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Here at Taliloquay we have over 300 individual flower essences and gem elixirs. You can use them singly or get them in Combinations and Sprays. Our essences are made from flowers organically grown in conjunction with the devas and nature spirits, and from wild flowers (mostly from Western Massachusetts, USA). We make our Gem Elixirs from quality gemstones which have been cleansed and potentized. They both come in cobalt blue bottles to preserve their energy. Available in 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. at 10MM potency (or stock bottle if you prefer), preserved in brandy (unless you request vinegar).



Evolutionary Gem Elixirs

Around the millennium change my partner (who has a special relationship with gemstones and crystals) started collecting stones to make into elixirs, as his higher guidance suggested. Many of these are only recently discovered. The elixirs from these stones are especially potent at helping us to release and to evolve. They can trigger us to let go and open our cells and our etheric bodies to be able to hold more and more Light and Love. Originally these were the only essences I was instructed to make at 10MM potency. Now I am told to make all of my essences at this potency, with very few exceptions.

Many of these gem elixirs are now in our combination essences, notably Alchemical Transformation, Integration of the Diamond Light, and Multidimensional Energy Interface. We have found their energy to be amazing and profound.

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