Qualifications & Guarantee

Taliloquay guarantees the quality of the ingredients in these essences as well as the stated frequencies. However, the definitions stated for each remedy reflect the POTENTIAL results of taking the essences. How much of that is POSSIBLE depends on the person. The actual experience depends on many things, including:

  • Attitude
  • Light Quotient
  • Storage and treatment of essences (keeping them pure)
  • Your capability of being conscious of subtle changes

Vibrational remedies work on consciousness. They are energy treating energy. The consciousness and will of the person play a part in the results.

We make no claims for physical results from these essences. These are not pharmaceuticals. Again, they are ENERGY treating ENERGY, and as such lie beyond 3D. Essences are wonderful and can help in amazing ways, but remember that you are a large part of the equation.

For more info please see:   Flower Essences: What They Are