Generational Lives Essences


These essences were made according to detailed instructions given to me in a reading from Archangel Metatron, channeled through one of my New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation (formerly Shamballa) students while she was here for a class (she has been a channel for Metatron for many years). 


Archangel Metatron said:genLives

You will be opening your heart to divulge the essence of the Mahatma.  This force is not [yet] completely crystalline in nature [i.e. physically grounded in our dimension].  Develop 4 essences to trigger the Love and the Light.  A simple symbol will be revealed to be placed on all bottles of the Mahatma energy.  [Infinity symbol]  Trigger the love and the light.  A special ceremonial batch to be used for rituals bringing in the Mahatma energy from Source—to bring this energy up to all levels. 

It relates to all the Generational Lives.  By placing this symbol (energetically, with focus and intent) on the bottles, you access all generational lives that relate to the Mahatma energies.  Generational lives give us the intent that we are One.  All of us are One, all of us are connected.  Your root chakra holds survival instinct; you need self-love to survive.  Your generational lives let you access the loving kindness connected as one to your spiritual energies, your course of action.  When you say, "Trigger the Love, trigger the Light," you send a beacon—not just to the physical plane of earth, but also forward, and back to all that was and will be.  We are One with you.

At the beginning of the ritual, when you call on the ascended beings, your intent and focus is strong to bring these beings into the circle.  Even an ascended being has generational lives, has "relatives".  It is a key element that brings more potent energy into your circle.  It is as if you have brought in the whole encyclopedia of the universe by adding all the generational lives of all the ascended beings.  The essences are the personification of these beings and guides.

The focus of these essences is to spread love & light more firmly throughout the universe.  As we do this we also spread it through the shadow areas, and take back the darkness.

This planet is multidimensional.  Use these essences to connect with all everywhere.  They will become multi-cultural and multi-lingual and sell/spread around the planet. It should be a requirement that each student of the New Paradigm MDT will have a set of these essences.”