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Many people become frustrated over the predictability of their lives. They see the same patterns repeating, and they wonder how they keep setting themselves up for the same types of experiences, over and over again. Many karmic patterns are like loops: the pattern repeats over and over. Few people take the time to deeply contemplate the attitudes that cause these loops. Fewer still are aware enough to connect with the small voice within them where answers reside. Some that do manage this can still feel stuck at times over stubborn energies and attitudes that they find difficult to release.


KARMIC CLEARINGS are available only AFTER you have had an AURIC CLEARING. During the Auric Clearing the pathways (portals, wormholes, etc.) that make it possible for harmful energies to reach you are closed, so that future (karmic) removals will be permanent.

Karmic Clearings focus on your personal journey through the Earthly experience. The SoulWisdom practitioner asks your I Am Presence for the top priority issue or issues to be released from your psyche at the time of the session and then helps you to release what you need to let go of in order to remove them in a very permanent way. Again, only that which you are ready and willing to release can be removed in this way, but then it is removed down to the neural net that has held it in place.

The goal of a SoulWisdom Karmic session is to unplug from the neuronets of the brain the attitudes that are generating the karmic patterns. All etheric components of a karmic pattern are magnetized by some kind of attitude, decision, concept or truth that the person's subconscious is holding on to. Until the attitude is known and absolved on all levels and the potentials upfolded into the Void, the removals will not be permanent, the neuronets don't release the program.

In order to ascertain which programs and attitudes need to be unplugged the most, we attune to the person's God Self, or I Am Presence, and let this part dictate the direction of the session. The I Am will show us priority personalities, energies and entities to be transmuted. Then we absolve all components on all levels of the psyche and upfold the potentials into the Void for permanency. When this occurs, the person's soul fragment that was tied up in the karmic pattern returns home to the throne of God-Within. It returns through the subtle bodies as a pearl of wisdom. Experiences that were unresolved are now owned as wisdom.

We work with what your I Am Presence tells us to work with.  This depends on what is the most important energy or energies for you to release and what you are ready and willing to release.  Also we only work as long as your I Am Presence tells us to do so.  Some things are yours to deal with, others I am permitted to help you with.  And some things have higher priority than others.

Everyone is carrying around many, many lifetimes worth of baggage. It's not possible to remove it all in one session. Even if it were possible, it would not be advisable, as you would not survive the experience! Usually I am permitted to help you to release one or two major issues that are impacting your life currently. This takes around 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

You may have as many karmic clearings as you like, as long as you leave sufficient space between them to integrate the changes and as long as your I Am Presence feels that they are useful for you. Usually 3 weeks between sessions is sufficient. Occasionally I have worked with a person for a period of many months, when there has been a particularly difficult issue that has built up over many lifetimes. Other times one or two sessions is enough to help someone over a stuck place so that they can continue on with their own process of releasing and growing.



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2 or more Karmic Clearings scheduled at the same time: $180

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Auric Clearing and Karmic Clearing scheduled together: $165

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Payment by check or through PayPal.

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