Have you ever felt uncomfortable as you entered a room where people had been arguing? Do your co-workers sometimes get angry at each other, or frustrated, or upset with the Boss? In your home, do you ever have arguments with family members? These energies put out by people into the atmosphere of a space can hang around.

I have heard from friends who have used this spray in their workspace with wonderful effects, and others who have used it in their homes with equally Use at home or in your office or workspace. Clean your own aura or that of your clients. Slight scent of Lotus essential oil.



One of my friends asked for this; she was feeling energies around her, "seeing" things out of the corner of her eye, etc. As the Earth's vibrations increase and we travel through 4th dimension, the boundaries between dimensions are shifting. Some people will feel or see things that "aren't there". This essence is for when you feel that you need a little extra help in securing and protecting your space. Essences plus sage & cedar essential oils.


Healing from memories of abuse. For those who have experienced abuse and are working their way to freedom from fear and are taking back their own power. This spray may be taken internally as well as sprayed around the body, around the bedroom, etc., wherever and whenever needed. It contains no essential oil.


Remember that crystal you put under your massage table to absorb negative energies released by your clients? Or next to your bed or in your meditation room?

Guess what-it did. Crystals should be cleaned regularly. They do NOT like being immersed in salt or salt water (it's dehydrating). This spray clears your crystals quickly and effectively. The essences in it can also enhance the flow of kundalini along a person's spine. Just spray the spine, medulla oblongata, and bottoms of the feet. NO essential oils, no scent.


Connects one with the energies of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother: Love without conditions and compassion for all beings. Essences plus a little Lotus essential oil.

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Chakras are energy centers of your body that act as transformers. You have over 200 chakras in your body, but the major ones are found along the center axis of your body, connected by a tube of light (antahkarana). There are 7 major chakras within the physical body, with more below and "above" it (in higher dimensions than those we are normally conscious of).

These chakras filter the life force energy that comes from Source, acting like electrical transformers, making the energy safe and available for us to use in the lower dimensions where our consciousness resides. If we were to take the pure energy of Source directly into our physical body, it would burn up.

Since chakras bring in life force energy that sustains us, their condition can affect the organs and various parts of the body that each governs. Thus it is important to keep our major chakras clear and balanced and harmonized with the whole. I have found that these Chakra and Ray sprays can be extremely helpful with this. I find them invaluable in my Soul Wisdom energy clearing work.

As our vibrational quotient increases, the major chakras move down the chakra column, with higher chakras taking the place of lower ones in our physical form. These higher chakras still perform the same functions as their predecessors, but at a higher vibrational rate. Below are some of the functions of the major body chakras and some of those that are gradually taking their places within our physical structure.


FOOT CHAKRAS: Grounding (included in full chakra sets of 12 or 16, or may be ordered separately)

BASE CHAKRA: Survival/Physical

SECOND CHAKRA: Sexuality/Creativity

THIRD CHAKRA: Emotions/Will

FOURTH CHAKRA: Thymus/Heart. Love without conditions.

THROAT CHAKRA: Communication

BROW CHAKRA: "Third Eye". Psychic abilities. Opening to multidimensional senses.

CROWN CHAKRA: Connection to Soul, Guides, Source God/Goddess/All That Is.

EIGHTH RAY & CHAKRA: Green-Violet. Deep Release

NINTH RAY & CHAKRA: Green-Blue. Joy and Soul connection

TENTH RAY & CHAKRA: Pearlescent White. Soul integration, polarity balance.

ELEVENTH RAY & CHAKRA: Luminous Pink-Orange. Connecting with your own I Am Presence/Higher Self. Connecting to your service, bridge to the New Age.

TWELFTH RAY & CHAKRA: Radiant Gold. Connection to Christ Consciousness, our evolutionary potential.

There are no Rays available to us as yet above the 12th Ray, but we are at least partially accessing (or getting ready to access) chakras above the 12th. If you already have the full set of 12 chakra sprays and your sincere intent is your own spiritual evolution, you may wish to try the following sprays as well. The essences in them can help you in your work.

CHAKRA 13: Manifesting Abundance (Pale Violet-Pink). The reality of 4th dimension is abundance, inclusion, enough for all. Scarcity is the reality of 3D. Scarcity leads to fear and competition, the have and have-not mentality. At this time, there is great resistance from the collective to let go of the vibration of scarcity, which hinders complete abundance manifestation. We can access this chakra and help in the transition process.

CHAKRA 14: Divine Plan (Deep Blue-Violet). When humanity moves beyond polarity, we will be able to use the 14th chakra, which is the potential available to manifest in 4D. We must first master the integration of polarities. Through integrating the 4D chakra we are able to affect the energy grids of the Earth and other living things. At this time we can begin to activate this chakra. Full implementation is yet to come.

CHAKRA 15: Monadic Connection (Golden-White). Activation of this chakra represents the end of individual perspective and the introduction of the collective power of similar energy fields merging together. It reminds us that the process of evolution is unlimited.

CHAKRA 16: Ascension. Universal Being (Violet White). Fifth Dimension. Awareness of the multidimensionality of humanity. Healing the gap between what IS and what CAN BE. Seeing humanity as a whole, interdependent with all other life forms. Ability to affect the mass consciousness. The highest level of consciousness now available to humans.


I asked a very psychic friend and teacher of mine, Carol Hathor of Soul Wisdom, to use my chakra essence sprays and to tell me what she saw happening. Immediately she started seeing wonderful colors and beings at work in her energy field.

The essences in these sprays bring in beings of the Nature Kingdom (who prefer to be called Nature Spirits or Sprites) to help remove from our bodies parasitic elementals who have lodge there. If you have developed psychic abilities, you may "see" the Nature Spirits who work through the sprays as sprites, fairies or energy balls of various colored lights. They come into your body and help you to release things which you are ready to release.

According to Elizor, the golden being who talked with us the most during this session, and who revealed that he had worked with me in other lifetimes, these elementals keep us bound to the earth plane. They trigger our attitudes that keep us addicted to reincarnation, addicted to being earthbound. The emotions of such elementals are recorded in DNA, so we can inherit them ancestrally as well.

Here is some of Carol's session in her own words.

(After using the 8th Chakra/Ray Spray): I feel high; a gold burst at the crown. Deep purple burst at the thymus. Little white filaments coming in from above into the chakra system. Gentle and calming, but very distinct. Tangerine-Orange burst out of the thymus now, a release. Then an unidentifiable color. A tangerine-orange glowing fairy-being coming n. Working on the solar plexus. Pulling out energy, so energy can flow more clearly up to the thymus. She is assigned to this particular job.

Now a little green male being--a ball of light--"Sprite is the closest word in your language to describe us," it tells me. It shows me black streaks going from the root chakra down my legs. "These have to go!" The green being comes into my thymus. It's flushing the black streaks out my feet. "There's universes in here, in your body," it tells me.

Now it's going down through the seals [chakras], pointing out a black and white hardwired ganglia. It's an addiction to pain and suffering. "Give it up!"
...He's out now. All clear for now. Taking it to quantum.

(After using the 11th Chakra/Ray Spray): There's a golden orb high above my head. A large gold fairy-being, with head bowed, is focused on working on me. A beautiful blue portal is opening up from below my solar plexus to my crown. It's sucking out icky stuff. She has beautiful blue eyes. She's pointing towards the water, telling me to drink it. Now a neck popping, releasing. Blue-blue light at the pineal/6th level. Opening a beautiful cobalt blue neon portal, cleaning stuff out. My arms and upper body are cleaning out.

It's getting foggy. She's lifting something major off of me. Now the portal's shrinking and getting more intense. I'm getting headachy. ... Gold burst in my thymus. I'm getting through it. She's cleaning it up on all the levels. She's looking right at me, arms open, hands up, bowing. She took off. She collapsed into a gold light and took off like a shooting star! [end of Carol's session]


Nobody is a victim. The parasitic beings and energies cannot exist in us unless we exhibit the attitudes and emotions off of which they feed. If we are ready to release these attitudes and emotions, we can get rid of these etheric parasites. Elizor advised that acceptance is a key word in using the sprays. Check which spray or sprays you are ready for. Elizor says, "In general a session of this kind removes as many elementals as a person can withstand in one session and is willing to release in one session. Once you remove elementals, there will be sprays to infuse, to keep them out. The final spray will infuse its highest quality to download crystalline codes to make the work permanent for that person The more Christed multi-colored codes that can be infused in the crystalline bones, the higher evolved the person is. Every spray has the potential to be the final infusion spray."


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