Taliloquay Gem Elixirs

Gem Elixirs are the vibrations of gemstones that have been preserved in a wate and brandy or watervinegar medium. Listed here are the more spiritual and psychological effects recorded from use of gem elixirs or from channeled information. Some effects are listed for ME (Mother Essence) or SB (Stock Bottle) or 10MM (a homeopathic potency). I make all my essences now at 10MM unless you request otherwise.

Entries in first person are from our own experience here at Taliloquay Essences, as are some of the other definitions; others are derived from information in the following references. For more extensive discussions of the effects of various gem elixirs, including their purported physical effects, see Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. I & II (Cassandra Press, Boulder CO, 1985-6), and Crystal Co-Creators (channeled by Dorothy Roeder; Light Technology Publishing, Sedona, AZ, 1994), also Love is in the Earth, by Melody (Earth Love Pub. House, Wheat Ridge, CO), 1995.


Many of the stones from which the elixirs listed here were made are just now being "discovered". These carry energies that can help us through this ascension (frequency/dimensional jump) process that humanity and the earth are going through now. Some of these new elixirs help our light bodies deal with the higher vibrational energies that are now available to us to help with our evolution. Others are focused on helping our physical bodies catch up with our spiritual evolution. Together these elixirs change more than the sum of their individual qualities would lead you to expect. The earth spirits have helped to weave the composite energy of all of these elixirs such that they amplify each other, to cause greater changes in our light bodies and less dense physical bodies. Taking these elixirs together can facilitate release of any emotional or mental energy blockages you may have to being in a 4th-5th dimensional state; you still have to do the release and growth work necessary for your own ascension. But these new elixirs can facilitate this work. Many of these gems are very rare, and some are just recently available to us.

NOTE ABOUT PROVING (from my "tester")

I take massive doses within a short time; this gives a picture of what's going on, speeds up the process. I am saturating my body with change, a certain kind of change. People who are taking these at a more normal rate may not notice such dramatic or drastic results right away. It may be more gentle and take a bit more time. Always work under the guidance of your own I Am Presence or higher Self.


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Gem Elixir Name


ABALONE: Etheric Body aligned; meridians & nadis strengthed; protein & carotene assimilation.

ADAMITE: 10MM--Helps one speak truth about energy; how it moves or flows in the universe. "Blue-purple-yellow light enveloped and energized my tongue, voice box and mouth. Helps your physical and light bodies sense the flow of what you are trying to say. Also shakes things loose, helping in releases." ME--Similar, but with lesser level of energy. Other Sources: Helps one find their optimum path in this lifetime, hidden talents. Synthesis of intellect (3rd chakra) with heart (4th chakra); inner strength; self-expression. Courage to engage the unknown and new ways of thinking. Prosperity in business.

AEGIRINE: Balance & Problem Solving. Helps you to feel comfortable in any situation. Allows you to stay in balance while working on solving personal problems. Enhances some biofeedback & brain balance.

AFGHANITE: Effective Speaking. 10MM--Light travels from throat to brain, spreading like tree branches, and out of the top of the head. Essentially, it's to help you to speak in an expanded way, to move whatever you are speaking about to affect the greatest number of people. Helps you to speak a "living language" that touches the cells and the DNA in the cells of whoever is listening. ME/Stock: Works with the throat a little.

AGATE, CARNELIAN: Opens heart chakra; strengthens meridians and nadis. Grounds transformational energies and helps cells to assimilate them.

AGATE, FIRE: For those who function in the Light or on a spiritual path, but who have developed an impersonal nature. Use during meditation to develop a fuller perspective and to bring out practical nature. Sexual and heart chakras connected. Master healer used with color therapy. Enhances all flower essences.

AGATE, MOSS: Attunement to Nature. Use in agriculture. Eases sadness. One learns to balance and apply emotional priorities and altruism. Brings the light of your highest self into your physical body, and helps flow your light body into your physical cells, if you are willing to continually work on clearing a place for it.

ALEXANDRITE: Self-esteem, ability to experience joy and appreciate the interconnectedness of all Nature develops. Helps create whatever changes are appropriate for you now. You must then be willing to accept them and release the old patterns. Alignment with your soul's purpose; self-confidence, that you can handle anything. Increases love for self, others, and the earth.

AMAZONITE: Past Life Recall/Dreams/Healing Sensitivity. Aligns 4th chakra with 3rd and amplifies thoughts and emotions stored here. Makes it easier for life force to penetrate to molecular level; enhances most vibrational remedies. Stimulates past-life recall, especially through dreams. Enhances "healing touch" sensitivity.

AMBER: Flexibility. Increases consciousness of spiritual intellect; opens brow and emotional chakras. Flexibility in movement, psychic and physical. Helps move energy through the body.

AMETRINE (Rutilated): Repair Aura. Raise Vibrations. Ametrine contains both Amethyst and Citrine. This particular stone also contains red Rutile. The elixir combines the qualities of each of these stones, plus more. The Amethyst raises the clearing quality of the Citrine to a higher level, while expanding its extent. Their combined energy helps one's present physical form find a tie to its perfected physical form, and how to get there. It helps each mind find its own road to enlightenment. On an auric level Ametrine fills the auric voids (which come from living everyday life) with pure white light, to make the aura whole again. Removes blockages to higher vibrational states of being in all the bodies (physical & etheric). Aids astral travel. Stabilize &/or correct DNA & RNA structure; oxygenation; adapt to physical changes (growth, maturation, organ implants, etc.). "This balances both sides of my brain, weaving them together as a unit. Moves down to open heart & lungs, fill my whole "egg" with golden-white light, thus raising the whole vibrational level of my body. It fills the voids in my aura making my light egg complete. The white-gold light then pulses evenly from my entire being. This changed the internal light or pressure level of my body, making it more difficult for outside energy to affect my body in an adverse way."

ANALCIME: I Am Presence/Ascension Blueprint. 10MM--Indigo light went up the front of my face, all the way up to the 16th+ chakra. Color changed from Indigo to Golden after the 8th chakra; dark blue-gold, fading out of blue into gold as it goes up. Changes the upper chakras; activates them in the Indigo and Golden realms, the realms of the I Am Presence. An ascension boost. This essence helps activate upper chakras, for those who are ready. It helps one to access their I Am Presence, helps reduce the gap between the vibration of the personality self and the I Am Presence, or Highest Self. Helps fuse a pathway of your I Am down into the Indigo chakra (14th) and from there brings it down into the pituitary/hypothalamus, making the energy more usable for the 3D body. Acts as an "energetic dictionary", translating the energy from multi-dimensions down into 4D and then 3D. Allows one to say things and act in 3D with the knowledge from the Golden/Indigo realms of the I Am Presence. Good for expansion, channeling, teaching, initiations and activations. Can help you to say things from another's I Am Presence in a way that they can understand it. Allows you to speak in common language the energy of the I Am realms. This means that it's going to seem really simple to the person you tell it to, and it should fit into their life perfectly, or almost so. ME--Light activation only goes to around the 8th chakra.

ANATASE: Change is Good & does not have to be painful; overcome resistance to change & ameliorate side-effects. For teaching technical ideas & enlightening others around peace & unity. Insight leading to decisiveness. Time Conception. Link with alternate universe or parallel life. Eases the blending of past, present & future (which is always happening). May develop higher psychic functions & ability to understand and interact with vortices (in both the human body and the earth). Time Mastery. "My whole skull is enveloped with blue-gold-white light. It covers all my auric bodies in that area, helps my thinking process be incredibly focused on the moment. It helps me as well to hold on to all the things that need to be done later."

ANDALUSITE (Chiastolite variety): Helps the ascension process, which is the full embodiment of the spiritual into the physical. Helps one maintain a heart centered Earth connection, which provides physical support as you transform your energy towards the spiritual and connect your soul into every aspect of your life. Balances the four body system. Encourages connection of the lower chakras with the head chakras (which can relieve pressure in the head).

ANHYDRITE: Alleviates heavy metal miasm. Helps one to dissolve and release negative or stuck energies; helps break down resistance to the ideal and its new energies, if one desires transformation.

ANYOLITE: Increases sense of individuality while remaining connected to humanity. Amplifies the body's energy field; good for diagnostic purposes. "I felt every part of myself coalesce into a unified whole, while at the same time I stayed connected with every part of the cosmos, including all of humanity, all of the animals, all of the minerals, all of the elements. It enhances all of the less physical (subtle) bodies, and stimulates connectedness to the higher chakras (above 7th). At the same time, I am aware of other consciousnesses and dimensions, and the ability to integrate all of these differences in the Now becomes evident." All our extra bodies, i.e. psychic abilities, are stimulated and amplified. Along with amplifying the energy of the etheric bodies, it grounds and amplifies energy in the physical body.

APATITE: Opens 5th chakra, stimulating personal expression. Self-confidence.

APOPHYLLITE: Connection with Light Body. Cosmic vision (seeing how whatever is happening is for your betterment). Helps one be aware of one's divinity while remaining centered in the physical moment.

AQUAMARINE: Reduces fear, disorientation, inability to express oneself. Stimulates desire for greater knowledge of self as integrated being (body/mind/spirit). Inspiration. Dispels negativity, helps release dependence on drugs or other habit-forming substances.

ARAGONITE: Helps base chakra connect with Earth's creative energy flow. Helps physical energy flow more smoothly.

ASPHALT: Helps those who are focused on the negative traits of the lower chakras (those exhibiting anger, violence, or other antisocial behavior). Treats petrochemical miasm.

ASTROPHYLLITE: Psychic Acceleration/Energetic Attunement. This dissolved blockages & barriers, energetic and physical. It promotes a sense of well-being, that comes from your personal energetic signature being correct and in balance for you. You become in tune energetically, as you are meant to be. This is a subtle process. Enhances ability to process information, telepathic communication, emerging of psychic gifts, possibly astral travel. Move beyond perceived limitations.

AVENTURINE: Alleviates anxiety and buried fears, especially those that originated during the first 7 years of life. Interest in meditation and creative visualization may increase. Heart and throat chakras opened. Good for psychosomatic illness. Helps one use the dynamic, creative aspects of Earth power known as kundalini energy. Balances and stabilizes base chakra.

AXINITE: Welcome Change; Grounding. Stabilize relationships. Align with earth energies. Helps one see the steps to accomplish a goal. Understand that true solutions are those that do not harm others.

AZURITE: Expanded Consciousness. Amplifies natural healing abilities. Use elixir in bath to ease mental disorientation, depression (7drops in cup of distilled water; then add to bath water that has sat a bit to allow evaporation of chlorine).

AZURITE-MALACHITE: Alleviates Anxiety. Helps compulsive eating habits, hyperkinetic behavior, and lack of discipline. Patience. Promotes clearer dreams, helps astral travel. Brings knowledge and awareness of the divine ideal and makes them available at cellular level.

BADDELEYITE: The Ability to Awaken. 10MM--Opens thymus, reenergizing on a cellular/consciousness expansion level. Reenergizes my body, takes the wide-open thymus energy and pushes it out through the hands and feet. Fills my body with energy so it comes out of every pore and fills my egg of light; but it is concentrated at the hands, feet, and 3rd Eye. Would be good for hands-on healing type modalities.

BARITE: Softens the effects of high-vibrational or intense energies, making them easier to handle. Incentive to follow one's dream; expansion. Fosters independence from "requirements" of self & others; motivation. Released trapped emotions. Cleanses & stimulates throat chakra; communication. Aids recovery from addiction; soothing; detoxification.

BASTNAESITE: (Pakistan) Integrate Instinct with Higher Thought. 10MM--Energizes the most primitive part of the brain, helping raise its vibrations to better integrate with the rest of the brain, helping it to evolve as part of the ascension process. Subconscious fears brought to consciousness for release. Might help one move beyond addictions. ME--Just energizes the old brain, which would help it eventually to evolve. 10MM Bastnaesite used with 10MM Analcime: Unifying the brain and connecting the most primitive part of us to the ascension process. Taking the fears of the old brain and putting them in touch with the I Am Presence, the part of us that never lost its conscious connection with Creator/Source. Further down the line, this will allow people to not be driven by their old brain fears and drives, because these are raised to the light level of the current brain.

BENITOITE: Facilitates Open Heart to Heart Communication. 10MM--Helps you connect with or find your connection with the "Pan" energy, the absolute pace of Nature, the frequency of Creation. This helps you project to others in and out of body. Sends a wave of energy out of the body that touches things around you, saying that you are connected to the Love of the Universe. Subcategory: when this wave touches another being, it translates into that you are looking to work with other beings who are connected to this Love. Through that connection, the heart meanings behind what you are saying gets translated directly. This is how you communicate with beings that are human, reptilian and/or insectoid, and every other part of Creation. ME--Doesn't deal with the wave at all. Deals with being in touch with your own essence, your own Seed Blueprint energy, and helps you tie up with that. After working with this for a time, if you weren't already at first, you will be ready for the 10MM potency.

BERYLLIANITE: Clears Energy Blocks. 10MM--clears blockages in the light body. Helps bring you back to the Seed Blueprint (original Divine Pattern). ME/SB: Clears Blockages in the Physical Body.

BIXBITE (Red Emerald/Beryl): Creativity/Expansion. 10MM--This puts one into a relaxed and balanced state where one is ready to utilize the whole of the self, to live fully in the moment. It allows you to raise your ideas, your work, and your accomplishment to the highest order possible in each moment. Strengthens Root Chakras, helps one deal with survival issues. Eases inner conflicts which may block creativity and expansion. Stimulates heart chakra to unconditional love for all life: cooperation; compatibility, harmony, co-dependence, concentrate on inner growth; release negativity. Insight into one's timing. Inspires to complete old projects, begin new. In the perfect state one has no concerns and no requirements, except to hold unconditional love. Helps one to not get caught up in fear, reminding that there IS nothing to fear.

BLOODSTONE (Heliotrope): Generates higher states of consciousness (good with yogic and tantric practices). Increases biofeedback capability with circulatory system, increasing ability to mentally send blood to specific parts of the body. Heart and base chakras opened.

BOJI STONE: Attunement with Nature. Use in agriculture, especially growing grains. Expands understanding of horticulture. Releases thoughts from subconscious; increases channeling abilities and attunement to one's physical body.

BOURNONITE: (Bolivia) Brain Clarity. 10MM--Extends the reach of humans to sense their subtler bodies and what's going on in them. You can know when some energy your are holding on to in your emotional or mental body is acting up to control your actions and thoughts, and can act to stop it taking control. Moving beyond habitual actions to thoughtful ones. Might be useful in cases of addiction. Prevent brain fatigue: when your mind feels full and cluttered. Would relieve pressure of headache caused by such thoughts. Process: opens pathways in right brain, starting with the base of the brain, going up beyond the brain and out the top of the skull. The light is pale golden-green-yellow. It flashes through the brain and cleans it out, so you can start over. If you have stray operations going on in your controllable brain, you can control that with your thinking process. It's like pushing the "clear" button on a calculator. Now moving to the center brain, also left side. Clearing the whole brain, starting with the right to the center to the left; refreshing. Cleaning the focus. Doesn't affect memory, doesn't deal with automatic brain functions. ME/SB--Energy moves much more slowly; seems limited to right brain. Might move on, given enough time and doses.

BRASS: Mix with jojoba oil for shampoo treatment. (See Gurudas)

BROOKITE: Understand how our belief systems affect our lives and how to change them, if we wish to progress beyond them. Flow with the moment; strength to cope with situations that seem intolerable.

CACOXINITE: "Ascension Stone". 10MM--A frequency and a pressure change. Pushes my energy towards quicker vibrations, gold and white. At the same time that the color is available to me, I can use the "accelerator pedal" in my solar plexus with it. This is two stages: 1) the light becomes available, and 2) I accelerate to go to that light level. It's entirely internal, has nothing to do with an outside situation. Coupled with Virgilite this will strengthen the light egg, so that things have no "hold" on it, and the accelerator pedal allows you to change the colors of the egg of light and the internal "light pressure" of the egg. Allows you to prevent energies/things coming in. Other Sources: Increased spiritual awareness, connection to the earth and the whole Universe. "Stone of Ascension: can awaken memories of prior existence, help one focus on the possible. Increases connection, as well, within the cellular structure of the body; helps renew cells and promote healing at the cellular level.

CALCITE (Green/White): Fear alleviated. Increases capacity for astral projection and ability to remember such travels (a thought amplifier). Balances yin/yang.

CALCITE, BLUE: Calming to mind and emotions. Brings in easy levels of the electrical, higher energies that can be integrated as you are able to handle them. Can help heal effects of intense clearing or emotional crises. Helps reenergize the cells with the ideal after releasing the old patterns.

CALCITE, PURPLE: Helps to bring in the transmuting energy of the Violet Flame (7th Ray). Opens crown chakra. Helps access 16th chakra when one is ready to do so. Also, see Calcite.

CARBON STEEL: Helps develop inner discipline and ability to integrate various aspects of the self.

CARROLLITE: Love Transcends Fear. Ground chakras; close chakras from psychic attack. Stimulate clarity of communication with beings from other worlds. Quick recovery.

CASSITERITE: Aids shift from 3rd dimension to 4th. Connect with future development of one's natural talents. Balances the energy system, brings in energies of the ideal for its function at the physical level. Can be grounding, energizing or calming as needed. Defuse over-stimulation. Helps the soul teach the body how to connect with the light body. Help in understanding their energy structure; help in integrating higher energies, as you are ready.

CAVANSITE: Acceptance of being physical. Encourages electrical flow through the energy system, connecting one with the earth. Encourages communication, improves relationships. Balances one's energies, grounds any excesses, stabilizing all systems and processes. Self-acceptance. Can enhance intuition, channeling, psychic healing. Promotes reflection before reaction, new ideas, release of old thought and belief systems that no longer serve.

CELESTITE: Recognizing potential. Attunement with ET's. Good in bath for bringing angelic energy into your cells.

CERUSSITE: Feeling Overwhelmed. This filled my body with gold light. It gives you space between the outside energy facing you ("reality") and yourself, so you can work out any problems from a centered place. Allows you to assimilate more calmly what comes in from all of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Useful for people who are feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, &/or out of control. This space allows them to work on their reality as it exists, where before they couldn't. Helps one feel comfortable in all environments, adapting as necessary. Helps you to see what you can and need to change, what you need to release. Encourages growth; wisdom in relationships, decisions. Used in ceremony this can help people to bond while maintaining a grounded center.

CHALCEDONY: Stimulates all states of inspiration, from spiritual to artistic creativity. Opens heart chakra; inspiration becomes optimism. Patience and joy.

CHALCOPYRITE: Enhance perception; remove energy blocks.

CHAROITE: Relaxes whole physical body, helping to allow changes. Softens the whole process initiated by other essences. Activates 3rd eye, connecting it with the heart chakra. Eases fear of higher plane experiences. Opens crown and brow chakras, balances analytical and intuitive processes.

CHILDRENITE: (Gannislake, GB). Balance Emotional Body. 10MM--This makes a clockwise spiral, beginning to the left of my mouth, into the brain, and out the other side, and forward to the front. Gold/silver light changes to pink-silver, changes to scarlet-silver. This balances the emotional body. It's not like any balancing I've ever seen or experienced before. This helps your emotional body to access itself in higher dimensions, 5th to the lower 9th. It allows you to communicate emotionally in these higher dimensions. [Normally the human frame extends its LIGHT BODY into other dimensions. This allows you to extend your emotional being into these states. It's an incredible growth of capabilities. Normally we can't reach with our raw emotions into higher dimensions, because these emotions are not refined enough; it's like the difference between shrieking and singing an aria. This allows a person to refine their emotions, so that they're not hurtful or harmful. It allows the emotions to become the carrier of love, of kindness. The light changes from silver-yellow to pink-silver to red-silver; changing light in a way that doesn't happen in our 3D world, that doesn't exist in 3D. People who are expanding themselves in dream time would take this before sleep, and it would help on learn how to recalibrate their energy essence to better fit each new dimension. Our 3D body is not set up or calibrated to exist in upper 4th through 8th/9th dimensions. This helps switch gears, like a transmission in a car going to higher speeds; it helps to communicate clearly and precisely a soul's emanation in language that each dimension can understand. This allows the person doing this to be able to attend interdimensional council meetings and express and talk their inner emanations. Helps one precisely explain the "picture" or concept they have, to souls in other dimensions. In waking moments, this allows your body to exist in 3D and carry on conversations at the same time with other dimensions. This will expand a being to be able to do these things. Practice makes perfect. By that we mean that the more one uses this capability, the more developed one will become, if, in their heart, they desire to be expanded in such a manner. Other Sources: Control temper, be receptive to new ideas. Mental, emotional and physical growth. Endurance in relationships. Enhance business affairs. Helps to provide a protective barrier against the transmittance of communicable disease.

CHRYSOBERYL: Personal Power/Self-Worth. This affects the golden part of my aura (around 2-3 feet out)—I feel full of joy, with more energy in my auric bodies. I can increase the internal pressure of my aura. This could help in farseeing, telepathic abilities, remote viewing, if you already have these abilities; it won't give you these abilities. It is a very sweet energy; it takes you by the hand saying, 'isn't this wonderful to do?' I feel an improved sense of self-worth. This helps you to interact in an environment that seems depressing; shows how to put forward the best of yourself in a thoroughly loving, non-aggressive way. Connects the intellect with the will (Chakras 3 & 7). Activates crown chakra. Promotes understanding and generosity towards others and self, and inner peace. Helps one to understand the reasons behind physical imbalances, which can enhance the permanence of healing. USED WITH VANADINITE: With Vanadinite your connection with your monad becomes stronger; helps you to be in contact with monadic realms without being overwhelmed. The ability to project this outside of you through your aura is what the Chrysoberyl helps you do—to translate the monadic energy down into everyday life, to download Love down into a denser dimension.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Emotions balanced. Use when doing breathing exercises for more control over spiritual forces. 5th chakra, also cleansing of subconscious blocks which are blocking personal development or maturation.

CHRYSOPRASE: Sexual problems. Strengthens etheric body.

CINNABAR: Strengthens self-awareness. Feel your place in the cosmic flow. Work creatively with others, appreciating your own and their contributions and gifts. Enhances all communication. Assertiveness without aggression. Connection with Source; feeling that everything is OK.

CLAY: Can help increase clairvoyance, telepathy, receptivity to healing. All meridians and nadis strengthened; 3rd chakra opened; etheric and emotional bodies aligned. Anxiety eased.

CLINOHUMITE: Connects pineal & pituitary; flash of gold light, frontal brain. Tool to help balance both lobes of the frontal brain. It moved down then, the golden light pooled down over the front of my face and made the two lobes immediately usable in the floor of the brain (the conscious part of the brain).

COPPER: Aligns lower five chakras, opens the heart; creates total self-awareness, generates psycho-spiritual self-confidence. All subtle bodies aligned. Powerful thought amplifier. Helps the body accept new, higher energies rather than rejecting them. Balances male/female nature on spiritual levels.

BLACK CORAL: Made every cell of my body lighter by changing the level of light that I had brought from other lifetimes. It allowed me to dump directly stuff made by my old DNA—it changed my DNA. It allows one to let go of every way of being that one can conceive of, and replace it with something new. The level of energy coming at one after taking black coral is quicker vibrationally than it was before. Thus it raises to a new vibrational level the incoming energy. This allows an individual to lessen the emotional impact of incoming energy on their being. Black Coral forms only at 200 feet and deeper in the ocean. It grows under intense pressure and what we would consider conditions adverse to growth; it is very dense. When you take this elixir you are drawing on this strength to grow against pressure, perhaps using the pressure to propel your growth.
WHITE (BRAIN) CORAL aids concentration.
RED CORAL Can lead to emotional balance, better self-expression.

CREEDITE: Insight to help overcome obstacles. Clarity of spiritual expression and understanding. Helps access Akashic records.

CROCOITE: Stimulates the dynamic creative flow; blasts through resistance. Energizing; transform self-destructive patterns of illness into healing. Self-love; understand and respect one's own abilities, intuition, creativity. Assists transition from one lifetime to another, one state to another, one situation to another. Assists recover from distress.

DANBURITE: Helps to overcome destructive habits and subconscious misperceptions which are causing health or other problems in one's life. Works at the etheric level to bypass connections into wrong thinking and create new patterns for health and balanced living.

DATOLITE: Aids in problem solving, remembering details. For those going through changes, reminds that "this too shall pass". Also helps tune in to someone who has recently passed over; allows one to disengage from the spirit of one who has died, so that person may move on to higher realms. Utilized in Atlantis to communicate with departed beings, who had unfinished business to complete or who needed information.

DIAMOND: Extremely powerful for removing blockages and negativity which can interfere with vibrational remedies. Cranial plates adjusted. Eases all miasms. Draws toxicity out of the body, pushing it into the subtle bodies and ethers where the toxins are ultimately transformed. Removes blockages in the crown chakra. Aids in eliminating properties alien to the physical form. Removes blockages in the personality and sexual dysfunctions that are psychologically induced. Anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem treated. Etheric body more aligned with the physical body. In addition the various colors of diamond have their own properties, as listed below. It is important not to over-use Diamond essence; a few weeks at a time are enough.

DIAMOND, BLACK: Ties the body to the earth and all of the Living Kingdom. The energy coming through that tie then breaks up blockages to being totally filled with the loving Oneness of Creation. Heals & regenerates the physical body. Good for convalescence from great sickness.

DIAMOND, GRAY: Unifies the light body; works in the 2nd body out from the physical. Balances one's internal family of organs and transfers that balance to the mental body. Helps you to interface with whatever is coming at you from that place of internal balance; you "wear" that internal balance outside.

DIAMOND, GREEN: Cleanses & alters the light body, making it more dynamic; taps one's potential light, and makes it seem more accessible, more usable.

DIAMOND, ORANGE: Cleansed the whole lower abdominal section of the light body; attuned all the light pathways by clearing them out.

DIAMOND, PINK: Unconditional love—like gently running water nurturing everything, hurting nothing. Pulse from Source, keeping everything going. Circulates all around the body, then out into everything in all directions. A flowing out.

DIAMOND, WHITE: Draws toxicity out of the body, pushing it into the subtle bodies and ethers where the toxins are ultimately transformed. Removes blockages in the crown chakra. Joins 3rd Eye, pineal, pituitary & shoots a column of light straight "out" to Source

DIAMOND, YELLOW: Helps create your will (manifest). It's a very high vibrational will, creating a very quick vibration of will.

DIASPOOR: 10MM--Shows you how to remake yourself, so you're all right in a place where you aren't satisfied. If you're not satisfied, this can help you to change your energy to match what's facing you. If people have trouble figuring out where they should be, what they should be doing, etc., this will help them figure it out, or figure out how to change themselves. Can help with channeling one's higher self, spirits and people in body. To understand a person's motivation, where they're coming from. On an internal level, it would help one to know when they are "right", in alignment with Source, their own I Am Presence, etc., instead of their ego. ME/SB--Don't feel much at all; this should be used at 10MM. Other Sources: Understanding the intent of others; enhanced communication skills. Remembering the details of dreams. Receiving information during meditation. Openness and calmness. Aids writers. Aligns etheric bodies. Grounding including crown chakra. Acid/alkaline balance in the body.

DIOPSIDE: Helps one to relax, promoting sleep. Helps eliminate negative or inappropriate energies. Treats parental abuse by the father; insecurity; lack of self-esteem. Encourages development of a loving nature.

DIOPSIDE, BLACK STAR: Works completely inside the head. Laces your brain together with white-silver light. Puts part of the left & right brain together, seams it so it becomes one; does this with light.

DOLOMITE: Balancing & Calming. If your chakras are out of balance (for you as a person) it will bring the energy level in each chakra back to what is normal for you. Stops leakage of energy from the chakras, helps the energy then to even out in your body. Through using this essence it helps you to rebuild your internal life force (chi) pressure. Your family of organs are then capable of inter-reacting together as a stronger whole. Makes one happier, more buoyant, energetic. Helps the emotional body achieve balance during change. Eases confusion.

DUFTITE-WULFENITE: (Namibia) Grounding & New Perspectives. ME/SB--Sheet of light, from throat down to abdomen; digestion? 10MM--Anchored in the earth; down body, then back up. USE IN COMBINATION WITH BOURNONITE for "personal behavior modification". Other Sources: Duftite--Increase attention span; move beyond feelings of inferiority; useful in the arts. Helpful with substance withdrawal. Useful for shifting patterns of live; helpful in working with children with problem behavioral patterns, and with adults in the work environment who have different approaches to challenges. New perspectives that arise from within. Wulfenite--Perseverance in the face of negativity and seeming limitations. Aids transition from physical to astral and psychic planes; aids attunement with beings of past civilizations or from the future. Knowledge and practice of white magic. Channeling, attunement to higher dimensions. Grounding; aids manifestation by helping one release and transcend limiting beliefs of the subconscious.

EKERMANNITE: 3rd Eye Creation Insight. 10MM--Activates the frontal lobe of the brain, then the pineal gland, and connects it with the pituitary. Here I mean the "floor of my mind" where I visualize to make a hologram, in order to create something. This is different from the pineal gland itself, perhaps a multidimensional aspect of it. This essence enhances the 3rd Eye, clears the stage, helps facilitate the making of holograms. It attaches to the part of the brain that supplies the mathematics, the pathways, to implement a working model of creation. This is one of the steps in creation, but it's in a void; you can think about it and play with it, adjust it. It's like stepping out of time, between dimensions. Here you can play with concepts, energies, see how they fit, how they work together. It's like a pre-creation workroom, or drawing board. I'm definitely feeling Egyptian Pharaoh magic here. Also this would be good for long-distance communication, to help you to feel and sense others thinking about you. Helps with ability to mesh with other's energies, other times, current people, different entities, whether on a galactic level, a solar system level, a planetary level, on down to a sub-atomic level, to a pure energy level, and to be able to use this knowledge to know which one would fit into a situation the best. It's incredibly complex. This means that this helps one to discern how many apples, oranges, grapefruits, nuts, rocks to make a meal that is the nectar of the gods. You can take very dissimilar things and compare them and mix them. This is not easy to think about in 3rd dimension. It's impossible to understand fully in 3D. ME/SB--3rd Eye activation, and it puts you in touch with the Egyptian Pharaoh magic energy. Other Sources: Assists in initiating and completing change. Mystical insight; transcending ordinary human knowledge; trance channeling. Helpful with life changes. Has a "lightening" affect on the body, helpful in out-of-body experiences. Intuitive connection to others, aid to teachers; understand what others are comprehending.

EILAT STONE: Acceptance of one's life conditions, especially as relates to karma. Inspiration from Higher Self. Alleviates all miasms. All subtle bodies temporarily aligned, so vibrational remedies work better.

EMERALD: Use during a cleansing. Aids in processing hidden fears. Balances heart chakra; etheric, astral, and emotional bodies aligned, stabilizing the personality; keener insights into dreams develop. Generally increases psychic and clairvoyant faculties. Balances heart, especially in relation to the father. Improves meditation (thought amplifier), especially to alleviate hidden fears. Helps body assimilate the new energies being beamed to us; strengthens the alignment of the whole body with light. Transforms negativity, going deeply into stuck and crystallized areas, freeing the energy to be used positively.

ENSTATITE: Self Esteem. Loving Assurance. "Pink light flowed down to my heart, enveloping it in pink light. I felt like I could do anything, from within the calmness generated in my heart." For dealing with abuse by the father. Etheric & astral bodies strengthened. Centers the self, allowing for a greater self-esteem and security. Increases the capacity to develop a loving nature. Heals emotional splits, shattering, grief & loss of love. Helps develop a sense of unbiased judgment, loving fairness, decisiveness. Determination & assurance within conflict.

EOSPHORITE: Spiritual Awakening/ Centering. "This centered me in myself, such that everything I ever was or might be is perfect. Light surrounded the two sides of my body, and interwove themselves together such that my whole being was totally complete in the present." Connects you to other lifetimes in cultures which were (or will be) at high levels of spiritual awareness. Helps create such links because it penetrates etheric & mental densities created by negative thought patterns of group unconsciousness on Earth. Protection during past-life explorations. Self Acceptance; overcome inherent hostilities & feelings of inferiority. Clearing & activating the heart chakra. Stabilizing &/or correcting RNA/DNA structure; assimilation of minerals.

EPIDOTE: Self-acceptance; grounding; releasing negativity in preparation to take action with confidence.

EPISTILBITE: 10MM--Balances the body from the left side of the brain. Dissolves blockages; strengthens it to be more balanced with the DNA code of one's being. Would help each person be more like the Seed Blueprint of their soul. Then the light body works down into the physical body, aligning the organs with the Seed Blueprint, bones, ductless glands, muscles. This would be helpful when one is trying to remake their body physical. ME--Not much happening at this potency. I would use this at 10MM. Other Sources: Enhance communication skills, calming, stimulates unconditional love.

ERYTHRITE: 10MM--Understand your unique purpose on the planet and how to integrate your purpose energetically. A complex interaction, which results in anchoring the 14th chakra (Divine Plan) into the physical body. Allows you to expand into your potential. A beautiful electric light show. You may have to do this essence for a while, before feeling anything. The above happened over 30 applications during the proving session. This should be taken over a period of time. Test yourself. Once you reach a certain potency, allow that to wear off before beginning again (i.e. take 3x/day for 3 days, then rest 3 days, repeat). Test yourself for times and dosage. ME--Didn't feel much; I would use this at 10MM only. Other Sources: Stimulate visions, brow chakra, dream interpretation. Stimulates strong flowing connection among all chakras; a loving personal power. Harmony in communications. Assimilate knowledge from many directions at once.

EUCLASE: Centering in the Now. Integrate Higher Light. Helps focus your higher potential into your life. Understand light, integrate higher light frequencies into the physical. Helps the subconscious see patterns which must be released or changed in order to heal. Brings an elevated perspective into physical existence. Balances the chakras through the heart energy; dispels negativity; enhances willing communication. "This pulled my body energy back to being present in the moment and in the love energy. It steadies you in your heart space, and helps give you strength to stay in that center, that focus. This is a higher level vibration of love and focus."

EUDIALYTE: Relieves Tension. This essence relaxes tension in the crystalline parts of the body, and wherever else you are holding tension. This may at first feel painful as the muscles start to release energies they have been holding for lifetimes; but the eventual result is clearing of these energies.

FLINT: Allows one to become more balanced and confident in a spiritual sense; less a sense of self as separate, more unity with Nature and with others.

FLUORITE: Good to use in a mouthwash. For anxiety, sexual frustration, hyperkinetic behavior; one is better able to perceive higher levels of reality. Etheric body augmented for increased assimilation of life force into physical body. Clears negativity, releases and protects against negative thoughts.

GAHNITE: Softening for Release. "It relaxed my eyes, then went down my esophagus, down my backbone, releasing the tension in-between the vertebrae. It surrounded & wove a peach-pink light around my backbone. This allowed the spaces between the vertebrae to decompress, to expand. Relaxed the alimentary canal all the way to my intestines."

GALENA: Alleviates emotional problems that block spiritual growth. Improves breath regulation, especially during meditation and creative visualization. Aligns etheric body; balances yin/yang.

GARNET: Strengthens physical and emotional bodies. Helps ground the light, balance & use it in the ideal way. Connect with, understand and be able to use the Divine Plan. Open to your cellular level a way of allowing higher dimensions to flow and blend with the physical. Especially good at bringing energy and light into the lower chakras, and clearing old energies & toxins. Strengthens flow of life force; helps physical structure see itself as a mirror of the Divine.

GARNET, RHODOLITE: Kundalini/Channeling/Transformation. Cleared out all three channels of the spine with a deep red energy that changed to a pale pink at the top of the skull (red mixed with white light). It filled my skull, energizing everything there, awakening energies, turning the lights on, so to speak. This essence allows you space to think about things without activating the emotions; it takes you off "automatic pilot". Can enhance meditation and channeling. Throat & Base chakras, kundalini, calm.

GARNET, SPESSARTINE: Energizes Aura/Increases Light Quotient. This energizes the whole aura, increases its light quotient. It acts from the Will, down, up and out all at the same time. Its frequency is a very basic red, the base drum as it were, not the piccolo—it is the glowing coals at the base of the fire, pushing you out dimensionally. Enhances self-awareness, increases willingness to serve others. Brings out spiritual qualities of relationships. Attraction to this stone indicates readiness to absorb and assimilate higher levels of inner dynamics of growth & structural balance.

Rhodolite cf. Spessartine Garnet: "Rhodolite engaged the thyroid first and then did things in the body, while Spessartine energized the aura with a raw sexual/physical energy, a clear high vibration of red, but a Basic red, not that of the higher frequency colors." Also see Uvarovite: Green Garnet.

GEHLENITE: Intuition, visualization leading to manifestation. Practical application of spiritual awareness. Optimism. Warmth n body & emotions.

GOLD: Balances heart chakra. Stimulates desire for illumination of the higher self. Opens heart, brow, crown, and five chakras above the crown, causing alignment of higher spiritual visions. Thought form amplifier. Enhances other elixirs, heals any disease originating from low self-esteem.

GOSHENITE/CLEAR BERYL: For anxiety, mental overstimulation. Eases tension in the body. Stimulates base chakra. Beryl strengthens the etheric structure of the body and aids its alignment with light.

GRANITE: Subtle bodies aligned, Works best combined with flint and magnetic healing.

GRAPHITE: Bone Strength. See Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. 1

GYPSUM: Balances 2nd chakra; activates spiritual insights; helps release tension, activate higher creativity, awaken kundalini. Sexual fears eased.

GYROLITE: 10MM--Forms a latticework of light across the brain, which energizes what we are developing into. Helps us on the path to enlightenment, shows us where we are going. ME--Does similar things, but much weaker, and no latticework. Other Sources: Universal energy dispensed to the body's meridians; connects auric bodies to the physical, promotes state of well-being on all levels. Used by masters in India to promote discernment and insight, energize the will, and promote stability.

HALITE: (Rock Salt—This one is from the Himalayas.) Energy Flow. Fine tunes the meridians by breaking up all the blockages, so the energy flows smoothly. Sacrum and reflex points throughout the physical body stimulated. Depression eased. Meridians and nadis strengthened. Cleanses negativity in the personality, especially abandonment feelings.

HAMBERGITE: Expand Rational Capabilities. Problem Solving. Affects the left part of the brain. Makes me aware of what the left brain is, its capabilities, and how to tap into those capabilities. Would be good for someone having trouble accessing the left part of their brain; puts them in touch with it. If one is stuck in the right brain, it would help them to tie the two together. It really lights up the left brain capabilities. ME/SB--Allows you to be a part of the process, so that you are aware of the change and understand how it came about. 10MM--It just changes you, opens the left brain so much that it may seem to overbalance the right. A dramatic shift. Problem solving: allows you to access information to store and reclaim physical, mental, and spiritual experience, including thinking processes. Other Sources: General well-being. Brings the outer etheric bodies in closer to the physical, creating euphoria in states of trance and facilitating access of information from other-dimensional sources.

HAUSMANNITE: (Kalahari, Australia) Body Rhythm Alignment. 10MM--Pink light to heart and lungs, yellow light to mind. Has to do with heart valves; helps them operate to their seed blueprint. Helps bloodstream be steady. This is very sweet. There's a rhythm that the heart does, an optimum beat that helps the mind work. When the pulse of the body is perfect, everything is in alignment. This really changes all the etheric/subtle bodies. When you're born, you have a certain frequency; there's a certain optimum way for your body to be perfect in itself. This essence aligns your bodies to that perfect state. The elixir helps you to align all your subtle bodies to this frequency. Other Sources: Aids metamorphosis & change, centered on grounded movement toward self-improvement. Temporarily align chakras, subtle bodies, meridians of physical and etheric bodies. Dispel anguish, anxiety, exasperation, attachment. Good for meditation, connection with Universal energy. "Stone of Security", good for manifestation, balancing emotions with reason, trusting intuition.

HELIODORE (Yellow Beryl): Calms the emotional body. The hardest thing we humans have to do is to be steady in the mind and solar plexus. This essence connects one interdimensionally so you know you are part of everything—You know this on an emotional level. This makes one feel at ease. Energy of Golden Eagle.

HELIODOR, RUTILATED: Calms the emotional body. The hardest thing we humans have to do is to be steady in the mind and solar plexus. This essence connects one interdimensionally so you know you are part of everything—You know this on an emotional level. This makes one feel at ease. Alleviates blockages in the psyche from pressures placed upon the self in early childhood. Thought amplifier; activates suppressed subconscious relating to first seven to twelve years. Alleviates these psychological states (which left alone can lead to an unforgiving nature). Aspects of heart chakra opened.

HEMATITE: Vitality. Increased self-esteem; capacity for astral projection increased.

HEMIMORPHITE: Ego Balancer. Helps us to take responsibility for ourselves, which is the first step to freedom. Balances the energy in the body, helping one to feel entirely balanced within their family of organs, bones, ligaments, muscles, nervous system, and ductless glands. Makes one capable of being rooted in the earth while being tied to the sky. Helps one on the path to know the Self and to reach for their highest potential. Allows growth simultaneously on all planes of existence.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Past Life Memory. Releases tension throughout the body. Draws out memories from past lives. Stimulates clairvoyance, balancing, increases healing ability.

HETEROGENITE: (Anti-Atlas Mts., Morocco) Brain Charge. 10MM--Ivory colored light fills sinuses, flows to a point above my head; then touches into a darker color (black or brown) and goes up to the 9th chakra. Really shrinks sinuses; helps one breathe better. Facilitates air to go through the walls of the sinuses directly into the brain. Makes skin more permeable to the air. Helps to clear the mind through that process. There's an energy in the air that helps clear the mind. It's electrical. It super charges the thinking process. It's not oxygen, but it's from the air. Prana best describes it, or life force. The energy Tesla used, would have used to provide us with electricity, from the earth spinning inside the Van Allen Belt. Prana, energy in the air. This essence allows this energy to go directly through into the brain, to enrich the blood, but only in the brain. This energy raises the thinking process into higher orbits, allows new thoughts, clears out base thinking, so you can reach for something new. Electricity going into the brain is changing how the mind operates. It's a subtle but profound difference. It's the same air I'm breathing, but it's doing something very different. It allows the prana in the air to go directly into the MIND. It changes the way neurons fire. They fired more slowly before. Thoughts flow more quickly now. This alters the properties of the liquid in the synapses, so that they're better conductors of energy. Stimuli processed more quickly, as a basis for the thinking process. Our thinking process is based upon the combination of one to millions of stimuli, each part of a second. When the individual stimulus is combined with multiple combinations of stimuli, the capacity of the mind grows in geometric proportion. More to come on this in the future. Other Sources: Its primary use is to awaken the mind to a level of love and natural beingness that is aware of and more conscious of the earth and earth communications. Especially good for those who work mostly with the intellect. Strengthening of first and second chakras generally leads to greater awareness and opening of 6th chakra.

HEULANDITE: Loving Heart. 10MM--Pink-purple light encases the chest, making me feel totally happy and at peace with myself and the world. Works with the heart, makes the blood sing as it goes through the body. Raises the light level of the body. If you could think well of yourself and the world, every moment of the day, (if you took a drop every second), then you would never recover your vibrational diseases! It's just suddenly there, no process of light movement, as with some of the other elixirs. ME--The light isn't as bright and doesn't reach out as far. Other Sources: Shifts the balance of love as it is created in the heart area, releasing stuck energies, making love energies more available. Allows one to love and awaken loving energies in others. Synthesis of old and new; release bonds of custom, replacing these with openness and love.

HIDDENITE: (yellowish-green Kunzite) For getting in touch with your own creative potential, and finding ways to share it with the Whole. Connect to the expanding creative potential of your higher self as it seeks to manifest at the physical level. Thus helps you to find the spiritual potential within physical existence and experience, which is the ultimate source of creativity. It can also help in communication and bringing forth the unknown—prompting connection with other worlds and clarity in the transfer of knowledge. M. found that in him it released tension in the face, jaw, sinuses. The tension gone would allow him to let the words escape, let out things he needs to say, help him to communicate what he knows to others who are interested.

HOWLITE: Grounded Connection with One's Monad. This clears out my channel down to my solar plexus and then on up to my monad. Enriches, relaxes and nurtures all at the same time. An amazing clearing, it just blows everything away! This helps people be aware of what it is to be rooted and in touch with Source/Creation and at the same time grasp the enormity of all that is and how it can be relevant in their own life. Connects you with infinity while grounding. Makes it easy; when things are that easy, there's no reason to be negative or anxious, or anything other than restful. Can help overcome a judgmental attitude by reflecting this behavior back to the person.

HYDROXYL-APATITE (Catseye): Left/Right Brain Balance & Coordination. 10MM--Opens part of the brain. Starts behind the eyes and goes across the top of the brain, both sides. Bathes the top part of the brain (cerebral cortex), left & right, in blue and gold light. Brings both sides of the top brain to the same frequency. [Note from prover: Before I took this, my brain had unequal frequencies left and right; now the top half of the brain, left and right, are the same frequency. This balances my ability to exist in this body. It allows me to use both my intuition and my mental capabilities interchangeably. It's now possible to use both parts without any division. I was mainly using one part more than another. The inequality that existed before this was corrected. It's as if I've always been this way, always done this. It's a complete shift. The light changes from blue-silver to gold-silver, emanating off my brain. Once the sides became equal, the light shifted to gold. I've always been unbalanced between left and right brain. Now I am absolutely awake, equally, in both sides, which allows my capability to be physically equal. This makes me more awake on a physical level.] This might help people who are having rouble with unbalanced mental states or those not feeling as if they were balanced or at home in their body/brain.

INESITE: (Kalahari, Australia) Relaxing. Inspiration. 10MM--Light goes right to the center of the head (light yellow), then dissolves in a cloud, flooding the inside of my brain. Rushes down backbone, envelops the heart. Calms my brain function, slows and steadies the heart. Allows the physical form to relax, the circulation system to relax and be steady. Takes away any hyper-ness. Starts from the head, goes backwards to the heart. Calms the mind in the same way that it calms the heart and pulse. This makes the pulse stronger, not weaker. By calming the circulatory system, it allows you room in your life to explore new things. When the body is hyper, there's no space for anything new. Each new thing, added to a hyper state, makes one MORE hyper. This would be good for someone trying to meditate or who wanted to do a new endeavor that took a different kind of thinking or being. Other Sources: This elixir has an ability to bridge widely different principles into consciousness. This is for those seeking new avenues of thought or looking at new techniques of healing or invention. It is also recommended for those who seek a sense of humor and perspective about what goes on in the world.

IVORY: Alleviates anger and frustration; good for those needing to assert inner discipline.

JADE, GREEN: Generates Divine love, unconditional love. Aids in articulating one's feelings, especially within the family. Astral, emotional, and etheric bodies aligned, increasing sense of connectedness to the Earth.

JADE, BLACK: All the above, plus—Black Jade deals with the physical body, not light body. This makes the physical body be grounded, shielded, and just helps one to be in oneself, which is to be connected—but without realizing upper level energies. This would be good for people who are sick, who are not whole in themselves, who have lost the sense of their physical self. Good for the elderly. Makes one stronger in their physical self. Helps the body continue on an even level.

JADE, RED: Energy. Recommend use at 10MM only. This stone and its elixir have very physical properties. It works on the body physical—energizes it, makes it pulse. It makes the body function better according to its seed blueprint. Allows physical body itself to transfer energy from the Nature kingdom directly into the cells, muscles, organs, and the energy behind thinking. This works on opening the connections that one has in childhood, which close as one gets older. It's important to work with this essence; as you get older you ability to pull energy from the living universe lessens, and one feels more distant from the fount of energy from the Nature kingdom. One can help the process of this stone by reaching inside to a time when their body doubled in size within one year, and allowing their present body to recreate that ability again. With practice, one can reopen the corridors to the raw energy from the Nature kingdom. The quantum physics about making a new way and having that become the new reality is very much applicable here.

JASPER, GREEN: Clairvoyance to sense chakras (aiding healing process). Balances healer's auric field. Increase of life force within the self, from alignment of mental, astral, emotional, and etheric bodies. Anxiety released, especially with meditation. Massage: use with jojoba, castor, and coconut oils (helps oils penetrate) to help release toxins in muscular tissue. Spread over body, wait 30 min., repeat.

JEREMEJEVITE: Release and be Present. 10MM--This one set us yawning! A big release was happening. Energy traveled from the heart to the head, up the spine. This essence helps one align with their higher self open-heartedly in the moment. Helps one to be present. Helps one release what is holding them back from being in the present moment. ME/SB--Some movement up spinal column from heart to head.

JET: Eases anxiety and sadness. Awakens people to their higher selves; stimulates clairvoyance. Opens base chakra. Helps alleviate heavy metal miasm.

KORNERUPINE: Direction. When one is distracted and life feels out of control, this essence helps you to feel in every cell of your body what you need to be doing. This makes you aware of what the experience of spirit in flesh should be, helping you to see when and how you are off track and how to get back to your path. Helps one recognize that each moment of this life is precious, and that death brings the end to deeds we were to accomplish in this body. For seeing beyond the illusions of this world; stabilizing the emotions. Can be used to stabilize both the environment and those involved.

KUNZITE: Opens a pink column of light up through the brain, clearing everything above my head, connecting straight to Source. Allows that whole space to be a direct link from Source to your whole thinking process. Sets up the "light-ware" so you can draw from Source. Heart chakra opened, spiritual self-esteem improves, etheric body strengthened (making it easier for life force to enter the body). Helps one to reach out to others, to understand one's place in the group and function in it through their heart. Balances heart and connects this chakra with the third eye, elevating emotions through cosmic understanding of situations.

KURNOKOVITE: Multidimensional DNA, Clearing & Upgrade. 10MM--It's changing the nucleus of each cell of my body. It feels like it's upgrading the DNA in my cells to 5-6D level. It's just transforming everything in my body that's blocking that. But it also allows me to exist in 3-4D. Something has been in the way of our accessing that part of our being. This is happening quickly with this essence. There's stuff from living at 3D level that's being transformed, so it no longer blocks my access to 5th dimensional DNA. [M: For example, the bloodlust attached to my DNA is gone. I could call it back, but it's no longer in the forefront of my being. I no longer have to work around that. It's as if it has been relegated to my "old brain"; it's dormant, not part of my active brain.] It freed my being up, so that now I can reach out and have multiple attentions going at the same time. Makes one amazingly clear. How far you can go with this it would just take practice. As people grow, these essences will have further use. We're only seeing what the human frame NOW can use of this energy. There's more to come when we're ready for it. [P: I felt this essence going to the places in my body that hurt, or maybe that were holding on to hurts from the past. When someone touched my back where it hurt, this resulted in an outpouring of old energy, from many lifetimes. I was groaning, crying, making weird sounds that sounded like pain, but I was not emotionally attached to the energies as they left. I just kept breathing and allowing the release. Sometimes I felt like I was choking. I just kept breathing and releasing. Lots of old violence, deaths, bloody stuff was released, painlessly and completely.]

KYANITE: Light Body Detox. My whole body became centered, my emotional, mental & physical bodies separate & balanced. Everything not in that balanced state just floats away. A releasing. From this balanced state it's easier to slip into the alpha state. This would help people to meditate. Aligns all chakras, and with conscious direction it will also open them. Calming to whole being, especially throat chakra and 3rd eye. Stimulates communication & psychic awareness; dispels anger & frustration. Mental clarity; perseverance, promotes continuing & completing projects. Helps to access the astral & connect with one's guides. Helps dream recall & the solving of problems during the dream state. Balances yin/yang energies. Releases energy blockages.

LABRADORITE: Aids in removing long-term grudges and emotional problems, especially from childhood, less from past lives. Good with Reichian work. Helps create feelings of well-being. Protects the aura. Detoxifier.

LABRADORITE, RED: Cellular Energy. Energizes and brings light to the blood, so less oxygen does more in the body than it did before. Ability to have more physical power in the body, and to store it in each cell. Creates a shield of light around the body, which emanates out from the blood. Protects the aura. Detoxifier.

LAPIS LAZULI: Blue-Violet Energizer; Auric Shield. This fills my whole being with indigo color, like an ink flowing through my whole aura, filling all the spaces in my body. This puts me in touch with the part of my life when I was growing the most. It helps me to seal my egg of light; also to generate blue-violet light to fill my body, by invigorating the thymus to spread the light. Throat & Brow chakras; expand awareness, shield and build the aura. Anxiety and tension released. Aligns etheric, mental, and spiritual bodies. Energizes 5th chakra; stimulates increased personal expression, especially on spiritual and psychospiritual levels. For shy, introverted, retiring people. Good for meditation, thought broadcasting. Better able to tap into higher self and express or release buried emotions. All meridians strengthened. May use as gargle.

LARIMAR (Pectolite): Peace, Clarity, Healing & Love. This helps you do everything from the heart. It stabilizes the emotions & helps their flow into the rest of the body. Balances the emotional body with the mental; you must integrate your emotions in order to be whole and have access to your full power. Helps solar plexus use and distribute energy of the higher vibrations of light. Helps you to remain calm and focused in times of stress, and to relax & take life less seriously. Release self-imposed constraints. Promotes restful sleep. Good for releasing unwanted entities (from self or environment). Helps solar plexus use and distribute energy of the higher vibrations of light. In Atlantean times some thought that closing the solar plexus (emotional chakra) would enhance their mind; this essence helps to resolve the mind-emotions conflict, resolving into a balanced pattern of cooperation as equal partners, as was originally meant to be.

LAVA (Diamond Head, Hawaii): Deep release, especially from past lives. Drawing fire energy from the Earth; opens base and crown chakras to facilitate the flow of kundalini energy. Deeper understanding of the Earth's and our own ancient history.

LAVA II (Grabrok Volcano, Iceland): Fire energy—draw it up from the earth to warm and soften the hardened places in the psyche, the hardened places in the body where you are holding old emotional "stuff"—helps in the release.

LAZULITE: "The Stone of Heaven" Brings one directly in touch with Source Love. Promotes calm, enhances sanctity within one's being. Good for meditation. Allows one to sense their own self-worth. Helps addictive personalities to overcome compulsive behavior patterns. Balances the energy levels of the body; works well with lepidolite to balance electrolytes. Balances mental processes & helps energy move between the halves of the brain; can aid memory. Breaks up crystallized areas of the energy field & increases light potential of the aura.

LEPIDOLITE: Reduces anger, hostility, and unreasonable fears, transforming these emotions to a more positive state. 3rd chakra balanced. Supports base chakra as final source of releasing and cleansing; if you know what you want to let go of but have trouble doing it, this elixir helps the cells find the support of the ideal structure and relieves fear of letting go of the old familiar structure.

LIGHTNING GLASS (Fulganite): Lightning Glass is formed when lightning strikes sand, glassifying it. It's elixir can help you to reestablish conscious contact with parts of the body you haven't been in touch with for a while. Body electrically & energetically more alive, on a cellular level.

LOADSTONE: Aligns body's biomagnetic field with the Earth; strengthens the aura, which enhances vibrational remedies, creative visualization, water therapies, inert gas techniques, radionics. When the aura is strengthened, many of the things which weaken it, i.e. drug deposits, alcohol, coffee, are pulled out of the aura. Balances meridians.

MAGNESITE: Thymus-I Am Presence Connection. Pink light with shades of yellow; energizes the Light matrix. Energizes the thymus, the whole area around the thymus, with pink/orange/yellow light. It pulls in the influence of the upper chakras into the thymus, helping prepare the body to access and use higher vibrational energies. ME—strengthens thymus for receiving the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, while 10MM does that plus brings down the energy of the upper chakras into the thymus.

MAGNESIUM: Detoxification on the cellular level. A full cleansing, because of the crystalline-like structures and their pulsation from the crystal state to the liquid state. All miasms eased; protection against background radiation. Stomach chakra opened. Etheric body more aligned with the physical to enhance detoxification. Better assimilation of full spectrum of proteins, as well as of the enzymes used in detoxification.

MALACHITE: Helps one understand boundary and personal power issues, especially around taking responsibility for one's power and using it wisely. Helps one build the "walls" your emotions need to function effectively (these walls must be flexible enough to expand or contract as necessary to support understanding, not the status quo).

MANGAN-VESUVIANITE: (Kalahari, Australia) Other Sources: Manganese: Bonding, cooperation, completion of projects; spontaneity, grounding of emotions; positivity and creativity. Connect consciousness with Angelic realms. Diminish oxides & increase body's metabolic rate, help in assimilation of manganese (good for headaches, muscular stiffness & tiredness). Vesuvianite: Helps connect our dreams with our heart space, love being the catalyst for manifesting them. Accessing and controlling the creative and intuitive aspects of the inner realm. Unlocks & stabilizes mental faculties clearing negative thought patterns from mental, emotional & physical bodies. Recognize your spiritual path. Inner security, promoting fearlessness in the face of danger. Easier access to one's higher self. Clairsentience increased.

MARBLE: For those passive to the point of apathy; some people too passive in their actions compensate by being too aggressive mentally; opens 3rd chakra, increasing sensitivity.

MAWSITSIT: Youthing/Clear Thinking. Affects electronics of the brain, stimulating the thinking process. Generally helps the overall body learn to be younger, operate more efficiently. Facilitates oxygen absorption. After a while it clears the 3rd Eye, making visualization easier, possibly facilitating seeing auras.

MELANITE (Black Garnet): Enhance ability to love self and others. Dispel jealousy, envy, distrust, anger. Clear heart and throat chakras. Relationships.

MESOLITE: Facilitate spiritual communication. Relationships; team spirit. Understanding the heart of a problem. Manifesting one's chosen reality.

METEORITE: Helps one attune to past lives from other planets in different constellations. Sense of greater awareness and unity with extraterrestrial influences; communication with ET's; can increase awareness and telepathic communication with beings from other spheres of existence. For cosmic awareness. Helps your body accept transformation. Assists in integration of new energies, helps you see what might be released and what is appropriate to use in transformation. Can help build new etheric levels and higher energy pathways within the expanding mind that allow you to use the new energies at the physical level.

MIMETITE: Reduce need to copy others; enhance independence. Spirit of adventure; wisdom. Protection during channeling; aids clarity and perception. Help group awareness of a powerful principle and discussion of it.

MOLDAVITE: Dramatically increases future sight, telepathy, clairvoyance, and healing energies. Helps in assimilating into the earthly plane and in contacting other entities, angels, devas. A few drops twice a day can clear your spiritual channel.

MOLYBDENUM: ME/SB--Realigns one's energy to be more in synch with their Seed Blueprint; energetically brings you back to where you need to be, physically. 10MM--Brings all the bodies into alignment and holds it. No matter what's happening for you, this allows you to come back to your "place" in the Universe (bumping into other energies can throw you off; this brings you back). Other Sources: Energy of balancing: chakras, body, mind.

MOONSTONE (CATSEYE): Stimulates an energetic clearing of the intestines and the whole 3rd chakra, which would lead to help release energies being held in the abdomen. Moonstone carries the essence of light; balances emotional body to prepare it for merging with the heart at ascension. It will help us to ground the Christ-Consciousness unconditional love energy at the physical level when we are ready to do so. For anxiety and stress, especially associated with the mother. Emotions are integrated increasing sensitivity. Astral and emotional bodies aligned, meridians and nadis strengthened. Clearer connection to Angelic Kingdoms, breaks down resistance to allowing them to work with you. Helps one accept the energy of one's own Light Body, levels out energy swings associated with this, alleviates fears around merging with the soul.

MORGANITE (Pink Beryl): (This was a cut stone, in the shape of a faceted wedge-arrow.) This one blissed me out—my whole emotional body, heart, pulse, etc. I would have to work hard with my will to push it out of balance. The major thing this does is to clear out hard rigid places in the emotional body. It brings out compassion. The softness in it allows other people to exist as themselves, and not affect you. We could call this one the "in law essence" or the "boss essence" or the "family essence"—or maybe the "lithium essence"! Augments the feminine without diminishing the masculine. Good for women recovering from abuse, men seeking balance.

OBSIDIAN: Absorbs Negativity. Pulls out old energy patterns for release. Balances digestive system. Alleviates petrochemical and syphilitic miasms. Emotional body aligned with the mental body, meridians & nadis strengthened.

OKENITE: 10MM--Enlightened Manifestation. Energizes the light body to 4-5D. Aligns me with what is right for me, wakes my attention to notice what's coming towards me (energetically). Improves ability to feel multidimensional energy and figure out what you are going to do. Helps you be aware of subtle energies within your light body, and to discern energies coming from outside. From these you can figure out how to move in the best way for yourself in each moment. ME--Same energy, but not as bright, not as potent. Other Sources: Self-forgiveness; connect and accept one's higher self. Karmic healing. Purify chakras and subtle bodies. Channeling. Karmic understanding. Work with change. Better understand the etheric body of the earth.

OBSIDIAN, BLUE: Stimulates throat chakra, enhances communication and languages. Also useful when communicating telepathically, enhancing some "readers" abilities. Purpose and direction during astral travel improves.

ONYX: Sensitivity and increased integration of the self develop, 3rd, base and 5th chakras opened. Enhances flower and other plant essences by bringing them into closer contact with the physical level.

OPAL in general: Stimulates creativity, imagination, inspiration. It awakens psychic and mystical qualities, invoking visions, the dreamtime.

OPAL, BLACK: Grounding; insight into past, present and future. Prescience & visions; Third Eye activation. It's fire is a catalyst for inner knowing, seeing, understanding of the visions.

OPAL, FIRE: Helps alleviate apathy, sadness and develop a sense of joy and intuition. Bonds emotional and crown chakras, can lead to mystic experiences.

OPAL, RED: Complete strengthening of the whole light body; enhances the vitality of the whole auric "egg of light".

OPAL, YELLOW ("Light"): Fills the whole upper body and head with a yellow-golden energy. Opals give you an expanded sense of what you can do.

ORPIMENT: Stimulate the intellect & reasoning abilities. Clear solar plexus chakra.

ORTHOCLASE: Psychic Perceptions. This essence helped me to focus on the part/s of me that needed help, i.e. were emotionally unbalanced; and helped those areas to settle and release. It's light vibrationally tied psychic perceptions to the heart and removed blockages to energy flow in these areas. It could help to perceive extra-dimensional, interdimensional, and 3-4 D psychic occurrences. Overcome tragedy & dissension; align chakras & meridians. Contact with ancient wisdom. Shows the cells their potential as light; helps anchor the higher light energies into the cells, and lets them understand that these new energies are useful, not to be fought or neutralized. This allows for evolution and expansion. Integrate the ideal into the cells for healing. Restructure DNA of immune system.

PAINITE: Oxygen Absorption. ME/SB--Helps oxygen exchange work more efficiently. As one ages, the body's ability to use oxygen for energy and breathe out carbon dioxide to feel lighter is impaired. This essence helps change that process so that one runs more efficiently. This might also help people with lung problems, either from being contaminated by chemicals or particulate matter from pollution, cigarette smoke, or chemical poisoning. It can help to some extent. 10MM--Helps lungs and heart with oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. Helps the body reclaim carbon dioxide out of the cells more efficiently than is currently happening, and it helps claim more oxygen out of each breath than the body was capable of before taking it. It further helps the cells, then organs, then body itself operate with the less than 15% oxygen now available to us in the air. At this point this brings the body to be able to exist at 12% oxygen. This means that the body will work at 12% oxygen the same way it would if it were 17%. It also stimulates the energy of the thymus gland.

PARGACITE: Third Eye Focus. 10MM--Energy. This connects the energies of the thyroid, throat and 3rd eye; a deep purple line of light goes from thyroid to 3rd eye. Increases energy in thyroid to increase the energy in the 3rd eye to increase the focus. When the thyroid is excited, the body normally is jump-started energetically. With this essence, (only) the 3rd Eye is jump-started, NOT the body in general. It's as if my mind was clearer, and I was bringing more energy on it, I feel the same thing in the 3rd eye; it's ready, it increases the ability of the 3rd Eye. ME/SB—not much at all happening.

PEARL: Emotional balance; for emotional flexibility, especially spiritual or religious issues. LIGHT PEARL focuses on third chakra; can help alleviate cravings (when one is cleansing emotions and toxins, generally one experiences cravings, increase in appetite. This is the physical body trying to preserve the status quo; pearl can help balance these cravings so one develops intuition, not cravings for food). DARK PEARL focuses on base and 2nd chakras, balancing energy of these chakras to help light pearl work more effectively in the 3rd chakra area. A combination of Light/Dark Pearl is also available.

PENTAGONITE: There's so much tension in our bodies "to perform" that gets in the way of experiencing what other dimensional beings do in a relaxed manner. This helps the 3D part of the human frame relax into being multidimensional. For people who have no training for their gifts, or no ability to be relaxed. It "softens" your vision, which can help to activate 3rd eye and psychic senses.

PERIDOT: Information from higher self more readily received, all vibrational remedies work better. Increased clarity, patience, vitality. Aligns all subtle bodies; helps heal the emotions.

PERLITE: Alignment. Dealing with axiatonal & galaxiatonal lines (not meridians). Helps your placement in the greater whole. "A golden yellow spike like energy through the forehead into the head holds me up, on this earth, in this galaxy, in this universe."

PETALITE: Brain Expansion. Multidimensional Protection. Attunement with beings of this and other dimensions. Strength & protection during vision quests & astral travel. For grounding during spiritual work. Balances energy flow in the brain. Reenergizes brain connections that are shut down during depression. Builds connections between lower & higher mind. Enhances dreams & meditations. "This helps me to hear the input of my animal helpers. They say that I will make fewer mistakes if I can listen to them. My actions will have a more far-reaching effect if I listen to them. It feels that I can reach the Akashic records and interdimensional communication easier than before. It's certainly easier to reach 6th D and be beyond time. You can alter things from the past and change the future—it's all now in the present, the now."

PETRIFIED BONE: Perspective. Contains all the changes that the Earth has gone through since that animal was alive. This gives one a certain perspective on permanence and impermanence. It helps to realize the many possibilities in dealing with situations that seem stuck. It further gives confidence that there is movement in all things. From this one can realize how to move from a present situation to something different. Also has to do with clearing & reprogramming the crystalline structure of bones; opening this structure to absorbing the incoming high-vibrational light frequencies.

PETRIFIED WOOD: Past Lives. Opens one to past-life recall, especially when used with meditation and creative visualization. Aids adaptation to change.

PHENACITE: Opens Higher Chakras. Opens all levels of self to new ways of using light. Connection to new thought-patterns of higher spiritual levels, which are helping us to create a new society for the new Earth. Use with clearing and releasing meditations/techniques. Visualize violet light or the transforming silver-violet flame flowing through you, to remove what is not part of the new structure.

PHOSGENITE: Dimensional Shift. 10MM—The upper part of my head clears and is changed on a Light level. It makes me less dense, in the way that I'm dimensionally higher. Helps me drop 3rd and 4th dimensional activity and reach for something higher. ME/SB—clears/shrinks sinuses; opens them (when their blocking is caused by lower vibrational energy).

PIETERSITE: Pineal—Multidimensional Knowledge; Higher Self Fusion. 10MM recommended—no reason at all to use any lower vibration. The energy goes around my head, cleaning everything, taking away all the barriers to being in the present moment, in my upper chakras (heart/thymus through crown). This enhances your inner vision, your interdimensional ties, and your ability to translate information from there into 3-D. Helps you solve problems that appear to be beyond the scope of 3D, by supplying the knowledge from other dimensions, other times, and other universes/creations. This allows you to directly tie in to the energy of pan and the Nature kingdom, which supplies the answers to all problems, being the energy that fuels every reality.

In between all those words is written many libraries of information, to do with how to translate multi-creation, multidimensional, multi-time information into the present. How good each person is at this depends on how much practice they've had. The more one uses this elixir, the more one will be able to move information, problem solving, and development from multidimensional realities to 3-4D Earth reality.

What's holding us back on the planet from being totally loving, from manifesting the Love from the higher dimensions, is that we are, as yet, unwilling as incarnated souls to do the work to bring it about. Knowledge translated from energy to equations to light to actions is what's holding us back. In the same way that a person cannot grow without getting up and walking the walk, we cannot manifest without doing.

This elixir helps people figure out the knowledge and in most cases implement it. However, simply taking this elixir will not make the knowledge a reality. One needs to have the desire to exist in a more loving universe, and be willing to make the choices and walk the walk that allows this to happen.

We are all collectively responsible for what is happening. Including that things are much lighter now than even 10 years ago. Also the backlash. We are all collectively responsible—for stagnating or moving on. This elixir and Sphaerocobaltite elixir used together to influence the collective consciousness @10MM at every reality.

Other Sources: Pineal gland activated; during meditation can stimulate visions and precognitive thoughts. Aligns energy centers of the body and grounds them to the Etheric Body (rather than to the Earth). This facilitates extraterrestrial and multidimensional travel, leading to access to the Akashic Records. Promotes self-knowledge and self-love, leading to knowledge of Unity with the One, and with all beings. Promotes courage, tenacity, creativity. Stimulates pituitary to regulate other endocrine glands and hormones pertaining to growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature.

PIPESTONE (Catlinite): Helps bridge the intuitive and the analytical minds. Helps one to make intuitive discoveries, visions, messages, etc., fit into our analytical world. Helps one to integrate information from other dimensions or realms into one's everyday life. Protection, in the sense of making space for this integration to happen.

PLATINUM: Regeneration; increases electrical transmission across synapses of brain, thus general tissue regeneration of neurological tissues. Vertebrae aligned. Petrochemical & tubercular miasms treated; absorption of all nutrients improved. Antidepressant. Improved memory. Clairvoyance increased & interpretation of such experiences. General thought amplification similar to quartz. Balances meridians, aligns physical body with etheric bodies, for polarity adjustments to stabilize the body, facilitate the maintenance of optimum health. Relationships; nonjudgmental attitudes. Energy towards achieving goals. Stimulate pineal; psychic senses. Centering. Communication with cellular structure for optimum health.

POLLUCITE: Creation Plus. Helps speaking, singing, toning, mantras; helps one perceive the effect of their toning and the meaning behind what they're saying, it's effect on the world. Goes all the way to the Monadic level. Allows you to believe you are saying, making, something new. You are bringing together the newness of what's going on around you with that newness you are reaching all the way back to Source & bringing the immediate emanations of Source through you; thus laying the groundwork for a kind of newness that's never been seen before. We're preparing for a new cycle of creativity, a continued growth without destruction first. Helps each soul reach the end of the cycle, what they came here to do and beyond it.

POWELLITE: India. 10MM—Ties the heart with the throat chakra. This teaches one to quicken the heart and tie it to the thyroid to power through things. This shows one that acting with the full force of the loving heart, that one can accomplish any goal. This is a ductless gland working knowledge, for the power to accomplish starts first with the heart. That stimulates the thyroid and thyroxin to excitement about accomplishing. The excitement is the power to overcome all obstacles. It shows you energetically how your body works. Not an intellectual thing. Other Sources: Clarity in meditation. Crown chakra. Stamina. Helps one be convincing when presenting ideas to others. Overcome physical handicaps and limitations. Creative & artistic pursuits based on Unity, and projects aimed at advancement of humanity. Treats fatty deposits in the body; increased assimilation of oxygen in blood. Said to counteract poison. Problem Solving. Transfer of energy from 3rd through 4th to 5th chakra, creating a flow; consciously raises one to higher levels. Improves eyesight and ability to see or perceive problems in a new light. Project loving energy.

PREHNITE: Creative visualization; clarity of vision/purpose. Makes the ideal more available to the cells, creating balance and alignment. Expansive; shows one how to connect into whatever is closest to you that you have not or cannot accept as part of yourself. Facilitates contact with other-dimensional entities through visualization and meditation, according to conscious decision or unconscious desire.

PREHNITE with BLACK TOURMALINE: Visioning. 10MM--The floor of my mind is opening, where I picture everything. The more of this I do, the more colors and sound happen, open up. Clearer connection with whatever I am communicating with. Sets it up so that whatever is coming into my find, as a communication, extrasensory perception, the colors are brighter, the sounds more clear. I would use this to do ceremony, because I'd be able to be in touch with the energies I'd be focusing on. The Black Tourmaline brings out and amplifies this effect. It tends to quicken frequency/vibration, so the enhancement brightens whatever you are looking at.

PYRITE: Anxiety, frustration, false hopes are eased; astral body strengthened.

PYROMORPHITE: Enhance personal energy, move beyond limiting ideas about being physical; new attitude & direction. Can help one lose weight by bringing in consciousness of the ideal in physicality. Acceptance of new light energies into the physical body.

QUARTZ, AMETHYST: For self-esteem, centering, feeling integrated in society; helps alleviate hyperkinetic activity; enhances meditation and awareness of God. Increases intuition; thought amplifier. Brow and heart chakras activated. Helps take you beyond your perception of what you are now into what you can be.

QUARTZ, BLUE: Opens heart and throat chakras, all subtle bodies aligned. For sadness, unnatural fear of aging. Opens one to a true expression of one's spiritual qualities. Apply externally to forehead. Mental and spiritual balance during transformation and integration.

QUARTZ, CHLORITE: This quartz appears green, usually green phantoms within. For healing. Helps you to emotionally and mentally accept your physical self as part of the spiritual flow of the whole. Particularly helpful at the cellular level. This acknowledgement of your physical body as a fully accepted part of your spiritual self is necessary for complete healing and release of the aging and death programming of your cells, which denies you the full use of your power at the physical level. Energy of Raven.

QUARTZ, CITRINE: Citrine alleviates toxic thought forms and self-destructive tendencies. Citrine rekindles confidence in the true inner self through increased contact with the higher self. For low energy, physical debilitation, depression, anxiety, all solar plexus emotional needs; and intestinal toxemia. Helps souls to pass over; helps lost discarnate souls to go to the light, to leave this plane.

QUARTZ, MADIERA CITRINE: For low energy, depression, anxiety, all solar plexus emotional needs. Helps souls to pass over; helps lost discarnate souls to go to the light, to leave this plane.

QUARTZ, CLEAR: Alleviates all emotional extremes. Brow, crown, and solar plexus chakras augmented. Creativity of 2nd chakra balanced with the sensitivity of the emotional chakra to give feeling to expression. Strong thought amplifier.

QUARTZ, ELLESTIAL: Emotional healing and balancing of whole four-body system (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Helps subconscious accept and adapt to change. All the properties of Smoky Quartz, with the addition of extra angelic help.

QUARTZ, LAVENDER: It's gentle and uplifting energy assists the angels in clearing and balancing the body and emotions. Balances brow chakra, especially in relation to the other chakras as you shift levels during your expansion. Helps emotional body adapt to humanity's new understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe (especially when used with Moldavite). Helps our bodies' cells to integrate the new electrical energies being beamed at us to aid our transformation.

QUARTZ, ROSE: For anger, tension, especially associated with the father. Increased confidence, false pride negated. Increases personal expression and creativity. Helps balance emotions. Heart and throat chakras stimulated; emotional, mental, and astral bodies aligned. Helps you to love yourself.

QUARTZ, RUTILATED: Sadness eased; spiritual inspiration develops. All chakras and subtle bodies aligned, all meridians and nadis strengthened; thought forms enhanced; increased clairvoyance.

QUARTZ, SMOKY: Helps proper release of kundalini energy; increases divination and creativity. With meditation, removes unclear thought forms. Sadness eased; Use in atomizer to cleanse aura (see TALILOQUAY SPRAYS: AURA CLEANSE/ROOM CLEANSE). Helps alleviate fears about using the new, higher energies.

REALGAR: Strengthens emotional & physical body processes, leading to release of stuck energies, especially of root, 2nd, and some 3rd chakras; causing strengthening in body on many levels. Good for chronic fatigue, nervous system burnout, and those seeking deeper connection to energies which allow a sense of physical loving or closeness. Can awaken memories of Lemuria, where this was used to help people in separating into sexes; now helps people to integrate these separate male/female energies within, in the sacred marriage. Treats "battle of the sexes", which truly lies within.

RHODIZITE: Master Alignment. 10MM—Aligns and balances all bodies, making all kinds of healing possible. You can bring yourself back from wherever you've gone with your energy, back to your Self. Helps you be balanced in your Self. When you're balanced, you can more easily leave your body, to travel astrally. Would be good for people who need to use their frame in a maximum way, such as athletes and physical laborers—to use the body as an efficient machine, with light bodies, chakras, and physical body all aligned and in balance. Helps you to think more clearly. Would work well with other essences. Other Sources: Rhodizite is sometimes called the "master crystal." It is a truly positive energy stone that never needs to be cleared or charged. Good for astral travel, meditation, clearing blockages. An excellent energy booster for all types of healing. This stone appears to be able to open various flows of energy into and out of the neck and head region of many people. This can lead to improved psychic functioning, but is even more useful for communication, as a therapeutic tool, for inspiring intuition between people.

RHODOCHROSITE: Strengthens astral body, subconscious mind cleansed, allowing access to higher realms of thought. Strengthening of identity, ability to function in life. Lessens nightmares and hallucinations, creates more emotional balance. For fear of falling into a deep sleep. Heals connections between your heart and all aspects of the physical/emotional/mental self; dissolves barriers set up by hate and lack of self-esteem.

RHODONITE: Love Connection with everything. Release subconscious defenses, understand other viewpoints. Opens heart; calms mind and emotions. Inner Peace. Strengthens inner ear, sense of hearing. Use with mantras and music, especially vocal music.

RICHTERITE: Calming; Release Stress. Calms nervous system, stabilizes emotions. Can heal DNA when it has been deformed by fear or shock, which has crystallized to the physical level. Flight; astral travel, especially to access akashic records. Improve status in a community, removing karmic barriers. Reduce "fight or flight" reaction, inducing the calmness of action rather than reaction.

ROSELITE: Feel the Oneness of everything as a cellular knowing. Helps to open the portal in the center of your brain that allows the pink light of the Universe to flow through you, to feel your connection with everyone and everything. Not an intellectual thing, but a beingness. Other Sources: Access ancient Egyptian traditions. Enhance communication skills. Personal growth. Work directly with the unconscious. Alpha state during meditation. ESP stimulation. Energy renewal.

ROSENBUSHITE: Chakra Alignment & Light Quotient Boost. ME/SB—alignment of chakras, from head down, then up & out crown and beyond; attachment to the Central Sun. 10MM—Lights up lower chakras, throat down, then back up the column to burst out of the 3rd Eye in a flash of white-blue-lavender light; then continues on up and out crown chakra. Stronger than ME, a golden light. Would help your body become its christed self. Forms a columnar wave of white crystalline energy from the top of my head to the central sun. Pink lining to the white field of light. One must have enough light quotient in their body to build the column all the way to the central sun. With the ME my natural tie with the Central Sun comes to me, from there; I'm not reaching out to it, it is reaching out to me. With the 10MM I am the one building a column of light from myself towards the central sun. I can only go as far as my current light quotient allows. Used over a period of time it would increase one's light quotient. The love energy in each cell could be increased in each cell using the ME, but that would be "borrowing" it from the godself. We don't understand this fully. It is beyond our human understanding at this time. Other Sources: Promotes wisdom (as opposed to knowledge), centering, anger control, meditation, healing states. Balances sexuality, enhances creativity, stabilizes emotions. Energizes flower essences.

ROSSMANITE: 10MM—This has to do with higher level heart energies. When one drops adrenalin into the bloodstream, the perception is that of time standing still. Rossmanite allows you to be so in your body that your bodily functions are perceived to be slow. Because your bodily perceptions seem slow, you can change them minutely. This allows one to change any physical, mental, and emotional blockages that they have. There's a long-term aspect—with continued use it alters the body's matrix, allows the bodies to be remade in order to be able to take on higher frequency energies. One's previous manifestations of love, thought, and energy were less comprehensive than what one is now capable of. Makes one capable of assimilating the new energies with less stress.

The yawning this essence caused was a release of layers of assimilation; our bodies assimilate slower vibrational energy in a certain way. Our bodies needed to be made differently, in order to take on the higher frequency energies. It looks like we are slower, but in fact we are more capable of taking in the higher frequencies. Our previous manifestations of love, thought & energy was less comprehensive than what we are now capable of. This increases our capability for takin in light. It made us more capable of assimilating the new energy with less stress. This is more for people who were born 25 or more years ago, than the younger ones; helps us to catch up with them! One should test first before taking this essence to see if they are capable of handling this kind of change.

RUBY: Stabilizes heart chakra; creates balance in spiritual endeavors. Eases disorientation, procrastination. Increases stability and confidence; ideals, self-esteem, decision-making improve. Distress with father image eased. Leadership potentials stimulated; compatibility, ability to give and receive love.

RUTILE: Alleviates blockages in the psyche from pressures placed upon the self in early childhood. Thought amplifier; activates suppressed subconscious relating to first seven to twelve years. Alleviates these psychological states (which left alone can lead to an unforgiving nature). Aspects of heart chakra opened.

SAPPHIRE, PINK: Opens the top of the 3rd Eye, wit a huge gold-red-silver-blue flame. Helps you to see the JOY in all creation, in all acts of creation. In order to create, there has to be a seed of joy, no matter how twisted the creation may be. This helps one to see that seed, and to communicate on the frequency of that seed. When one touches or matches frequency with that seed of joy, the being or energy, no matter how dark, that surrounds that seed, feels as if it just went Home, to the Creator.

SAPPHIRE, LAVENDER: Stone of Awakening. Enhances spirituality, diminishes attention to cares of the world. Use to stimulate meditation, awaken crown chakra, clear the path of kundalini. Peace, feeling the oneness of all creation. Sapphire in general: complete linkage of mind, body, and spirit for clarity and inspiration. Meridians stimulated; solar plexus. Antidepressant. Stimulates clairvoyance, psychokinetics, telepathy, and astral projection; communication with one's spirit guides improves. Emotional and astral bodies aligned. Heart and throat chakras opened. Treats petrochemical and radiation miasms.

SAPPHIRE, BLACK 12-POINTED STAR: Centering. Understanding others' intentions. Enhances communication with other-dimensional beings from other star systems. Star sapphire activates visionary capacities; opens and aligns all chakras, increases spiritual awareness, knowledge of the self, clairvoyance, psychokinetics, and deeper meditation. Balances emotions, eases anxiety, hyperactivity, procrastination. Black sapphire is grounding, relieves anxiety, encourages trust in one's own intuition. Protection and centering. Sapphire in general: complete linkage of mind, body, and spirit for clarity and inspiration. Meridians stimulated; solar plexus. Antidepressant. Stimulates clairvoyance, psychokinetics, telepathy, and astral projection; communication with one's spirit guides improves. Emotional and astral bodies aligned. Heart and throat chakras opened. Treats petrochemical and radiation miasms.

SAPPHIRE, SILVER 6-POINTED STAR: Centering. Understanding others' intentions. Enhances communication with other-dimensional beings from other star systems. Star sapphire activates visionary capacities; opens and aligns all chakras, increases spiritual awareness, knowledge of the self, clairvoyance, psychokinetics, and deeper meditation. Balances emotions, eases anxiety, hyperactivity, procrastination. Silver sapphire enhances focus; stimulates crown chakra, revealing one's personal talents and life path. Sapphire in general: complete linkage of mind, body, and spirit for clarity and inspiration. Meridians stimulated; solar plexus. Antidepressant. Stimulates clairvoyance, psychokinetics, telepathy, and astral projection; communication with one's spirit guides improves. Emotional and astral bodies aligned. Heart and throat chakras opened.

SAPPHIRE, YELLOW: Prosperity, wealth; related to the Hindu god Ganesh. Endurance, fulfillment, wisdom, ability to see the big picture. Detoxification. Sapphire in general: complete linkage of mind, body, and spirit for clarity and inspiration. Meridians stimulated; solar plexus. Antidepressant. Stimulates clairvoyance, psychokinetics, telepathy, and astral projection; communication with one's spirit guides improves. Emotional and astral bodies aligned. Heart and throat chakras opened. Treats petrochemical and radiation miasms.

SCAPOLITE: Delve deep into the Self to find solutions to present and past problems. Encourages independence and initiative. Impetus to change situations of body, mind, environment. Enhances growth in any area consciously chosen; brings stamina and clarity required to attain that goal.

SCHEELITE: Internal Organization. Blue, then golden light, covering & shielding my first 3 chakras. It filled in all the gaps, all the holes in the 3 lower chakra areas. Then it filled the interior of the lower 3 chakras with gold light, transmuting blockages, physical, emotional, or energetic, that I am ready to release. After stabilizing the first 3 chakras, a column of blue-white light went up through my central column, tying the first 3 chakras with the upper chakras, way above my head. Integration of the personality with the higher self.

SCOLECITE: Brings awareness of different dimensional energies and how to interface with them. It is useful in communicating with interstellar races. It also is useful in communicating with ancient civilizations on this planet. For accessing the base of a problem, to support transformation of the heart to love. Enables better control of one's life. Intensifies flow of energy, life force, light; reveals you to yourself. Focus on the area or problem you are working with. Enhances energy of most other stones.

SERAPHINITE: Balances the etheric flow in the body. Use to increase sense of self-worth, relieve pain and tension. Spray it around the room to open communication at all levels, especially spiritual, and to stop nightmares and bring helpful dreams. Use in meditation for celestial contact with the highest order of angels, to receive information relevant and important to you. It helps you to understand the stages of your life, provides insight to changes necessary for peace and happiness.

SERENDIBITE: I Am That I Am. Peace, Intuition, Visioning. 10MM—Silver-Gold light travels up to the pituitary and activates it; a flash of red-orange-yellow light from the pituitary turns into a silver ray that goes down to the thymus, and activates it to turn purple, then green. Another purple then shoots out of the thymus, up to the crown chakra and out the top of the head, up the cord to my monad, and strengthening my tie to the Great Central Sun. This allows a person to know their purpose within infinity. For me, nothing matters but the knowledge of what I Am. This shows me "I Am that I Am". Or rather "i am that i am" all the way to "I AM THAT I AM", and everything in between and beyond, to infinity. My brain is incapable of understanding the experiential knowledge that this encapsulates. However I'm being told that should I need to find something, the information is now part of me, and if I'm quiet enough, I can hear what I need to know, by asking and waiting. I'm told that if I'm NOT quiet enough, the answer will chase me until I am quiet enough to hear it, whether it be in this lifetime or some future one. The essence will do this for anyone (whether or not they are aware of it). Other Sources: Tranquility, peacefulness, calm; activate 3rd Eye, good for visioning. "Stone of Serendipity", helping things to happen; open to intuition; helps one meet all experience with trust and appreciation.

SILLIMANITE: Energy Lubricant. An energizer, or energy lubricant—changing your inertia from rest to movement. Like coffee without the downside. Its energies expand & circulate through every part of the body.

SILVER: Opening of kundalini energy. Increased visualization capacity to bring the self into natural alignment with universal symbols. Amplifies all thoughts. Activates five chakras above crown chakra (8th through 12th).

SIMBIRCITE: Upper Energy Channels/Clearing & Activating. Focuses on the thymus, also 3rd eye & midbrain, and then endocrine system. One felt this energy spread from the right brain down the right side of the body—helping in the activation of the divine recorder crystal in the right frontal lobe of the brain; another felt it on the left throughout the body.

SMITHSONITE: Relationship/Well-Being. Creates a sense of well-being, calm, peace. Eases fear of interpersonal relationships; helps you to balance your vibrations with those of another. Creates a sense of security based on a balanced perspective, which leads to self-confidence. Can foster the development of leadership abilities.

SOAPSTONE: Gurudas states that this elixir strengthens the heart, thymus, and whole endocrine system (see Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. 1).

SODALITE: Emotional balance for spiritual growth. Gurudas states that this elixir strengthens the lymph system; especially useful after exposure to radiation.

SPHAEROCOBALTITE: [Nature Beings through M] "This stone does 4th through 8th dimensional work, but mostly in 4th-6th dimensions. It rejuvenates the love of all things, the tie with the loving Universe. Allows one to open the Self to the direct pink light of Love from the Prime Creator. Operationally this allows one to reverse the aging process, to clear out the body on a cellular level, by raising the vibrational level of each cell to a state where higher vibrational energy is the only correct filling for the cellular sandwich. The old style energy is celebrated and allowed to be recycled by the living Universe.

"Carrying this concept a step further, the level of joy, not only in the mind, but also brought to a cellular and sub-cellular level, will pack living pink light into the cells and crystal matrices of the body. As more love light energy is packed into the organism, the Will will be altered, as the being moves beyond old limits, becoming aware of new possibilities. There does not appear to be any limits how far this will take the organism.

"One should calmly feel the amount of time that this elixir should be used. Then a rest period should follow, to allow the organism to adjust to the new energy level. Then another dosage should be used, until it feels like a rest is necessary. These cycles can continue for as long as the organism desires. Find your own patterns. Use muscle testing or other dowsing techniques.

The Nature Beings want us to use this elixir for continuous growth, and not to get waylaid by the glamour of the psychic abilities, etc., that it can stimulate. They want us to reach beyond the ego/personality self to allow pure growth to happen. So they have focused on how it works rather than what it does. This is given to us at this time to help to key us into the Universe. This is a growth for the spirit—to remind us that by asking we can receive, but we need to understand what to ask for. This helps us with understanding what to ask for. The kind, quality, and amount of Love that we need is different for each of us, and even different for one's self, at different times. This elixir is like training wheels on a bicycle—we're training ourselves how to ask the living Universe to fill a vacuum in our physical body that matches our spirit/Higher self. It raises the vibrational rate of the physical body, pulling us interdimensionally.

"Most will find that this elixir at Mother Essence or Stock Bottle is enough for them. When raised to 10MM potency, the changes brought about, when linked with the will to raise vibrational rate, could push one into a zone of cellular confusion. One needs to go slowly and steadily rather than quickly and expansively. With incredible need for an energy shift, the 10MM potency can be used, but care should be taken when using this essence at 10MM."

Other Sources--[dynamic tiny pink crystals, quite rare] Promotes love, friendship; stimulates and clears the heart chakra. Enhances the positive, dispels negativity. Changes auric bodies, promotes connection, communication with other dimensional worlds. Past lives, ancient wisdom accessed. Manifestation—create reality. Enhances psychic abilities, visions, healing, understanding of one's karmic lessons and ways of transcending them. Altered states of consciousness, Akashic Records, automatic writing, etc. Deep relaxation promotes discovering new ideas, solutions to problems. Open the unconscious to Theta state.. Good for meditation.

SPHALERITE: Truth Discrimination. Balance male/female aspects of the personality. Recognize treachery & deceit; distinguish between genuine and fraudulent psychic information and channeling. Psychic growth. Alignment with the astral body, allowing access to one's own psychic powers. Can help in changing vocations, especially enhancing the service aspects of one's lifework. Protection from negative forces which can be part of dealing with the public. "This coated the whole inside of my body cavity with blue-white light. The light produces a heat which throbs and pushes outwards through the cells of my body into my aura. This keeps away outside invading energies. This would stop you from accepting emotional hooks sent by others. The blue light activates the thyroid. Through the thyroid you can tell whether someone is speaking truth. The blue light reaches out to the world and feels at the same frequency as the person talking, so that you become as one and can know their heart/mind." Others have said that Sphalerite can enhance understanding of sexual union, the entwining of male and female energies on inner levels.

SPINEL, BLUE: Psychic sense of hearing nudged more awake. Enhances "hearing" for channeling; more sensitive to hear, to speak so people can hear.

SPINEL, PINK: Silver-pink light from heart/thymus up to brain. Your heart is running your vision and feeling of what will happen. What I feel in my brain will happen, and auric vision gets energized.

SPINEL, RED: Strength, physical vitality. Activation of kundalini. Powerful general cleanser, use during detoxification, especially during fasting, with enemas. Etheric & emotional bodies aligned; calming, antidepressant effect.

SPINEL, VIOLET: Fills the aura with violet light; seems focused on the Causal body. More to come on this one.

SPLITS: Made from a very unusual crystal that had been torn during its formation, and had healed itself. The essence can 1) bring together things that are apart (of different vibrational rates), raising their vibrational levels until they become as one; like finding a common denominator between two seemingly unlike things. 2) When emotional bodies have been fractured from trauma, this essence allows you to go back to before that time, and bring yourself forward, healing the split when it happened. The essence and your intention help you to get past the trauma. SPLITS & AMETRINE essences used together I am told are very powerful in dealing with man-made imbalances. The Splits essence takes you back to before the damage occurred, while the Ametrine helps you to reweave the DNA & RNA. It's useful to learn to fill your whole body (down to the cellular level and beyond) with unconditional love and light energy; then invite the mycoplasma to evolve, raising their vibrations along with those of your own body, until they can become co-creators rather than antagonists. Best used with meditation and intention.

STAUROLITE: Grounds the Christ Light. Grounding; for coping with and transcending problems. Helps release despair and hopelessness. Balances people with the harmonics of Nature by attuning them to all the Earth's major chakras. Opens chakras, gives a sense of planetary purpose, beyond regional prejudices.

STIBNITE: Enhances energy field around the body; may be used to protect from and eliminate unwanted entities hanging around, possession. May also help in clinging relationships, bring fidelity in relationships, enhance astral travel, stabilize one's finances, fulfill needs. Can enhance understanding between one and the animal and plant kingdoms. Energy of Wolf.

STILBITE: Creativity and Intuition. Can help one attain the astral state & obtain guidance while there. Enhanced toxin removal.

SUGILITE (Royal Azel): Prepares one for opening of crown chakra; increases capacity for altruism, visions, general understanding. Treats all miasms.

SULFUR: Brings one to the threshold of spiritual illumination; transforms the intellectual into the philosopher, brings the philosopher to more spiritual realms. Eases sadness.

SUNSTONE: Inner Strength/Christ-Consciousness. A golden light ambience, like an autumn twilight/sunset. This is the Maha Avatar Christ Consciousness—'maha' meaning 'big, great, more'. Gold light raised to the power of infinity. Understanding patterns of past lives; overcome obstacles.

TANZANITE (BLUE ZOISITE): Transformational. Helps heal emotional shattering from violence and abuse, both physical and emotional. Helps heal grief of betrayal or failure of a relationship to fulfill your expectations. Helps heal emotions, transform emotional responses from fear (and all of its manifestations) to unconditional love. Zoisite breaks the karmic looping of old misperceptions in the subconscious. Connects you to your own power. Expands your point of view multidimensionally, without distracting you from everyday life concerns.

TIGER'S EYE: Aligns base chakra with brow chakra, linking understanding to a higher purpose.

TOPAZ, GOLDEN: Rebirth of the Self within the spiritual context. Aids in assimilation of newly stabilized emotions. Etheric body rejuvenated and better aligned with the physical body. Relaxes tension. Topaz brings the light of the ideal into the cells of the body in a way that rejuvenates and strengthens restructured DNA, locking in the new pattern. Helps release emotional patterns which cause you to lose connection to the ideal.

TOPAZ, GREEN: (Still working on this one)

TOPAZ, GOLDEN GOETHITED: Similar to rutilated quartz, except that the inclusions are goethite, not rutile. Stone of enchantment, bringing light and love to all facets of one's life. Combines the qualities of Topaz: Rebirth of the Self within the spiritual context; reversal of aging process and Goethite: attunement with etherial realms, angels, clairaudience, communication in general. Concentration, alleviating distractions.

TOPAZ, PEACH: Energizes 3rd Eye & on up to 13th Chakra at least, possibly higher. Creates an etheric membrane that helps raise the vibrational rates of incoming energy. Transmutes lower vibrational energy to higher by enticing the sentient part of the energy to raise its own vibration—a gentle process. Takes the energies of the 3rd & 4th chakras to the next dimensional level of the 12th & 13th chakras.

TOPAZ, PINK: Topaz brings the light of the ideal into the cells of the body in a way that rejuvenates and strengthens restructured DNA, locking in the new pattern. Helps release emotional patterns which cause you to lose connection to the ideal. Pink Topaz is associated with the 13th Chakra, of Manifestation.

TOURMALINES: All should be taken with Watermelon Tourmaline (which stimulates the piezoelectric properties and crystalline structure of the other tourmalines).

TOURMALINE, BROWN (Dravite): Grounding/Foot Chakras. Protective when working with Earth elementals, helping you to channel their energies towards the Divine Plan. Protects from negative effects of karma, helping to restructure into the ideal your ways of working with Earth energies. The most grounding of the Tourmalines, balances all chakras, even 8th and higher, into a more workable energy flow at the physical level.

TOURMALINE, BLACK (Shorl): Eases imbalances of Base Chakra. Awakens altruism. Protects against negativity and the earth's radiation. As a spray, lifts spirits and dissolves negativity.

TOURMALINE, RUBELLITE: Activates creativity, all 2nd Chakra attributes. Balances a too-passive or too-aggressive nature. Good for women during the Change of Life. Promotes feeling of love. Good in bath.

TOURMALINE, GREEN: Opens the Thymus/Heart Chakra. Psychological problems with the father eased.

TOURMALINE, BLUE (Indicolite): Activates 5th Chakra. More potent when used with green tourmaline. Mental stability and clarity. Use in spray to prepare a room for meditation.

TOURMALINE, CAT'S EYE: Opens all properties of 6th Chakra; includes stimulation of endocrine system, activation of visions, awakening to personal concepts of God. Often best used in conjunction with blue and green tourmaline.

TOURMALINE, QUARTZ: Opens Crown Chakra; all subtle bodies and chakras aligned, greater attunement to higher self, increased spiritual understanding. Vibrational remedies work better.

TOURMALINE, RED: This strengthened the heart, made it fill the body with energy, like an etheric cup of coffee. On higher levels, this is for acquiring interdimensional sight. It prepared me to focus on 5th, 6th 7th dimensions, gave my body ability to break through dimensions with my sight.

TOURMALINE, WATERMELON: Emotionally and physically balancing. Accesses the cosmic ideal to help heal emotional situations or problems. Release old emotional pains, replace them with love. 9th Chakra/Light body connection.

TOURMALINE, CLEAR: 10th Chakra/Light body/Polarity Balance. Aligns energy centers and meridians of the physical body with the Divine Blueprint of the ethereal body. Activates the crown chakra, stimulating joyful service. Healing. Combines the forces of all tourmalines—a synthesis.

TOURMALINE, ORANGE: 11th Chakra Monadic Connection. Creativity, intuition, sexuality. Helps level the emotions, furthering one's desire through the intellect instead.

TOURMALINE, YELLOW: 12th Chakra Christ-Consciousness. Quickens vibrational energy in the Solar Plexus and connects it with the intellect. This helps move the will, and helps the will move the mind. Align the little will with the higher Will. There is an energetic brightness that moves to action.

TOURMALINE, (LIGHT) PINK: 13th Chakra-moving beyond duality. Love, joy, peace especially during times of change. Trust in the power of love. Release destructive tendencies.

TRIPLITE: Vitality. 10MM--Adds a feeling of vitality to the center of the body. This is 3D physical energy, from neck to base of spine, extending out around 3 feet out into the subtle bodies. Lungs, oxygen absorption better. Good to put in drinking water for fasting, hiking, etc. Not the same as food, doesn't feed the cells, but helps you have focus as if you'd had food. Helps me be me, physically. Just allows you to keep going; you must still lubricate your body, to use it properly. The strength felt may only be in a light sense, rather than physically really taking care of your body. ME/SB--Similar, but only works to the surface of the physical body.

TURQUOISE: All chakras, meridians, nadis, and subtle bodies strengthened and aligned. Enhances other elixirs.

USSIGNITE: Soul connection. May stimulate healing and the strengthening of certain bonds between people. Can show individuals about higher forms of relationship such as the triad form; where three come together for a specific purpose, thus a greater clarity of purpose is possible. May stimulate connection between soul groups as well as within soul families.

UVAROVITE (Green Garnet): Heart-Light/Oneness. This went up the back of my head and out the top, in a huge column of light. It opens the top of the head; allows you to communicate more easily with your monad, or godself/I Am Presence, so you feel One with everything and are more aware of your place in the universe. The open loving heart feels it. Helps transform intellect into love. This "heart-light" connection stimulates altruism, allowing a vision of where love and appropriate use of healing energy has been missing in one's life. May trigger a release of sadness, that eventually leads one to joy.

VANADINITE: Clears & Opens Higher Mind. Clears & changes thought-processes. The whole way I'm structuring myself is softer and more interdimensional. Before I was a 3-D person slamming through higher dimensions; now I feel like a 6-D person in a 3-D body. Connects Thought to Intelligence; can help one enter deep meditation. Can promote thrift, with energy or money. Helps to define goals and pursue them in an orderly manner. Grounds you to the earth through the love and perspective of the planetary Logos. Helps you to accept being physical, and builds a foundation for expanding your full creative potential from this physical earth level.

VESUVIANITE (Idocrase): Creativity/Intuition. Manifest our visions. This relaxed tension in the abdominal area thus clearing the Will—this helps you reach beyond everyday life to your dreams and visions, beyond just survival. When the Will is cleared, one can reach for higher dimensions. Reach for dimensional stars, Unconditional Love from Source. Helps connect our dreams with our heart space, love being the catalyst for manifesting them. Creativity, intuition, clearing of negative thought patterns. Recognize your spiritual path. Promotes inner security, fearlessness in the face of danger. Easier access to one's higher self.

VIRGILITE: Light Technology. 10MM--Flashes of light in the pineal, center head and then front and back and around the sides of the brain. Activates the "inner room" of consciousness; allows you to construct the light inside the egg in higher vibrations. Remakes your ability to deal with your subtle bodies. Good to take before bed. Make your dreams relaxed beyond the intellectual mind; you can "fix" your egg of light.

VIVIANITE: Love, beauty that comes from joy in living. Setting and achieving goals, also in groups; moving beyond obstacles, clarity of intent. Move beyond old thoughts & ideas; think "out of the box".

WITHERITE: (Illinois, USA) 10MM—Flash of silver light inside the floor of the mind that one uses to picture in the "mind's eye", turning to a golden light. After the mind's eye is cleared, the golden light becomes a state of being. It's like you've washed the inside of your mind's eye and you've raised its energy level from silver to gold light. The golden light goes from the mind's eye, through the rest of your head, then body, then your "egg" (around your body). This allows a being to become One with what we call Christ Consciousness. Through this tie with the CC, this will help one to understand the basis of all creation and its many manifestations. Other Sources: Clear mind of troubles, the insignificant; useful for meditation. Useful in repetitive tasks, including exactness in channeling. Stimulate clarity of aura during violent emotional or physical disturbances; providing less impact from stress. Dispel scattered thoughts; help focus on chosen task. Communication with star energy of Ursa Minor; understanding of theoretical proofs.

WULFENITE: Grounding. Enhances the dynamic creativity of one's "male" side. Helps in manifestation, by aiding one to release and transcend limiting beliefs of the subconscious.

XENOTIME: Detect Frequency Compatibilities. Helps you to find and match frequencies for the job at hand.  Figure what needs to be done next and the best way to do it.  Then you pull in the resources that scan as being best for the job (people, things, whatever). Everything has a frequency.  Most people don’t think in this way. You see or feel the relevant “energy puzzle” and this helps you to find what pieces fit together (energetically) best for the whole picture.

ZINCITE: Electrical in nature, removes energy blocks. Promotes group effort, relationships. Synthesis of personal power, energy & creativity. Use in groups for unification & results, helpful in relationships.

ZIRCON: Connection with Source and the Living Universe. Aligns pituitary and pineal glands energetically with each other. Aligns the astral, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

ZOISITE: See TANZANITE (Blue Zoisite) and ANYOLITE (Green Zoisite with Ruby)

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