making possible the release of guilt feelings from within the self and personal change and growth. Useful with past life therapy surrounding guilt.

ICE PLANT: When we saw these small vibrant pink flowers blooming on the cliff sides of Tintagel, in England, we knew they were of extraterrestrial origin, and they were important. Ever since we have looked for a way to get them into our garden. Finally we found some—at Walmart! They can best be summed up in the concept of JOY.

IMPATIENS: For quick decision makers, who waste no time and have difficulty being patient with people who think or act more slowly than themselves.

INDIAN PIPES: Enhanced ability to receive love, universal love in the highest sense, which is all around us, although we may be unaware of it. Imagine the heart opening and being nurtured by this love, then send it on. Helps in envisioning planetary peace. Increase in heart's ability to receive energy, useful in hands-on healing practices such as Reiki.

IRIS (Blue-Purple): Blue pearl-opalescent light transforming my whole aura to opalescent starlight, etheric mother-of-pearl tinged into blue. These are not earthly colors—or rather, not third-dimensional colors. It took the filtering part of the aura and increased its energy level, so that what comes through now is altered subtly, in a 5th-6th dimensional way. This might be good for babies, helping them to get over the birth trauma, keeping their star-sense with them. Iris essence activates inspiration and creativity in the arts. Alleviates sense of frustration from feeling alone, inadequate, or uninspired in one's work. Helps those confined to wheelchairs to adjust to their condition and release their artistic creativity. May help to release artistic abilities from past lives. For learning to overcome patterns that draw us away from being centered; for feeling stuck in the mud, with a weight on the neck. For the physically beautiful, so as not to abuse their gift, and for those who covet beauty in others; both may become ensnared in the bog of materialism and addiction.

IVY: Calming, gentle balancing of heart and lungs with each other; fosters a feeling of oneness with everything, a feeling of being capable, and knowing that you are part of a balance, and its part of you. You can go out from that place and affect the world; lets you know how you make a difference. Teaches you how much you affect everything when you are balanced. This is powerful, but it expresses itself delicately, gently, like a mist. It would help people who feel they are losing the love in their heart, to see how much is really there. Good for those on overload from seeing too much suffering. Also fosters a sense of independence in those afraid to stand on their own feet and be responsible for themselves.

IXORA (Shiva's Flame): Connecting to and taking charge of the fire element; passion, energy, sexuality; helps one make wise decisions surrounding their sexuality, choice of relationships. Also for catalytic breakthrough; purification, physical cleansing, ability to make deep changes.

JACK IN THE PULPIT: Connection with the Essence of Nature. ME-Holding your core. Happy, free, feeling of “the Fool” in Tarot.  Antidote to shyness, fear of public speaking, being with others. 10MM--Takes this feeling out into the auric field. Grounding as well. Taproot; a rootedness. Holding your core inviolable--so you can be joyful, exuberant, or just interact out in the world. Self-nourishing.  This essence immerses the human frame into the aliveness of Nature.  It makes you feel part of Pan’s being.  Experience the consciousness of Nature.  Become it.  Opens you up to experiencing Nature and the tying together of everything, of all of Creation.  There’s no thinking about it; you ARE it, you are there.  It can put you into an altered state, the consciousness of Nature.  You feel how everything is put together on this planet, and how it all fits together.  Know that you are alive and part of everything; a grounding that you can’t escape or ignore.  You feel exalted to be a part of all this.  We’re all here on this planet, all part of the whole.  There’s no hierarchy.  Gives us the sense that we are the creators, and Creation is happening all around all the time, and we are a part of it, a part of everything.

JACOB'S LADDER: Opens 4th chakra, helps relieve anxiety, stubbornness, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, and problems in leadership and in making decisions. Also useful in cases of incest.

JASMINE: Good for low self-esteem. Stimulates the "God spark" or permanent atom that resides in the heart chakra.

JERICO FLOWER: (Palestinian Tumbleweed, Mary’s Hand, Rose of Jerico, Resurrection Wheel): This plant looks like a curled up ball of dried ferns, but when you give it a little water, it unfolds.  ME--This essence helps the body to absorb water, makes the body softer.  As we age, something happens to our cell walls so that they don’t absorb water the way we did when we were younger.  This reverses this process.  10MM--Makes water “wetter”; does all that the Mother Essence does, but also helps the crystalline structures of the body become softer; does this also for the Light Body.  There are no words to describe how it does this. All the crystalline structures soften; this would dissolve stones over a period of time.  Because it softens the Light Body it also breaks up crystalized habits.  It can also deal with softening things you are carrying from other lifetimes.

JEWELWEED: For springing the trap you've caught yourself in; for dispersing negative thoughts and thought-patterns that keep you down.

JIMSONWEED (Datura): Stimulates dreams, meditation, alignment to one's inner guides and teachers, and to the inner divine sound. If you constantly chant a mantra, it ultimately goes on continuously inside you; this essence aids in this process.

KALANCHOE: For gently dispelling anger and fear of the unknown, as from nightmares or visions; for persistent negative thought-creations stemming from unresolved fears of unknown origin.

KIDNEY BEAN: Opens kidney chakra; Removes hidden fears, paranoia, anger, and intense mental states.

KIWI: Vibrancy of Nature. ME-Green color in light body. 10MM-Emerald green Fibonacci spiral of energy around face, then out into light body. "Green Flame" energy of Nature. Vibrant. Works primarily with the light body. It helps people become the energy of growing plants, energy of Nature, to be at the energy of chlorophyll. It's like taking wheatgrass for the light body. Changes the quality of energy in the light body from "over-stimulated, unbalanced, deflated" to "energized, expanded, open to infinite expansion". It's like surfing on an endless wave; as you learn to do this continually you become one with the growth of nature. It helps merge the various facets of the being, such as male/female balance, etc. Message from the Kiwi deva: "I kiwi give strength! I am hardy! And sturdy! Yet also I teach cooperation, for I need other plants or sturdy structures to climb in order to grow. I carry the green light of Nature and of the heart chakra. The Green Flame! I come from other worlds to bridge connection to Earth and her Beings. Loving community! Rapid and luxuriant growth from structure! Enthusiasm! Love! I mature rather slowly from a human standpoint, needing a few years of nurturing before I give fruit. Nurturing! Care of others! Care of Self! I am joyful! Joy! I branch out in all directions, and thought you can't see it, dimensionally I reach out as well. Loving connection, communication across species and dimensions! Love, love, love! Joy and appreciation! I take what is, what I am given, and create beauty and sweet/tart refreshing fruit! I need two sexes in order to produce fruit. Cooperation, merging of sexes! Recognizing the beauty and contribution to you of those that are not like you, that are different from you! I am patient. I love. I give and receive. I am!"

KURI SQUASH: Helps the will to be clear, so one isn't so scattered. Calming; may help digestion. Third Chakra.

LADYSLIPPER, PINK: Opens chakras in feet, attuning one to the Earth's magnetic forces. Releasing what doesn't fit in your life and aligning yourself with what you want in your heart.

LADY'S MANTLE: Softens rigid places in your body. Helps you to release internal walls and barriers, by helping you to feel protected enough to let them go. It can help you to visualize where you are tight, so that you can work on loosening those places, so you can be more at home in your body and make it work more efficiently.

LAMB'S EARS (Stachia): Softens one's process.

LAMB'S QUARTERS: Helps you to "walk your talk", to connect an idea/ideal to action that expresses it. Make concrete, manifest the spiritual idea in the physical. For rising above the clamor of everyday life and your own chattering mind-talk, in order to hear your own inner guidance. For rising above self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy that prevent you from hearing your Self.

LANTANA camara: Green/gold/cream foliage, circles of pink flowers around a circle of pale yellow flowers, all with bright yellow/gold centers. The energy level is gently but inexorably lifted by octaves inside the mind. The light pressure quotient that we have inside our beings allows our thinking process to be less separate; the more pressure, the further we go outside of ourselves, the less we feel separate. The more enlightened we become, the bigger we are. The bigger we are, the more intensity or pressure we can put on each cell for change. This change is the way that we switch vibrational levels. This essence first helps gear our minds up to switch minor frequencies within vibrations, which is how we communicate with various people (each has a slightly different frequency—you can say the same thought to three different people and you have to nudge the frequency slightly for each one, so that they will understand what you are talking about). That's the 3-4-D part of this plant. The 5th-12th-D part of this plant is that it changes octaves of brain frequencies, so that we can communicate, as we increase the pressure in our brain, with all beings of all dimensions (at some future time).

LAVENDER: Activates 7th chakra and chakra 1.5" above medulla oblongata; this chakra creates keen awareness and alertness. Activating crown chakra aids aspects of the higher self to integrate into the personality; cleanses meridians, stimulates visionary states, connects people to their higher self to remove karmic blockages that prevent spiritual progress. Removes old karmic patterns between two individuals. Especially helpful to those who have emotional conflicts which are blocking their spiritual growth.

LILAC: Good to take before chiropractic adjustment. Activates kundalini energy as it travels along the spine from the base chakra to the crown, in the process opening all the chakras.

LIME: Attunement to higher self. Brow and crown chakras opened. Opens one to healing in all forms, including flower essences.

LINARIA (Yellow/Orange/Pink): Linaria is a lovely delicate flower that comes in many colors and brings a fairy energy, joyful and playful. The essence made from the yellow-orange-pink varieties frees up blockages in whole 4th chakra area, and accesses a youthful energy which can help you to act, if you decide you want to.

LINARIA (Purple/Pink): Linaria is a lovely delicate flower that comes in many colors and brings a fairy energy. The essence made from the purple-pink varieties has effects which are electric in nature. Can be felt in nerves in head, behind the eyes, muscles & tissues of the face (not sinuses—sheathings on the nerves). Pituitary; Crown Chakra. Connectedness with all life.

LOBELIA: For psychic development and ability to better perceive details.

LOOSESTRIFE, PURPLE: Grounding, especially for those on a spiritual path. Brings lower chakras into proper alignment so that they can apply spiritually inspired information, which is often received through the crown chakra. Helps to achieve goals and stability in life.

LOTUS: This very spiritual flower has long symbolized in the East the rising of the soul from the mud of physical existence. It opens all chakras and nadis, allowing other essences to work better. It may also be used to enhance herbal tinctures. Temporarily aligns all chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, which allows expulsion of toxins from the body (which can inhibit essences from working well). Especially affects crown chakra. Use with meditation and creative visualization. Helps in developing psychic powers; also in distinguishing the voice of the soul from other internal voices.

LOTUS II: Opens all chakras, especially the higher ones. Helps one to access their own higher self; lovingly opens your true self to you, mirroring to you your own beauty.

LOTUS III: Pale yellow with pink tips. 10MM—A golden light blasts open the 3rd eye in a Fibonacci spiral. Then the spiral continues out, so that you are spiraling out into all of creation. The light becomes silver with a touch of gold and light pink. Mother Essence—Golden (with a touch of silver) opening the 3rd eye in a Fibonacci spiral.

LOTUS IV: Intense Pink! 10MM—Wow! White light expands the whole inside of the head upwards. It literally takes away all blockages to enlightenment, although only temporarily. An upper chakra auric cobweb cleaner! As an after effect, it's as if you are inside the lotus, with the pink petals folding in around you. This would help you to fuse Unconditional Love with your upper chakras. It doesn't connect with the thymus/heart; it's completely multidimensional etheric pink light. This essence gives you a flash of what you can do, how you can be—something to aim for. It might be good for depression, showing a way out. Definitely good for meditation! It takes away every thought and emotion and allows you to rise up through yourself, present in the moment, without being distracted by anything to do with your physical body. Emotions and intellect are temporarily suspended; you move beyond ego, so that you connect with the whole of your Self. It allows you to shed your ego for a second, thus pushing you into that multidimensional realm of your true essence. Mother Essence—Does the same thing, but the colors are not nearly as bright. This is the first essence that has done the same at both potencies. However, the movement is gentler, allowing you to change states step by step; it's not instantaneous, as the 10MM is. Because Pink Lotus puts you in a state beyond ego—a clear space—using this essence at 10MM in conjunction with other essences will prepare you to use those essences in a selfless way.

LOTUS V:  Violet-Pink-White. ME: Opens the heart multidimensionally; helps all the bodies adapt to the higher vibrations within and around as humans grow into the New Age and the New Earth. Helps us to be more multidimensionally conscious, to access and remain connected with the higher vibrations of our multidimensional Self.  10MM—Goes to the center of the head and then up. You are there—from the center of the core of you through your body, it brings you up. You ARE it. Helps you to access the next reality/universe we are expanding to.  It doesn’t do it for you; you do it. You can go “out of our reality” to anywhere you want to go. You are responsible for yourself though. Go under the guidance of your I Am Presence/higher Self only.

LOVAGE: For abundance in all; for believing in an abundant universe.

LUFFA: Good for claustrophobic, undisciplined, or hyperactive people; those who are too introverted or extroverted.

MALLOW: For overcoming fear of aging. Creates a sense of dignity in people experiencing the mid-life crisis, and it makes the menopause years in both sexes much easier. Treats stress and tension contributing to the aging process. For overcoming insecurity about physical appearance. Helps one reach hidden resources to attain real mental and psychological health.

MANGO: Stimulates telepathy. All meridians cleansed. For spiritual growth and awareness.

MAPLE, SUGAR: Balances yin/yang in an individual. Enhances acupuncturist's diagnostic abilities with the yin/yang pulse, creates more empathy between practitioner and client.

MARIGOLD: May increases clairvoyant hearing, understanding of academic information. Helps balance viruses.

MAYFLOWER (Wild Lily of the Valley): Eases self-absorption, fear of dying; opens psychic centers, eases death transition.

MEADOWSWEET: Energy that flows through the body is enhanced. This is particularly important on spiritual levels, when energy towards a project is dwindling. Enhances ability to change direction, to utilize various possibilities in different ways and yet maintain an alignment with the original purpose. Flexible leadership. Promotes unconditional love and non-judgment by letting us see our innate self-worth and beauty.

MILK THISTLE: For grief, intensely emotional people. Helps one see from a more rational perspective.

MILKWEED: Extracts one from emotionally complex situations and creates mental clarity, objectivity, and spiritual consciousness. There may be grief, despair, despondency, and fear of death.

MIMULUS (Monkey Flower): Courage to face the known fears of everyday life, i.e. fear of the dark, heights, growing old, being alone.

MONKSHOOD (Aconitum): Allows you to be in the stillness. This can be disorienting, as we are used to the background energetic static which this essence eliminates. But this background noise uses up consciousness, which is then freed to focus on the present. The ultimate effect of this essence is calmness. It integrates aspects of the lower self with the higher self. It may be helpful with extreme emotional imbalances, obsession, even schizophrenia; one may need a period of retreat to resolve emotional problems. This is a major balancer for the emotional, mental, and causal bodies.

MORNING GLORY: Helps one get up in the morning and maintain a vital outlook throughout the day. Helps break nervous habits such as smoking or using drugs. Heightens sensitivity to locate acupuncture points.

MOTHER OF MILLIONS: To be a good mother. To accept the motherly aspects of oneself. To be a good mother to oneself.

MOTHERWORT: Stimulates third eye, meditation, visionary states. Connection with Goddess energies (the female aspect of God) and beings who embody this energy. Compassionate unconditional love. Also accesses 14th chakra (third eye of the fourth dimension; surrender to the Divine Plan).

MOUNTAIN LAUREL: For support and guidance in times of confusion and struggle; for balance and clarity when faced with difficult decisions. For spiritual stick-to-itiveness and the ability to integrate different spiritual teachings. Opens crown chakra; accesses 16th chakra (ascension/becoming a universal being).

MUGWORT: Can help one enter the alpha state. Can help open certain psychic faculties such as telepathy. For frustrated people who feel life is structured against them. Accesses 8th chakra (seat of the soul).

MUSSAENDA frondosa: Joy, Energy. See things in a new light. "I brighten your third Chakra and all associated with it: the third dimensional organs, the fourth dimensional emotions. Those blockages ready to be released are loosened and lightened, until they can shake out the kinks, and then life force can flow freely again through that place. The dense (those energies not yet ready to be released) is penetrated with gold light to become less dense; as in teasing loose a knot from within by penetrating it with a slender pointed object. Then we move the released energy up through the chakra tube to the crown for release. We may pick up some energies for release from other chakras on the way up as well. I am happy to work with humans who ask. I can help you to connect with Nature-All-That-Is." People who are consciously working to raise their vibrations and release their old energies would benefit most from this essence. Others would have some benefit, as to the loosening of entrenched energies. Then they would have to will the release, be in total accord with the release, for it to happen. They must be willing to change for change to take place. On higher dimensional levels, this is a vision essence—to see beyond third & fourth dimension.

MUSTARD: For melancholy without known cause.

NASTURTIUM: For those involved in intense mental concentration; for narrow-mindedness, compulsiveness, nervousness, or obsession with an issue. Reconnects one to physical reality. Enhances color therapy; helps some to see auras.

NETTLES: Eases emotional stress associated with a broken home. Helpful with adoption, divorce, sibling rivalries.

NICOTIANA paniculata: "I feel this in the front of my head, in the frontal lobe of my brain. Interesting, when I used to smoke, I found that smoking impeded certain brain synapses from firing, so I didn't register stress, pain, etc., so much as before—this made me feel really OK, really good. It dulled pain. Nicotine is a muddy red-brown. This is a bright yellow orange golden light, another octave at least above the color of physical nicotine in your system. A yellow-orange flash. It quickens the cells of the brain, makes me happy to be just who I am in the moment. This could help someone to stop smoking, if they really wanted to. The perception of the Third Eye comes through this part of the brain—normally it has trouble getting through your emotional blocks to the floor of the brain. This essence clears out the impeding blocks so that the channels are opened, which can help you see better with the 3rd Eye.

NICOTIANA 'stonecrop': This is an energizer—clear colors, vibrant almost star-like colors. This essence helps stimulate the body to joy, and thus to move energy in a happy way, unencumbered by sorrow. It increases blood flow to the brain—a pulse, flash of energy like walking into a room where the oxygen content is higher. All of a sudden you are capable of doing things you never could before, because of the increased oxygen, or increased energy. This also deals with the throat and bronchial area—heats it, so it feels more alive and comfortable just being itself. Perhaps this would help one who really wants to quit smoking.

NIGHT-BLOOMING CEREUS: 10MM--Incorporating Infinite Multidimensional Growth. Turns the blood into a direct conductor of multidimensional energy. The human ego is the only thing to stop this from working. With an open heart and a desire to live, there's no limit how much can be packed into the body with this. It is the basis for incredible growth; it's a whole process. You still have to do the personal work. ME--Helps the heart engage in the process of opening the body. Makes the blood more capable of bringing nutrients and oxygen to the body. Whatever you are as a person in your higher Self, your blood becomes that. Helps the blood in all of its functions, both bringing nutrients to the body and waste removal.

NIGHTSHADE, WHITE: Opens 7th & 20th chakras. Awareness of & vibrancy of Subtle bodies. Opens channels of Life force from higher dimensions into body.

OKRA: Returns ability to see the positive in one's life and environment. Opens chakras 4 and 11.

ONCIDIUM ORCHID: (Yellow with red-brown splotches). Joy, lightness of being; feeling that "everything's OK". Light started around the 3rd Eye and went straight up to the Monad. More to come on this one.

ONION: Aids in removing psychological barriers erected in the past for emotional protection. Encourages emotional release (through tears). If one collects one's tears and prepares them as an essence or homeopathic remedy, this solution may be used to help one permanently release the emotions involved.

ORCHID CACTUS: 10MM: Creates a blanket of pink light around the heart. Calms, strengthens, gives stamina, so that the heart can beat calmly under adverse conditions. It gives your heart stamina, so that you can hold your heart open and live that way. Gives you a chance to live your life differently. Allows you to open the thymus. You can thus fill your body with the life force of the Nature kingdom, allowing you to reverse processes in your body that are degenerative. This last is only if your spirit and higher self are tied with the will of your physical form. Mother Essence—A more bubbly energy, would be good for depression, for people trying to find their way out of trying circumstances to a happy heart. Mood changing rather than life changing. Doesn't give the stamina of the 10MM, not as lasting an effect; changes your heart temporarily. Other Sources—Strength, peace, joy; possibly a treatment for depression caused by low light levels during the winter.

PALMETTO, DWARF: Opens crown and third eye chakras; psychic vision, dreaming, communication with guides. Aids in reconnection of 12-strand DNA (see Dogwood, Japanese) Excites consciousness to remember the self's true state of oneness with the Higher Self, and with God/Goddess/All There Is. Helps accesses a state of bliss.

PANSY: Helps balance viruses; enhances thought forms.

PAPYRUS: Preparation for Fifth Dimension/Unity Consciousness. This hitches me up with fifth dimensional reality, a kind of stillness beyond time, totally infused with what is going on. At first the only thing you notice is that you aren't afraid of being part of something else, and it being part of you. "Magic" becomes possible—it brings us to the state of magic. You can snatch yourself back, or you can stay there with it. It balances the brain so that we can perceive reality beyond time. Helps prepare you to be in a state beyond time, prepares you for no duality. Balances your thoughts and your emotions so there will be no fear about existing totally unified with all creation. Good to take before meditation, to raise vibrational level.

PARSLEY: Powerful meridian balancer; gaining a cosmic perspective, seeing the good in seemingly bad or frustrating situations.

PARTRIDGE BERRY: Affects chakras 2 (reproductive/creative), 7 (crown/connection to higher guidance), and 15 (monadic connection). Promotes higher spiritual principles (as opposed to philosophical ones). Use when studying spiritual matters. Enhance partnerships of all kinds, by promoting the understanding of the divinity in each, and Divine Oneness in general.

PASSION FLOWER: Helps one attune to the level of "Christ consciousness"; directly connects with the spiritual body. Sharper visionary states; release of emotional confusion; stimulates compassion.

PEACH: Alleviates stress-induced emotional problems. Promotes more rapid healing.

PEACOCK ORCHID: Opens Third Eye, Crown, and 16th chakras.

PEAR: Increased creativity in music. Brings harmony to spiritual groups. Intellect is subdued and spiritualized; forces one to put things into a spiritual perspective.

PEIRA JAPONICA: For those on a spiritual path. Opens 7th (crown: connection to spirit) and 8th (soul) chakras; aids in 12-strand DNA reconnection. Also connects one to the 16th chakra, helping to prepare one for ascension.

PENNYROYAL: Repels negative thought forms. Strengthens etheric body so that negative thought forms cannot penetrate the body or psyche. Eases mental confusion and obsession.

PENSTEMON: 10MM—Cleans out all the chakras all the way down. Allows you to relate to the universe in a loving way. You are clear and full and the energy of the universe is running through you. This helps you to be present in the moment, with whatever energy is coming at you. Mother Essence—Less strong. The 10MM is multidimensional by allowing you to go to every point in every galaxy, to see your relationship to every being, point, pulse, if you want to go there; whereas the ME works with this lifetime, this body, helping you to be stable in yourself, so that you have a sense of yourself. You can then relate to others as different from you, because you know who you are—thus you can create a bridge between the two. Other Sources—Overcomes problems in relationships by developing persistence and patience to smooth things over. One may want to withdraw into solitude due to lack of confidence or impression of obstacles. Aids in removing inhibitions. Heart & 2nd chakras opened.

PEONY: Removes the mask, cuts through one's false persona; for one who is putting up a front; enables them to face things more realistically. 4th chakra balanced. Feelings communicated honestly. Eases tendency toward procrastination.

PEPPER, GREEN: Restores inner peace during times of stress or while living in a stressful environment.

PETUNIA: Helps reestablish proper psychological behavior patterns by bringing in the activities of the Higher Self. Especially good for children, the aged, and excessively logical individuals. Puts one in a proper mental state to examine priorities. Eases tension.

PHALAENOPSIS ORCHID: For those on a spiritual path, this essence creates a spiral of energy upwards from the 8th to the 16th chakras, clearing the connection between the soul and the monad. It draws consciousness upwards, helps one awaken to one's multidimensionality. Aids channeling of higher self and other higher dimensional light beings. One feels enveloped in an energy of unconditional love. It brings parts of the body that are out of alignment with the seed blueprint back into alignment, as much as possible for you at the time.

PIMPERNEL, BLUE: Motivation—the difference between just doing something and really doing it. Accessing energy from this source (reptilian and mid-brain) makes you feel whole, full of joy.

PINE, PRINCESS: Opens third eye chakra (6th), which is the doorway to our other dimensional senses. Opens one to the wonder of the Nature kingdom, can help in seeing/sensing nature spirits. Also accesses the 16th chakra, which has to do with ascension and becoming a universal being.

PINE, RED: Opens the chakras in one's feet, allowing Earth energy to be drawn up through one's body, and allowing energy from the crown chakra to be drawn down through the body into the Earth. This connecting of Earth and Source energies is one of our major functions as human beings on the Earth.

PINE, WHITE: Opens 6th and 12th chakras; helps carry one's consciousness into higher realms. Traditionally the Tree of Peace among the Six Nations, pine appeals to people's higher natures; helps individuals to see themselves as part of a greater whole—the human race. Connects us to our potential as Beings of Light united in consciousness to each other and to Source.

PINKS (Dianthus armeria): These lovely small vibrant pink flowers bring in the energy of transmutation and transformation. They are about vision, so you don't "miss things." Connection with 3rd Eye, could enhance psychic sight. Enhances "soft vision", the state which can lead to seeing auras. This essence affects the 7th chakra and chakras 11 (monadic connection, bridge to the new age, connection to your service) and 16 (associated with ascension, or raising one's vibrations to the fifth dimensional level).

PIPSISSEWA: Deep release. Creates a spiral of energy in the 2nd-3rd chakric region that generally becomes an ongoing release system. Promotes clarity in areas which one sees as blockages and is thus unable to receive God's love. This vortex of energy cancels out effects of various negative thought forms that may have accumulated around the person. This release process aids in psychic development, especially when the intuitive process is blocked because of patterns from your current lifetime.

PLANTAIN: Balances 3rd chakra; for low self-esteem, overly critical attitude. Helps one assimilate information. Balances feminine identity in both sexes.

PLUM: Connects Throat and Crown chakras, crown chakra opened. Speaking your highest truth. Can enhance channeling. Manifests new ideas. Makes one balanced and objective with spiritual and emotional realities. Allows one to emotionally examine spiritual concepts and vice versa. May be good for those who tend to become unbalanced in an attempt to lose themselves in their beliefs.

POISON IVY: Tai Chi Master of essences! Helps one to stay centered, step back, and not "catch the ball" when confronted by another or a situation which could be unsettling. Helps one deal with the irritations of life, both minor and major.

POKE WEED: For sadness, mournfulness, people stuck in their emotions. Balances base chakra, releasing emotions and spirituality stored therein. Strong opening and enhancing effect on kundalini.

POPPY, CALIFORNIA: For psychic and spiritual balance; past life information and psychic information are released and properly integrated (usually through dreams). Emotional cleansing; stimulates artistic creativity.

POPPY, ICELANDIC: Helps us to rise up out of the seeming hardships of life. When we feel overburdened, we tend to contract, but this fragile-looking white flower with the gold center teaches us to raise our attention to the highest aspect of our self. With its aid, we choose to open and expand to the universe, trusting fully that we are loved and our needs are already taken care of. Opens crown chakra and accesses the 16th (crown chakra of the Ascended state) in those who are ready.

POPPY, ORIENTAL: This sends an energy flush that clears the whole upper body, from the heart up. An energetic enema! This continues out into your aura, a pulse of light sending a wave, changing everything in the aura, from the heart chakra through the crown (4th-7th Chakras). Doing this essence multiple times will help you to stay in this state, as long as you consciously wish to release your old blockages and low energies. If you decide to hold on to them, the plant will quit working with you until you decide you are ready to release again. Relaxing, calming; stimulates dream creativity; contact with higher self through dreaming.

POPPY, WATER: Rising up golden and glowing, out of the murky depths of pond water, this beautiful flower symbolizes the birthing and blossoming of the true self, out of the morass of lifetimes of built up emotional residues. It's essence brings the peace and clarity of self-knowledge: "I am a beautiful glowing being of Light." Affects 3rd, 10th , and 12th chakras.

PORTULACA (Portulaca mundula): Purslane family. Allows you to be anchored to the Earth while you reach for the sky! Opens and clears out the chakric tube (including the nadis), anchoring it into the Earth. Then the energy shoots out the top of the head. On a higher level, it allows you to break through dimensions, to reach out with your being and connect with other star systems and their beings. It may help with channeling interdimensional beings, ex terrestrials with no earthly third dimensional experience, who have trouble grounding into the earth. This makes communication with us difficult, but they could ground through an anchored Earth being. Opens 4th chakra.

POTATO: Cleanses subconscious, opens third eye; may aid in developing omnidirectional clairvoyance (ability to see into all dimensions, including the high planes).

PRIMROSE, EVENING: Connects 3rd chakra with the chakra of Christ-consciousness, the 12th. This helps one feel more connected to the rest of humanity, less separate, and helps one see one's situation from a more cosmic perspective. Bathes one in the golden light of cosmic human potential.

PUSSYTOES: For deeper understanding of your soul's purpose here on earth and for revealing answers to unanswered questions asked in sincerity. Develop compassion.

PYRETHRUM: Alleviates hidden fears, especially those causing
Paranoia and blocks in psychic growth; for when one is afraid of or does not understand their psychic gifts.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE (Daucus carota): Helps one develop inner sight so that auras can be seen and telepathic abilities can be developed. For those confused in their spiritual patterns, agnostics, those who over-intellectualize, or those overburdened with visionary states. Helps one analyze the highest thought among various thoughts. Opens the crown chakra. The spiritual body is cleansed and brought closer to the physical body, so that decisions are made from a more spiritual perspective. Opens your bones/body to breathe, especially the skull. This allows you to feel with every cell of your body. Being in your cellular body 100% allows you to mesh with your spiritual body and be alive 100%--the ultimate way to be alive!

QUINCE: Affects the 1st and 2nd chakras; helps to release blocked sexual energies to flow freely and rise above the base chakras to the higher chakras; connects sexuality to the heart and brings in a spiritual dimension.

RADISH: Unbinds past memories locked in the soul, so they can be released and cleansed without going through a process of reliving them completely in this lifetime. Stabilizes the subconscious and the dream state. It increases the life force and opens the 1st and 2nd chakras.

RED SHISO: Affords conscious access to body's own healing mechanisms. Use with meditation.

RHODODENDRON: For initiating anything, and fear of travel. Opens the brow chakra (psychic abilities).

RHUBARB: Opens heart chakra; develops balance between analytical and intuitive faculties.

RICE PLANT: Eases high stress especially affecting kidneys or skin. For hidden fears, especially concerning issues of discipline. For psychological conditions or habits related to discipline needs like smoking, sadomasochism.

ROSA RUGOSA ALBA: For getting through periods of isolation when that is necessary, such as during long periods of fasting or meditation when in retreat.

ROSE, CHEROKEE: Aids in communicating with and eventually merging with the soul (higher self). Opens 8th chakra.

ROSE, DAMASK: Helps to free one from one's destructive habits and patterns. Affects 3rd chakra.

ROSE, GREEN: Aids psychic development, especially channeling & multidirectional clairvoyance. Helps one distinguish between true channeling from the soul level and delusional messages from lower vibrational energies, the ego, etc. Enhances energy healing (laying on of hands, etc.). Amplifies telepathic abilities. Treats problems caused by repression of psychic abilities. Eases tubercular miasm. Holds a spiral pattern, which makes it possible for it to duplicate the spiral energy of the pituitary, critical for telepathy. Also increases psychic faculties of the pineal gland. Use as a spray for endangered species of plants, & plants grown out of their native environments (1d/10 gallons of water)—use for 3 generations. May be indicated for pets if you are enhancing your psychic abilities, for this can affect them.

ROSE, OREGOLD: Affects 3rd (will) and 12th (Christ-consciousness) chakras. Helps one to integrate deep personal and spiritual expansion. Stabilizes the changes brought about by intense personal growth.

ROSE, PINK DAWN: Brings softness to one's process, so you can "lie on a pillow and feel safe."

ROSE, RHONDA: Opens 5th chakra and connects it to the 4th; helps those who tend to express themselves in a harsh or abrupt manner to soften their expression. Helps one send their communication through the heart chakra before giving it verbal expression.

ROSE, SHADES OF AUTUMN: Opening into wholeness; a gentle release of blockages, fears, old issues around male/female balance. An awareness of the balanced self as an integral part of a larger and intensely beautiful whole. Golden-peach-pink. Accesses chakras 3 and 11.

ROSE, TROPICANA: Helps cleanse one of old emotional traumas stored in the 3rd chakra area. Opens 3rd (emotional) and 11th (emotional chakra of the fourth dimension). The wavelike energy of the 11th chakra helps prevent emotions from attaching themselves to one's misperceptions and getting stuck in the body.

ROSEMARY: Stimulates the pineal gland and crown chakra. One MAY experience a state of inner peace or ecstasy. stimulates creativity, esp. when one feels blocked. Mental clarity. Take it when you have to negotiate with someone. Transforms surly, withdrawn individuals into happy, sensitive, and sentimental people.

ROWAN (European Mt. Ash): Ancient tree of magic, whose essence helps one to overcome obstacles, make one's way clear; to dissolve the barriers of doubt and negativity that keep one from their heart's desire, their true path. Opens psychic chakra (6th), for visioning and manifesting. Powerfully links the center of the head (ductless glands) with the center of the earth. Very grounding and energizing from the Earth. Roots the center of the head—a way of pulling up energy from the Earth.

ST. JOHN'S WORT: Releases hidden or obvious fear or paranoia, including fears from past life experiences. Aids in astral projection and soul travel beyond the lower astral planes to experience visionary states. Cluttered dreams and nightmares are eased.

SALVIA, RED: Restores emotional stability during times of emotional difficulty.

SARSAPARILLA, Wild (Aralia Nudicaulis): Ginseng family. This changes the vibrational level of chakras 1-6. It energizes the chakras with a reddish-pink energy. This transmutes energy. As Pluto is a higher vibration or manifestation of Martian energy, this transmutes energy in a similar way. It raises the capacity to feel, see, allow, imagine to a new level. So you feel equal to and a part of everything that is going on. You can now imagine everything as a win/win situation. Your body is now ready to deal on a whole new level. Good for people who are feeling overwhelmed.

SEDUM: This allows you to focus your whole being—a focus with your mind's eye which goes through the emotional body to the spirit body. You don't feel emotionally about it. It helps you to separate your different bodies, so that you aren't being run by one or another. Use it when you're feeling out of balance, emotionally, mentally, or whatever.

SELF HEAL: For fasting, especially for spiritual purposes; add to pure water you are drinking for the fast. Eases confusion and self-doubt.

SEMPERVIVUM 'minus': This energizes the will with a balanced, well-modulated energy. Energy to get going, and to stay calm while acting. Helps remove blockages to movement.

SHEEP'S SORREL (Rumex acetosella): Allows you to speak your truth, so nothing blocks you. Often cancer develops when the body cannot clean itself out on a cellular level. This essence allows this cleansing to happen. In the future this essence will help people to be connected across vast spaces of the universe. Often when humans attempt to communicate with other dimensional beings, they are too imbalanced to be heard and understood, and to hear and understand. This essence balances, cleanses and focuses your communication so that the beings on the other end can sense or know what's going on for/to/with you. Also they can follow that beam back without harm to themselves. For them to understand you, they have to allow your energy to wash through them. If you aren't balanced, it can be traumatic to their systems.

SHEPHERD'S PURSE: Acceleration of life force energy. Meditations become clearer. Helpful to those working with kundalini yoga, certain slow-developing meditative techniques, or other religious experiences that gradually build to peak experiences; may speed things up. 3rd chakra energized, crown chakra opened, root chakra becomes more relaxed in the process of opening to the life force. A tremendous feeling of nurturing. Puts you in touch with every part of your upper being that is capable of being expressed. Breathing in prana/life force through every cell.

SKULLCAP: For massage practitioners, psychic healers, and their clients. Increases receptivity in client, when massaged over medulla oblongata; increases psychic healing ability in practitioner in the same manner. Stimulates meridians & crown chakra. Alleviates symptoms caused by drug use (low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, inability to cope with life). Helps mitigate cravings caused by withdrawal. Relaxation.

SMARTWEED "Lady's Thumb" (Polygonum persicaria): Of the Buckwheat family. Helps pull your physical body up to the vibrational rate of your spirit. Lightens the heavy heart. Helps you to see who you are as a person; self-esteem. On a higher dimensional level, raises the ability to love more, openly, in the spiritual sense of "love".

SNAKE PLANT: ME: Light went straight up, in a tube. This is for creating ties from the central core of your being all the way up through at least the 16th chakra—connects with your upper chakras. White light—then red light that went right up through the core; energized. This "Pink" combination gently opens doors, central core of your being. 16 is the farthest one that's actually recognizable in any 3D way. The ones beyond are affected but we have no way of describing them. Then orange and yellow, etheric colors. 10MM:The core of light is bigger, color is brighter, stimulation from the red extends out through the mental body, goes all the way to the monad. You can feel the color, like in a fog, a cloud, it's almost slippery. Energizes the tube, connections and whole upper part of the body, a tie to the monad and the central sun. This is very physical—with my third eye I can actually see the red cloud going out from the tube and into my being.

SNAPDRAGON: Helps cranial plates alignment. Also for 5th chakra problems.

SNAP PEA: For nightmares or nightmare-like experiences. Helps one to a more cosmic perspective; shock and fear translated into positive process.

SOLANUM pyracanthum: Lovingly known in our family as "Spike"—jagged green leaves stick straight out from the central stalk. Each leaf sends long orange spikes upwards from its surface. Purple flowers. Nightshade family. On a 3-4D level, helps you to feel your body. On a higher level, can help you to "feel" other dimensions, extend your being multidimensionally, accomplish things interdimensionally. Physically, the spikes "comb out" the nervous system; on other levels they serve as "antennas" to other dimensions; enlarges your ability to reach out dimensionally.

SOLOMON'S SEAL:  Clear Sight. Opens 3rd Eye. 10MM--opens 3rd eye. Clears sinuses & floor of 3rd eye, which allows you to see what is really happening. Takes the haze away from the intuition of your 3rd eye.  This is quite powerful and lasts awhile. The amount you notice depends on how strongly connected and open your 3rd eye is. It’s cumulative; the more you take this essence, the more happens.  When you have enough of this in your body, it allows you to perceive the flowing, the naked energetic movement, of all Creation; but only if you are ready to see.

SORREL, Wood/Garden: Keeps one from getting emotionally depleted in stressful situations. Aids in meditation.

SPEEDWELL, BIRDSEYE: Opens the 5th chakra, eases tension and contraction here. Take this essence, breathe a sigh of relief, let go of anxiety, and accept peace.

SPHAGNUM MOSS: Affects 3rd chakra. Also, helps one connect with Nature Spirits.

SPIDERFLOWER (CLEOME): 4th, 7th, and 12th (Christ consciousness) chakras opened.
The 12th chakra is a transformational energy connecting all energy forms. It is the heart chakra of the fourth dimension.

SPIDERWORT: Psychological enhancer that releases psychological toxins from the system. Helps reverse negative attitudes.

SPRUCE, WHITE: 5th chakra; self-expression; communication with others, especially in relationships.

STARFLOWER: For embracing the shadow or dark side of the self; for fear of the dark. Understanding of and attunement to crop circles; stimulation of brow chakra.

STARGAZER LILY: Lightens the heart and lungs, transforms emotional burdens. It shifts the energy of our emotional baggage that we hold in the lungs and heart, shifts it to a higher frequency of light, so that it just floats away.

STEVIA: Centering. On a 3rd-4th dimensional level, it relaxes the kidneys/adrenals. Someone with low blood sugar feels weak, so has to get energy by firing up the adrenals. Eventually this causes people to age, as they burn themselves up. This essence balances you without calling in the adrenals. On a 5th-7th dimensional level a pink-gold light filled my head and pulsed out to fill my aura, then expanded out in all directions, beyond my vision. It energized every reality I've ever experienced, including now.

STRAWBERRY: Stimulates visions, eases mental rigidity. Mental insights.

STREPTOCARPUS: For those on a spiritual path, opens and connects chakras 7 (crown) and 15 (crown chakra of the fourth dimension). This gives you access to your monad, or the soul of your soul. Aids communication with spiritual guides, higher self, higher dimensional beings. Helps you find your Path of service in this lifetime; self-acceptance, self-knowledge. Temporarily takes you outside the drama of physical life for a clearer perspective and refocusing.

SUMMER SQUASH: Restores courage to those experiencing fear and resistance when faced with daily routine; shyness; phobia. Releases frustration and anger, especially through meditation, by balancing yin/yang energy. Good for women who have suppressed their creativity and abilities because of personality difficulties or cultural conditions.

SUNFLOWER: Tempers and spiritualizes the male ego. Can awaken men's maternal instinct. Aligns superconscious mind's spiritual values with the heart chakra, cleansing the heart chakra. Balances yin/yang energies, attunes people to higher wisdom. Those expressing anger or hostility toward their father experience increased understanding. Intuitive perceptions clarified. Chiropractic/osteopathic adjustments augmented. Kundalini stimulated.

THISTLE: Helps in developing potential spiritual gifts.

THYME: Amplifies effects of other flower essences. Amplifies time flow, to quicken healing. Useful in past life therapies to release stored tensions and traumas from the past.

TOMATO: Cleansing. Assists body in throwing off that which is causing disease. Develops patience, opens base chakra.

TORENIA: Encapsulates whole upper being (head and upper chakras) in a huge circle of light, a cloud of quickening vibration; helps thinking process; separates the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Indigo light down to thyroid (the separation of the subtle bodies from each other may be, or may be becoming, a function of the thyroid).

TRAILING ARBUTUS (Epigaea repens): Expanded Psychic Senses/Multidimensionality. Wakes and enlightens the psychic senses. Blockages to using the psychic senses are removed, opening the 3rd eye; sense of travelling through time, sense of interdimensionality, of being who you are. It does NOT make you a master of all these processes. Only practice can do that. This essence merely sets you on the path. You must walk it.

TRILLIUM, PAINTED: Can help to open third eye (6th chakra) which governs psychic senses; can enhance communication with nature spirits.

TROUT LILY: Just being; peace and contentment in the moment; eliminates external static; good for meditation. Calms emotions (3rd chakra) and accesses golden light of Christ Consciousness (12th).

TUBEROSE: Stimulates crown chakra, augments subtle bodies; realigns nadis in all the chakras, for proper distribution of energies; tonic for the meridians. Use to augment aromatherapy. Tuberose essence can overcome or prevent strong or synthetic odors from blocking homeopathic remedies. Stimulates etheric & spiritual bodies, which aligns the emotional body. In animals energy flows in the subtle bodies are stimulated, aiding acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. Plants: better absorption of water in poor soil. 8th Ray enhanced.

TULIP: Allows you to separate yourself temporarily from the immediate situation you are in, in order to see it through your Higher Self, to deal with it from a more cosmic perspective. Balances 3rd Eye in relation to both sides of the brain. Overcomes conservatism, stagnant thoughts, breaks up prejudices, promotes progressiveness

UMBRELLA PLANT: For feeling totally surrounded by love; feeling totally protected.

VALERIAN: For insomnia & great stress. Calms the nervous system. When one is agitated and the emotional body activated, this essence can calm the nervous system, preventing the emotional body from taking over the personality. Thus stressful energies from past and present can be examined and released, without emotional interference. This essence does not affect the emotional body directly, but through the calming of the nervous system.

VIOLET: Developing warmth, trust, and openness in group situations; for shyness, aloofness, fear of loss of self in group. Often for those of highly spiritual or delicate nature.

WANDERING JEW: Affects 6th chakra; information received through the third eye is integrated with knowledge already stored in the consciousness; intuition is more easily integrated into and routinely used in one's daily life.

WATER HYACINTH: Accessing & activating chakras 6 (Third Eye), 7 (Crown), and eventually chakra 16 (Ascension). Knowing Self as a part of a greater whole; merging with the greater whole and reaching up and out, ever expanding. Energy of Mahatma (Unconditional Love)—gold, silver & violet. Energy of the silver-violet flame of transmutation. Joy. Connection. Wholeness. Aspiring to ever new adventures in consciousness. Quan Yin, Sananda, Germain, Djwhal Khul, Vywamus & others. There is also a fairy connection.

WATER LILY, WHITE: Opens 6th and 7th chakras (third eye and crown). Anchoring to one's spiritual path; distinguishing the God/Goddess voice within from all others.

WATERMELON: Increases attunement with unborn child.

WATER PLANTAIN (Alisma subcordatum): A flushing and energizing of the Third Eye and upper ductless glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid) as well as glands (lymph nodes) in the side of the neck, creating an energy triangle. Could help activation and use of psychic senses; also could help in release of old energies that may be blocking the psychic senses from functioning fully.

WHORLED LOOSESTRIFE (Lysimachia quadrifolia): Stabilizes the lower part of the body and sends a flush or wave of energy deep into the ground, creating a strong tie with the earth. We often store energy in our feet, abdomen, and lower body that we'd be better off sending on. This tie allows you to release these stored energies into the earth. It also allows the earth to pull the energies from you, if you wish. On another level, this clearing and grounding can help other dimensional beings to ground themselves in the earth, through you, as through channeling, etc., if you are into this. Good used with Sheep's Sorrel for this.

WILD LETTUCE (Lactuca scariola): Brings in from higher dimensions useful ideas of how to shift your will with your body to get rid of influences from past lives (and this life); and how to increase the frequency of your spirit light body. It shows you where you are with your will, and where you could be, if you were more connected with higher dimensional love and reality. It's a two way highway, showing me how to reach out to where I want to go, and how I can build that way to get there; and it does this by living light—pulsating alive energy—not just by showing a picture, but by having you be there energetically.

WILD YAM: This ties the 3rd Chakra (the will) to the part of the mind where thoughts are seen, manifested visually; with a white bar of light energy. It helps you to visualize your will by clearing out all the things in the way. After the bar of light forms, light shafts & tendrils go out throughout the body, enlightening every part. This anchors you in your body, by stabilizing your body, so that the things that get in the way, any blockages to that channel, are erased. The herb is used for arthritis, digestive problems, menstrual pain. Some of these may carry over to the essence.

WILLOW, RED: Affects 5th and 8th chakras; helps people to communicate on a spiritual level, or from a spiritual viewpoint. Helps one to better express spiritual concepts.

WILLOW, WHITE: Activates 7th (crown) and 14th chakras. The crown chakra is our gate to bring through higher (spiritual) energies; the 14th allows the mind to surrender to the Divine Plan. Good for those feeling frustrated in their spiritual development.

WINTERGREEN: Good for people who have to be at their peak all the time. Also those who often get pulled off balance—takes the opposite charge of whatever is causing the imbalance, thus neutralizing it. Brings a person to a state of calm, prepared to act but still at the same time. An energetic balancing with ease and grace.

YARROW (Achillea millefolium): All the yarrows raise vibrational levels, which would repair the aura and seal it against intrusion.

YARROW, PEACH: Raises the energy level above that of lower vibrational energies, thus sealing off lower vibrational energies; this is the way it "protects". Oxygen intake seems increased, energy intake up.

YARROW, PINK: Steadies the heart, especially in relation to the Third Eye. Good for those just developing their psychic senses; this would help you to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

YARROW, RED: All yarrows relate to protection. Red yarrow relates to the quicker vibrational sheathing on the protective egg of light which surrounds us. It brings in yellow/gold/white and further light layers of more complex colors than those closer to the body.

YARROW, WHITE: Protection from radiation.

YARROW, YELLOW: For emotional protection, especially when one is feeling particularly vulnerable. Quickens the vibrational energy in the solar plexus and intellect, which helps the will to move the mind.

YUCCA: Transforms anger, frustration, any baser energy into spirituality. Helps overcome fears about leaving one's home (town, country). Good for children.

ZINNIA: Reconnects one to the child within, laughter, joy, playfulness, a sense of priorities.

ZUCCHINI: Helps restore strength during convalescence. Releases frustration and anger, especially through meditation, by balancing yin/yang energies; good for women who have suppressed their creativity and abilities because of personality difficulties or cultural conditions.

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