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Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions

LIVING IN FREEDOM AND LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation

by Phyllis M. Brooks


New Expanded edition of the earlier Shamballa book (which is now out of print, due to our name change). Contains all of that information PLUS new information, new meditations channeled by Hari Das Baba, and introduction to the Cosmic Heart energy.

Paperback: $16.99 plus $5 p/h (in the USA)


ebook: $3.99

order from www.BalboaPress.com/bookstore

or Amazon or other online retailer.

You can also order this title at your local bookseller.
978-1-5043-2755-8 (SC ISBN)
978-1-5043-2757-2 (HC ISBN)
978-1-5043-2756-5 (Ebook ISBN)

BLOG: livinginfreedomandlove.wordpress.com  Some quotes from the book, some discussion on how to live in freedom and love, and what that means, some related topics. Sign up for bi-weekly posts.


Professionally made in Holland.  Prices are before adding postage costs. I no longer carry these. Please contact Barbara Allen to order what's still available. npmdtaa@yahoo.com 

I Am John Armitage #1 

On his life, the Ascended Masters, the beginnings of New Paradigm MDT (then called Shamballa MDH), and on facilitating healing, on breathing correctly, fear and oxygen intake.    $18

I Am John Armitage #2

On religions.  Meditation download of "the pure essence of Shamballa" & travel to Mt. Shasta; meditation to Pyramid at Gizeh.  $18

The two CD's above contain much of the introductory information Baba gave us at our Basic Teacher course and are a good introduction to this modality.  They are also a good reference for teachers.

I Am Hari Baba 

My life in the temple (John spent many years in an ashram in India); Govinda meditation; Most Ancient Mantra; Singing Ohm Bohur; Singing Ohm Nama Shiva; Didgeredoo & drums.     $18

I Am Tibetan

Meditations and channellings from the Tibet trip in 2005, including: Drepung Monastery; Divine Will; Personal Demons; Nunnery in Lhasa; White Tara (wonderful balancing of male & female, yin/yang energies); and Djwhal Khul.    $18

I Am Free

Dynamic meditation of clearings (Implants, etc.).      $18

I Am Divine Love

DNA Clearing & Expansion     $18

I Am Merlin

Merlin's Cave meditation; also digeridoo music. $18


Music to Open the Chakras      $18 

Shamballa On!      

Song created by one of the New Paradigm MDT family. $12


This is not the 5-day Crystal workshop that Baba gives. It contains some of that information, however.

$30 postpaid in USA (In MA add 6.5% sales tax) Additional $5 postage for Canada.  Contact Baba about ordering in Europe.



This is a special homeopathic essence formula of this powerful substance, the secret of whose manufacture was brought to this planet by extraterrestrials of long ago.  Created by John Armitage. This essence can be extremely useful in opening channels and hastening clearances; it can help your cells hold more Light. It must be used with caution, under the guidance of your I Am Presence.  Test yourself for if you should use it, how much, and how often. 

(2 oz. for $36 plus $8.50 P/H in USA).



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